Wednesday, 24 February 2021

COVID 19 Painting Club

Greets. Despite the title, no I haven't contracted the virus that no one like to talk about, merely a reference to me getting stuff painted instead of rolling dice and making others miserable with my tactical nous. As I've probably mentioned before, my painting speed and gaming ideas speed don't match at all so I assemble something, undercoat it with an intention to use it in army x or gang b any by the time I have it painted myself and much of my gaming group are playing game q. This leads to my finished model posts in no way relating to what I am currently playing. With all this in mind here comes a random collection of models;

I Am Some Law!

Back when I was a mere 20something I bought five of the original Arbites models. I sold one on eBay, sold another three on eBay but due to COVIDity couldn't send them to Australia so refunded the dude who bought them and painted up one with citadel contrast paints. That's the story of them, I had decided to paint one and get rid of the rest, but now I have one complete and another three in the loft, so not even enough for a squad. I am gutted I never got hold of the shotgun and bolter armed comrades of this guy as I think it today's Blanchitsu world they have a lot more character than the newer iteration. So anyhow, back to present day. This lad has character enough to be a proper Arbites Judge on some Imperial backwater, even though his one squad of Arbites are way *beefier than he is. He can be used as some sort of Imperial Agent, that gets mentioned a hell of a lot in the Rogue Trader plot generator lists. He could also I suppose wander into my Astra Militarum army as Commissar who wasn't really paying attention at Commissar school during 'uniform class'.

Murdo MacBatter Imperial Agent


41st Millenium Mongols

Back in 1994ish when all the Imperial Guard regiments came out and I was an official GW employee with access to loose lead with free associated plastics, I bought 20 Attilan Roughriders. Ten were undercoated black given a lacklustre urban camo paintjob that was never completed then nothing for a long time. I gave them some more love about 3 years ago and even played a couple of games but I never liked the colours so largely ignored them. Until they got the Dettol bath and were redone in Krablokistani colours. I think it also helped that they are now worth taking in the army as at some point after the Codex they could be given regimental traits. Bingo! Something approaching close combat troops for my Guard! There is even a rumor that Ogryns could even be in my painting plans, and then I will really be on the porcines back! I finally finished these up as a direct result of the Crusade rules, I really like the idea of a fast attack unit with objective secured and a possible +1 movement. Plus I have some plans to convert an old mounted elector count into a roughrider company commander. I am also toying with the idea of making an mounted imperial preacher and commissar.

These guys have some Genestealer bits adorning their bases.

Some Lizardman bits and part of an old Terminator heavy flamer.

I also converted the banner from a Chaos Knight standard, a greenstuff hat makes it looks less like the property of the ruinous powers.

Hermaphrodite Beastman

Another one of those eBay chopped up models was this Beastman, one arm and no sword in the other meant he was fairly harmless. He (??) got a Witch Elf sword and a a collection of bits for his left arm. As far as seeing table time he could be part of an Inquisitor warband or part of the New Mutant Army that may or may not ever get finished.
Horny McUdder

Budget Skull Servitor

Around 1992 I put two legs from some skeleton cavalry on an old beaky marine to make a chaos marine. After some 30 odd years later I decided I couldn't be arsed so I used a lizardmen drum from the cavalry boxed set and Voila! Some sort of skull servitor. Another one for my Inquisitor army.

Black Tree Druid

As a long time fan of Black Tree Designs I have been painting their stuff up for yonks. This model is no exception. Bought when I was a full on dabbler of Warhammer Quest and other fantasy role-playing games I thought this model was a very cool mage type. Then came the great shitting on of the Warhammer Fantasy Universe and I lost interest in it. They mooching through my pile of shame I saw this dude on a square base and saw another use. Way back in the Rogue Trader rulebook there was a scenario where some guy in weird clothing claiming to be a traveler from ye olde futurre was causing a ruckus on some Imperial planet giving the downtrodden ideas above their station and what not. So Imperial forces go in to **'question' said time traveler and his associates. So some non grimdark colouring and a character in a scenario is born. Of course he can easily fit into a lot of those scenarios as a witch or possibly even an Obi Wan Kenobi type recluse are all possible. 

"I would like to talk to you about God".

The Balancing Monks Of Bah!

