Thursday, 9 August 2018

A Milestone and a Kickstarter

I went down to Co Clare for a couple of days last week and this blog hit over 100,000 views. While I was visiting the Father Ted house people were clicking links and hopefully reading things they enjoyed. After 195 posts (10 are still in the draft stage) my blog has gotten into 6 digits! A big thanks to everyone who reads my entries and an even bigger thanks to those who have subscribed, it means a lot to see people like what I'm doing. 

Also just as some actual hobby news I decided to try to help fund this kickstarter from Blind Beggar Miniatures. It is not the first nor will it be the last if I can help it. This time it's a squad of biped Goldfish men that can be used as baddies in my Rogue Trader games. Anyway some time in 2019 you will see them finished.

Thanks For reading.

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