Tuesday, 21 June 2022

The Grand Experiments of Master Moulder Snippet Kwik

 Evening all. Fresh off the incredibly slow production line come some more WFB items. These models were started pre-AoS so I'm really living up to the blog title at the moment. Anyhoo, here are some creations of mine that could be considered at least 40% 

Several years ago I discovered green stuff (well not really, I found out about it). I than proceeded to spend an inordinate amount of time working out how to create stuff, become a professional sculptor and then create my own miniature range and become rich. None of these things really happened except  for some marginal progress in the sculpting department.

Giant Rats

Master Moulder Snippet Kwik liked to improve his creations with warpstone, nails and superglue. So these first two subjects  have some oversized fangs (probably from the Olde Worlde version of a reverse walrus, and an Orc head stitched on, due to the unnatural resistance of the greenskins and lashings of warpstone paste this critter survived.


Next up is a mole-rat and a rat with a giant spike on his head. Giant rats are very promiscuous so the trick in Clan moulder Beastmasters eyes, is finding an equally promiscuous giant mole. If you can do this then Bingo! A litter or two of Giant Mole Rat puppies.

Big Burrowing Barry and Skinny Scythehead.

One of the biggest issues within Hellpit is trying to get their pets into combat as quickly as possible, experiment #9 was a surgical graft of a horse and giant rat to increase it's speed. this was partly successful but as the horses legs are far longer than the rat's, it has limited viability. Sadly Snippet Kwik had found that the design led to many instances (8 in fact) of the back legs toppling forward and literally scraping the front half into a fine mush before the unfortunate creature expired. Number 9 however had the added rat tail for balance.

The next two "giant rats" are results of a couple of underlings incompetence and then stupidly not having the sense to blame someone else. This resulted in them having their head grafted onto host bodies. It's not all bad though, each one had a weapon attached to a front limb. The one on the left even got to keep his hat.

Stabby Hatterson and Hatless Goiterson

Next up subject #32 answers the question "Can a Giant Rat body support a Rat Ogre head?". The answer is no, the head in question was far too bulky to be supported by a single giant Rat body. So ever the enterprising inventor Master Moulder Snippet Kwik stitched it to two bodies and hey presto! Another successful creation!

Nipper 8-Legs

Nipper 8-Legs has some venomous looking foam dripping from it's ever snarling gob.

Elven BSB

Finally, not another experiment, but rather a heroic member of my Elven Host. Rimphi the Stoic is my battle standard bearer. Originally a Wardancer, Rimphi was part of an force battling Warriors of chaos and Beastmen in the northern glades. Foul magic slew the Glade Captain bearing the banner of Lord Silias and Rimphi nimbly grabbed the banner before it fell by vaulting into the dying steed's flank and jumping back to the ground before it's death throes could crush her. Mainly due to this act and the Wood Elves were victorious and the followers of chaos were defeated. Lord Silias then made the unprecedented request for Rimphi to  become his personnel banner bearer and she accepted. The model itself is an old Wardancer model with a banner with the top of Teclis' moonstaff on the top. Although I can't use the model as a Wardancer BSB she will be see some action in my someday-to-be-finished Eternal Guard unit.
Rimphi The Stoic

She wear a mask when performing her BSBing duties.

Rear view

So that's all for now, these models will hopefully be making their way to a fantasy battlefield near you in the near future. So hobby responsibly until next time. Thanks for reading.

Friday, 8 April 2022

Clan Skyre Evil Think Tank

 Evening all (or whatever time of the day this finds you). Something unusual this time, square bases and something Olde Worlde. Years ago, before the Games Workshop design studio took a big steaming dump on Warhammer Fantasy Battle I was a massive fan, in particular, I had (and still have) a soft spot for Skaven. Now it's been several years since I've played fantasy but a recent trip to my attic ended up with me bringing down some square based models to colour in. 

Warlock Engineers

Several years ago I purchased from EvilBay these two Warlock Engineers, devious, inventive and cheap they are great unit leaders for Skavenslaves to boost their leadership to nearly average levels. They can be equipped with a few nasty weapons and at 15 points Olde Moneye they were ideal sacrificial troops. Not sure when these were actually manufactured but they are brilliantly characterful models in particular the engineer that has a giant rat perched on his back seemingly wringing his paws together with glee!  

GW's dark Skaven transplant surgery period.