Next are some Shaolin monk models from a company called Iron Mammoth Miniatures. They disappeared so after a bit of investigation I found Rat Trap Productions had them, now they don't it seems so I really don't have a clue where you will find them but after 20 years I finally painted them! It's unlikely they will see much action in a Shaolin type scenario but I have a few other ideas for them. Firstly, they can be part of the entourage of the above Druid/Time Traveler, another possibility is as members of a travelling psychic circus (also an old RT scenario) as acrobats. They also have a gangling look to them and slightly overlong limbs so aliens bent on Imperial mischief is another. My favourite, is as members of The Balancing Monks of Bah! A religion based on austerity, serenity and balancing things on body parts. The central model is performing the human hatstand position which, according to legend a master of Balance can maintain with a fullen laden Chimera tank on the sole of his upturned foot almost indefinitely.
<Insert Kung Fu noises here>

Genestealer Hybrids

What painting update would be complete without a couple of painted GSC models? Not this one, obviously. Two are RT era metal models (one with brand spanking new arms) and a third metal  bloodbowl player converted up. The model in the centre was missing his dagger hand so he got a greenstuff hook hand to help overthrow the Imperium. They are all wearing the colours of the Assembly of D'Keddes the first two will just slot into the rank and file Neophytes. The conversion is meant to be holding a petrol bomb and some sort of remote control (presumably to detonate something) so he could be given a new title such as Senior Insurgent. Of course for the purposs of GW's intellectual property naming-stuff-weirdly-so-no-one-can-rip-them-off-malarkey, I will name him a Flawgus.

Moar Rebellion!

Drukhari Bad Guy

A while back I bought some old metal Drukhari models with the intention of building them into a Ynnari army. Here is the Drahzar, who due to a clerical error on the Commoragh is now obsolete as the master of blades. His new job is as a saucy little Archon. The model itself is very noice and I was happy to use it as Drazhar but then the new hot Drazhar came my way and this lad got relegated.

Stabbing For Khaine!

Eyes Left!

Now Look the other way

Scaly Betty

Just when I haven't played Necromunda in years and Scavvys no longer seem to exist I paint up this lady (or gentleman). As most of my models origin stories begin with "I bought this on eBay with part x missing", this model is no different. Picked up cheap without his harpoon or backpack, some greenstuff and a raid to the bits box made this a passable mutant heavy.
Nothing says far future like a spring loader harpoon gun.

Jurassic Park Wannabee

Another Black Tree model, this time a bipedal lizard with a lazy paintjob. not much else to say about it other than it could be making an appearance in a jungle scenario. I have some more that I put on Lizardman swarm bases that I may or may not regret when the new Warhammer comes out.


Family Picture

So that's my lot for today, I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane or whatever. Presumably within the next ten years I might get to game with them!

Thanks for Reading.

* Presumably they were recruited from Catachan.
** More like kill.

Monday, 8 February 2021

In The Grim Darkness of the 41st Millennium, There Are Petshops

 Greetings all, it's February already and no new content! Well gaming is still a pipedream but you'd think I could get some stuff painted at least, well yes and here it is: 

Imperial Military Personnel

First up is Commissar for my Astra Militarum force, as I generally use Catachans, who dislike the whole 'shoot you if you run away' vibe, there is not a huge benefit to them as Catachan commanders improve the grunts leadership anyway. This particular model was one of those ebay buys where an arm was missing, a plastic guardsman arm, Orlock boltpistol hand and greenstuff epaulettes made him virtually indistinguishable from his mates down the Commissar pub. Bar one thing, I decided not to give his bolt pistol hand a ludicrous cuff like the one holding the axe. This may result in ostracism and possible *swirlies in said pub's latrines but I stand by my sculpting decision.

Welcome to the 41st millennium Commissar Graper

Sunday, 10 January 2021

2020 What A Prick of a Year!

 Hi, as I had done one for 2019, here is a summation of what 2020 was in hobbying blog terms. I suppose I will follow the same format as the 2019 review. So here goes;


More cultists.
GSC Cultists
My painted number of models went up by 151 models. A couple of factors helped with this, firstly citadel contrast paints, they are the dog's! Also COVID 19 bit deep into gaming time and as a result more time filling in white bits. I had rather a mixed bag of things painted up, but I did manage quite a lot of troops for my Stealer Cult and Astra Militarum force. Some Aeldari were also completed and a number of civilian non coms and various minor characters for my Krablokistan army.

Ynnead lads.
A buddy of mine painted up the Triumvirate of Ynnead for me, but I based them so it does have some of my work involved in it. 

Some highly dangerous alien lifeforms were finished and I even managed to write some background for the Turdcrabs that could've made it into the Rogue Trader rulebook (possibly). 

Some Colony 87 inhabitants were finished as were some Blind Beggar models, both set's of these will be used to make my own fantasy world a little bit more rounded and dare I say, believable?

 I managed quite a few Catachans for my Astra Militarum, including one of my favourite units Colonel Schaeffer's Last Chancers. On my to do list is to complete some of the models in the Krablokistan motor pool. this includes the sort of finished Chimeras and Leman Russ but also a Valkerie and some Sentenels.


To this!
From this!
I didn't really complete much terrain or conversions except my
Genestealer Cult Sanctus/Vindicare and a few hybrids. I did slap a lot of paint/gubbins and posters onto a lot of terrain but never enough for me to call it finished and put it up on here for viewing. With that in mind there could be a shit-tonne of terrain blog entries for 2021.  


Astra Militarum
Banshees vs Blood Angels
Our gaming collective intended playing a league, and WH40K 9th
edition came out. Unless this entry is being read by some historian sometime after 2378 the reader will know that COVID 19 took a great steaming shit on our plans. Nine games of 40K were played, four won and five were not. Played Killteam once, and Wingspan a few times, Tang Gardens and War of the Ring. the latter three are all board games that I enjoyed. The first month of 2021 sees us in some more hellish lockdown type crap so it is unlikely I will be filling this blog up with batreps any time soon.

The Future

Well I have started up a Crusade force for 40K and there have been murmurings from the group about trying to resurrect the league. So hopefully I can crack on with that. I have an actual theme for my GSC who will be utilising many different models from other ranges to really make it a hybrid force. I really want to get a few games in with my Drukhari force, and as there is supposedly a new codex coming out soon, that might pull my hobby activites in that direction. I've already mentioned that there is a slew of building (both scratchbuilt and purchased) to add the final touches to.  So in short unless we really are in the End Times and some sort of doomsday is imminent, once again I have too much to do with not enough time!

Thanks for reading. Be safe and hobby responsibly.

Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Heroes of the Imperium and Anarchists

Greetings, welcome to another thrilling edition of Jason paints stuff. This episode; Appointment with Terror.* Some of these models have been knocking around for many yonks and a couple were converted 2 weeks ago giving them a ridiculous turn around for me. As usual some are largely useless in wargaming terms but fun all the same and may possibly be seen as bystanders in other posts. Most of these models were completed with the aid of contrast paints, and minimal effort on my part, others had a bit more time wasted on them.

The Krablokistan 47th's Regimental Standard Bearer

As my Astra Militarum army has been getting some non codex additions (dismemberers, bounty hunters)I thought they might as well get something fun that actually is in the book. Hence the regimental standard. Out came the Dremel© (well cheap Dremel knock off anyway) and a metal Catachan sergeant was butchered. The bits box was plundered and various trophys were added along with some brass rods. So the banner has it's own central image depicting the regiments nickname and most famous victory, the burning of the heathen xenos mountains of peace and tranquility and religious home of the Q'Bork race (now extinct). Other items of note are a Biel Tan banner, T'au banner from the Pur'La sept,, Tarrelian warleader's head dipped in vinegar and mounted at the crosspiece and the (so far) crowning glory ; High priestess mask of the heretic death cult of Eros XV. The current banner bearer - sergeant Busta 'squint' Trabble will attempt to be at the forefront of any large scale engagements for the 47th'

Buster 'squint' Trabble posing for a publicity shot.

Monday, 2 November 2020

Various Inhabitants of the Imperium

 Greetings. As the Irish government have effectively stopped me from going to pubs, and even playing games at my buddies houses I have managed to get some shit done! So here are the fruits of my labours;

Some TSR Ickle Dragon People

So here are the first items. Some 25+ years ago I was in Forbidden Planet in London and bought half a dozen TSR blister packs. There were Dretch and some unidentified vampire monkey things, and these. I think they were set on some weird non DnD setting whose name escapes me. A generous slap on Volpus Pink and they were virtually done. To give them a slight 40K feel I painted the shafts of their implements Athermatic Blue to give the impression they have some sort of power weapons so they might have a chance in the 41st Millenium. If you know what these things are called give me a shout in the comments below please.

"We might be little but we have stone age weaponry!".

Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Horrible Things You Might Find In The Commoragh

 Welcome to a new semi regular feature of my blog; Horrible things you might find in the Commoragh. to the uninitiated the Commoragh is the realm of the Dark Eldat (Druchari) who are the most horrible feckers in the galaxy. Like most of the other awful denizens of said place but more into the wanton sadism for shits and giggles rather than any ideological reason. So without further preamble here is some thing you might find in the Commoragh which are horrible;

The Durgar

The Durgar are a Druchi slave race that have been a part of Commoragh life for centuries. Originally used as fodder in the arenas, Durgar became fashionable as durable fighters whose thick skin and resilient nature made for lengthy fights that keep spectators enthralled for many bouts. A stubborn nature and a delight in the vanquishing of enemies made these alien highly entertaining for the paying masses. In appearance Durgar are grey skinned stout humanoids with grey skin and bright purple hair. Durgar are sometimes confused with Squat abhumans as they have similar physical attributes but less human colouring. Durgar have a vicious temperament and revel in bloodshed making them popular additions to any self respecting Archon's retinue.