Poisoned Wind Globadier

This model literally took feck all time to paint as it is simple but still a very nice sculpt. The photo is a bit blurry but as I'm still nowhere near becoming a professional photographer it will have to do. I used the Warp Lightning paint for the globe (and a lot of other bits on these guys and it really does a fine job,
Furry McBlurry

Screaming Bell

One of my all time favourite models and also one of the greatest creations of the GW design team - the Screaming Bell. Of the many time I've used this beauty unpainted, it has done magnificent things. From  a turn one panicking Tyrion and his accompanying unit of Dragon Knights off the table to the time it detonated killing 70ish models to win me the game, it has always been entertaining. This isn't the first time I have finished it but an unfortunate blog post featuring Daemon Semen back many years ago put me off having a second go for yonks. Maturity and me taking a notion got it back on the painting bureau and brought back to life. This model is a bit of a hybrid as it was one of those undercoated black  with lots of dry brushing then inks were applied and then certain parts were then painted white with some contrast paints.

Liberal application of Warp Lightning again.

Ding Dong! Avon calling.

Ikit Claw

Ikit Claw is an example of some great rules and a very tasty model. Admittedly, the rules and game is now obsolete, but it was great at the time. He's one of those powerful spellcasters who is actually not bad in combat, a pretty alien concept in the skaven army. All he needs is a banner and he is completely done but certainly good enough for gaming,

So that's all for today. Hopefully these models might see some table time soon. Also in the pipeline is my original metal Verminlord and some Waywatchers. Unfortunately, summer is coming and I will probably have to venture outside a bit. So until the return of the blessed long evenings, hobby responsibly and look after yourselves.

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, 10 March 2022

Proxies For Commoragh

Welcome! The chipping away of mount Pile Of Lead continues. Painfully slowly admittedly, but still, it continues. I'm painting mainly fantasy models with the main intention of using them in a less than fantasy setting. So here's the good stuff;

Sea Troll

From Black Tree Design is this sea troll. Bought over twenty years ago, I think I was going to use it in a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay game that I never did. About ten years ago I thought I'd use it as a centrepiece fore an urban fountain that would adorn my battlefields but I never completed. About three months ago I was rummaging through my bits box and found it, then I thought he'd make a grand Grotesque for my Drukhari army.   Contrast paints were used and here he is, ready to muck up enemies of the Commoragh or possibly wander on to a Warhammer Fantasy Battle field. Who knows?

I thought that I'd look up the Atlantean alphabet online and then write some gibberish on his turtle shell shield. 

His spear reminds me of a weapon in Slaine; a 2000ad character, if memory serves Slaine 'threw' the Fir Bolga at his enemy with his foot. Rock n' Roll.

Warzone Mutant?

About the same time as the Sea Troll purchase, this lad was bought. Pretty certain he was going to be a knock off mutant or Scaly for my Necromunda games. Now he can be a big mutant if such a thing exists still in 40K or as another Grotesque for the Druchari, this one with a liquefier gun. He can also be one of those 'Experiment 23' type scenarios where a small team of elites have to go in and kill him and some of his mates. For those interested he's a Mutant Chronicles model that may be available from Prince August, I had a quick look but couldn't find him. I had to stop as I saw a lot of things I quite liked.

Warhammer Quest Minotaurs

More Grotesques that can moonlight in a few other armies. Round bases betray the fact I doubt I will go balls deep into a Beastman army for WFB but you never really know. I gave them blue gloves to looks sci fi but I didn't chop them up to give them Talos bits as I think they can pretend to be mutants, weird looking Ogryns or some other type of mutant.


Hippie Tree Lover

As I've recently been looking longingly at my fantasy models I thought I might scratch an itch by trying out some contrast paints on a Dryad to see if I might do some more work on them. There have been murmurings of playing WFB again so I want to be ready with one extra painted vengeful forest spirit!

Not as pretty as the plastic ones but looks fairly capricious all the same.


Every Race's Punchbag

More Black Tree chaps, this time halflings. These are small halflings, almost halfling children. Except for the one on the left smoking a pipe I would have thought they were juveniles. They may see a bit of table time as rural ratlings for a possible skirmish game, or perhaps Empire army archers, even though they don't exist in the latest  army book. I do like these models especially the ones wearing pans on their heads.

Fear our ST3 arrows!

So there you have it, more models I'm less embarrassed about. Hopefully they will help me win friends and influence people.

Thanks For Reading.

Monday, 14 February 2022

Don't Give Up Your Day Job

 Salutations one and all. It's that time of the year when I put some pictures up of what I have been messing about with hobbywise, and this update is pretty diverse. So what have I been up to? Read on.....

Aeldari Stabber

With the sort of imminent publication of the Codex Craftworlds I made a little effort to complete a model that has been lurking round nearly done for some months. As the codex is supposed to contained rules for Ynnari as well, this guy has been drafted in to complete a unit of Witches. The remains of a Wild Rider trumpet lays at his feet meaning a) he has arrived to avenge some bumpkin Aeldari massacre, or b) he has just been converting some Exodite Aeldari on the benefits of the god of the dead, or c) he has taken exception to some Aeldari trumpeteer. In any case he is varnished up ready for action.

Ulthwe's finest.

Inquisitor Jao

Next is an Inquisitor in Terminator armour. Armed with some sort of super spook canon and a power/force axe he can spread the good news that all aliens species are surplus to requirements in the galaxy. I've been looking forward to playing a few games featuring the Inquisition using Astra Militarum to give someone a kicking so now I have him done I think I can play some nicely themed games.
Inquisitor Jao, he looks a bit like the geezer on the front of the Inquisitor novel.

Some Alien Whip Technician

I can't remember where I got this model (eBay probably) but I really like it. As far as I'm aware it's a hobgoblin from the early nineties. Very Oldhammer. Of course I put him on a round base so he's not going to be doing much Oldhammering. He's also turquoise, not a very hobgoblin shade. I'm going to use him as part of my Drukhari army as party of the Archon's retinue, probably counting as a Ur Ghul.

Halitosis the Whipmaster.

Stinky Pete

Here's something odd, a model on a square base. One of my favourite models from my Warhammer Fantasy Battle days. A Nurgle sorcerer. Probably not going to see much action in a chaos army, but might lurk in some rebel force as the nemesis of the Inquisition. 

I left the cock and balls emblem on his head as subtle as I could.

Stranger Things

Some time back I decided to create some mutants for Necromunda mainly but also if I made enough and entire 40K army. This was pretty ambitious and unrealistic but some of those eight or more year old conversions have finally born fruit (admittedly freaky fruit, but fruit nonetheless). So first is a mutant with a huge head and upper body with a more conventionally sized lower half. He could also pass for a carnival goer if ever I play a James Bond verses some evil henchmen in the Mardi Gras type game. Of course with this guy the easiest way to defeat him is to trip him up. once on his back I'd imagine a 15 minute time period would allow ample time to escape this top heavy brute.  He is made from the legs of a plastic Goliath model, two ogre arms and quite a bit of milliput and greenstuff. I also used my tentacle maker to give him neck horns. 
This guy has a killer headbutt

Subject #4594 was the outcome of a series of experiments to create an antidote for Spiker venom. As far as Ad-Mech genomancers can be, they are very pleased with the result. He is considered quite a success, inasmuch as he didn't fully metamorphosis into a Spiker plant. He has definitely taken on  some definitely Spiker type characteristics (able to fool humanoid detection devices and the ability to pass through death world plant infested areas unscathed). This chap is made from the legs of an old Bloodbowl human with the remainder comprising of a bit of a goliath arm, some greenstuff and more tenatcles from the aforementioned tentacle maker. I may use him as a Plant Liberation Organisation freedom fighter or a practitioner of human plant relations. 

Planty McPlantface

The last of my trio of weird as fuck mutant models is Dennis. In the Rogue Trader book there is a mutation called hopper. Basically having one leg. It reduced movement by 1" but other than that not really life changing except for having to wear kilts and sarongs a lot. For those interested the top half of a chaos centaur was given an Orlock autopistol arm and a massive milliput foot. In my defence this model was constructed well over 5 years ago, and I like to think I would make a much more elegant leg next time round. This guy will  be seeking employment in any renegade army that will have him and maybe as a cautionary tale on footwear  billboards around the Imperium. If the first mutants weakness is getting tripped up. this one has the opposite issue. 

Dennis the Hopper

Odd Alien Spear Holder Guy

Lastly is my Blind Beggar Miniatures model. I have backed a few of their kickstarters and this came as a freebie in one of them. I thought it might work as some kind of alien merc in a frontier world scenario where being an alien isn't a death sentence. Of course the model could also be a human with an elaborate helmet, so not as likely to be killed. Although frontier worlds are notoriously dangerous so there could be a crime of 'wearing a helmet in a built up area'. The punishment is obviously death. A bodyguard type job is also very likely for him. In any case some contrast paints, metallics and inks got the job done.

"Careful, you could have someone's eye out with that".

So that's all folks, until my next update, hobby responsibly, wear protection where necessary and try not to fall for any conspiracy theory pranks.

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, 3 February 2022

The Battle of Gnochi Heights

Adraxys Molech felt the familiar sensation of excitement. His raider contained his Incubi bodyguard and his most trusted Kabalite lackeys. A number of Death Guard marines were captured, placed in bleached stasis caskets and sent back to the arenas along with many other unfortunates. Following his previous success Molech had attracted a band of Scourges with the promise of slaughter. Beldam Qud his Haemonculus ally had informed him that to further her own research and their mutual profit, Primaris marines would be useful specimens for experimentation. An Imperial Battle Group of the ludicrously named Indomitus Crusade had been sent to the Pariah Nexus in the Nephilum sub sector. The opportunity to  torment the humans seemed to good too pass up. It was discovered that a sizable force of Void Spectres were scouting a planet named Tuberosum for Necron influence. The Astartes were ranging over the planet but a smaller party were currently investigating a small settlement called Gnochi Heights in the barbarous local tongue. They seemed to be very interested in three power sources in the area and as soon as the group divided to scrutinize them, Adraxys force struck. Thus the Battle of Gnochi Heights began.