For gaming purposes I will be using this guy as and Ur Ghul.

Ynnari Warlock

Another seldom seen denizen of the Commoragh are Ynnari Warlocks. Almost exclusively found on Craftworlds. Occasionally warlocks travel to the Dark City, sometimes with high faluting ideas about redemption and such but other times they could be agents of the Ynnari and up to something more deathy. This particular Warlock is painted in Ulthwe colours with a red helmet to represent Ynnead. This particular one has a severed Astartes arm as decoration and he probably also uses it to get into cool parties in the Commoragh. worth noting is th fact I finally found a use to Aethermatic blue contrast paint. Two coats made a reasonable effect on the Witchblade. 

A no nonsense Warlock, Jistaine the Sombre likes long walks on the beach, good food and dismembering Space Marines.

Warp Spiders Webway Raiders

I recently read a 40K short story where Warp Spiders were valiant heroes. They warped in killed some marines and saved the day. Probably. I then thought I'd paint up some of mine. They probably act as pretty effective assassins in the Webway and have numerous kills in the Commoragh too. They were 90 % done very quickly with contrast paints then languished in a case while I procrastinated over the soulstones of all things. Fun fact; Aspect Warriors have average 15+ gemstones per model. Thank Odin for the technical paints otherwise I'd never get the bloody things finished!

Massive weapons on show!

Fire Dragon Lost Property Squad

Back in 1993 I purchased a squad Fire Dragons. Some twenty three or so years later I got hold of another five of Phil a member of our gaming group and semi-regular thorn in my side with regard to his Alpha Legion heretic Astartes. One of these models came to me sans a head, so an old wood elf beastmaster lost his so the Fire Dragons were up to full strength. In the last game I had against Phil I discovered that the missing helmet was adorning a Noise Marine. This has prompted me to finish these models so I can give battle to the Alpha Legion with their Slaaneshi mates and retrieve the helmet. Of course giving the helm a damn good wash as you just don't know where it's been recently. Anyway, this squad of Fire Dragons are sometimes found accompanying other members of my Ynnari faction doing clandestine stuff and looking for lost equipment. These models were some of the last ones started before I started using contrast paints and have both white and grey undercoats giving them two distinct looks. I'm not repainting them though.

Gilliard, second from left back row is eternally searching for his lost helmet. There is even a song about it.

Triumverate of Ynnead

These last models were not painted by me but rather Aaron, another regular opponent in my gaming group. Using strange equipment such as "an airbrush" he got these done with very little effort from my part. Aaron does paint models for money so if you want to see more of his work and possibly get him to do something you can contact him through his instagram account. One thing I will say about these new plastics is they are very delicate. Both the Visarch and Yvraine have had some battlefield damage necessitating pinning. So far the Yncarne had stood up to the wear and tear of the 41st Millennium. 

I did the bases so some of it is actually my own work!

The Visarch's sword and Yvrainnes knife hat suffered breakage.

So that's you all caught up with what I'm doing and hopefully there will be some Wyches coming along soon. I actually have a lot of models in the tantalizingly close to completion area that I fall in and out of interest with. So next painting update could contain anything!

Thanks for reading. 

Saturday, 15 August 2020

Sergeants Barker Punches a Primaris Marine in the face

Somewhere in the 41st Millenium;

+ + + Attention of Porfectus Von Neestleroi, Supreme Commander Hemmerdale + + +

+ + + Subject; Engagement With Asstral Spectres Debriefing + + +

+ + + Secondary Subject; Commander Lope Koodos' Disciplinary Revue + + +

Porfectus Von Neestleroi, as per fratricidal fire protocols here is my report regarding the skirmish between part of the Scargill Planetary Relief Force and sections of the Asstral Spectres Chapter. As previously documented our primary mission is to reinforce Scargill but unfortunately when our fleet exited warpspace instead of arriving close to our intended destination we were still some 60 light years away. This was when we received a distress vox from the planet Purgamentum Minor in the Spumae system. A message was received from Planetary Governor Pudendorum to send a rescue force to engage a large well armed force of void pirates who were currently occupying the inside of the Governor's Palace. As regulations stipulate formal requests for assistance carry large bonuses I sent a force down to eradicate the pirates. As we entered the ruins of the Palace it became clear that the enemy were actually Primaris Marines of the Asstral Spectres. The motivation for the Astartes besieging of the palace is unclear but as soon as they saw us they formed up into combat formation and opened fire.

As is Krablokistan custom a portrait of the relief force is captured and later presented to the Governor.

COVID 19 Painting Club

Greets. Despite the title, no I haven't contracted the virus that no one like to talk about, merely a reference to me getting stuff pain...