Sunday, 9 January 2022

2021; That Went Quick

 Hello! As we're still all here, and I have decided to do a review of 2021. As much for me to gauge my own progress verses previous years, I will follow the same format as 2020. So away we go;


Commissar, Inquisitor, civilians and pets.
My painting hasn't been bad, by my reckoning 166 models have made 
it off the painting table. I estimate approximately 3111 points as well. Both these numbers beat previous totals so I'm very happy about that. One of the driving factors was of course Citadel Contrast paints and also Yaktribe's finish your stuff challenge, Yaktribe being a rather excellent Necromunda and other specialist games forum and resource. 

The vast majority of the models that I finished were Drukhari . Second was probably Astra Militarum then rather a hodgepodge of Necromunda, and other narrative style gaming models. To the left are some Venoms and Wyches ready to dismember other less likeable troop types.
To the right are some more Wyches and I spent a fair bit of time on the bases with bits of other alien races to denote fun and games in the gladiatorial arenas of the Commorragh. My old metal Drazhar was finished and is now taking his place in my army as an Archon, he gained the moniker Nedzhar as his skin tight suit reminded me of the Simpsons episode where Flanders was wearing a spandex skiing suit, and it feels like he wearing "Nothing at all". Also at the end of the year ten Incubi and the real Drazhar was done all wait to chop up the unfortunate ASAP.

For the Astra Militarum some tanks were completed as were a unit of ten Roughriders 25 years from undercoat to varnish. Sly Marbo got finished too. A Commissar also made it into the ranks of the gainfully employed. As my whims flitter about the painting table it settled on a Callidus Assassin as well who will presumably provide some much needed oomph in the AM force. In the picture to the left can also be seen my Bastion.
My Genestealer Cult army received some love with a gaggle of hybrids sashaying their way into the painted cabinet area. Multiple random humans and some Tohaa were done, all able to creep into my narrative games and of course any rebellion type force that I can come up with.


Once again not talking about my catwalk shenanigans, more my cutting up things and making them into other items that hopefully look at least as good as the previous object.

 Some of my favourite achievements were GSC hybrids. Twelve Tarrelian Genestealer hybrids, a Kelemorph and the new hybrid saboteur. Monopose Saurus with arms and head swaps were the order of the day and the came out not too bad if I say so myself. A Primaris Abberrant conversion was also well received on the internets.

Another thing I was unjustifiably proud of was Limpy's Diner, a piece of Necromunda terrain started many lunar cycles ago. Basically a chip shop in the underhive that can be some sort of Botulism themed franchise that may well become a common feature in future battle reports. 


The current gaming situation is pretty haphazard but I think I managed to get about a dozen games of 40K in. Mainly with my Drukhari (probably exclusively so) and with their supposed broken nature (even after a couple of nerfs) they seems to be going pretty well. Back in October we had Shanecon; our gaming groups version of Gamesday. Great fun and was brilliant to meet up with half a dozen other members of our group in one place. I'm hoping this can become an annual thing but that is obviously up to Shane.

Social Media

My most popular Instagram post got me 58 likes, here it is my aforementioned Primaris Abberrant conversion. Some other pics were quite well received but this was top dog. Hopefully I can get to a 60 like pic in 2022.

The Future

Well so much to do! Most immediate is the upcoming GSC Codex that I should have in the next couple of weeks, if youtube and other sources are to be believed, it's both thematic and tasty. I have some industrial terrain semi constructed to go with the aforementioned cult and who knows I may even try to theme an entire table for them to mess around on. I will also continue to paint up my Drukhari and play crusade games with them. I want to beat this years painting totals and also the number of games played.  I'm also planning to convert my as yet unconstructed Hemlock into a Razorwing jetfighter complete with spikes and a tortured Crimson Hunter chained to the roof of it. I also plan to try to keep to these resolutions, and not get completely distracted when the Craftworlds codex comes out later in the year.

So whatever I do do, thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a hobby filled 2022, so much hobby you can just about take it! Above all, be safe and make sure you know where your towel is.

Thursday, 6 January 2022

The Relic of Neararva

 Diary of Culpert Whinne archivist 3rd class, Saath region, Imperial Planet Neararva, Sochis System.

Imperial Date; 0338021.M403 the planet is still suffering the depredations of a Nurgle army, all loyalist forces are scattered or dead and disease is rife in the major cities. Governor Kraven is missing presumed dead. While the accursed heretics are wantonly slaying the populace, they appear to be searching for something out on the Gorgothia Plains. It is not certain if an  Astropathic distress signal has been sent or whether aid will be forthcoming. It would seem that the people of Neararva needs a miracle or our fate is sealed...