New Necromunda Territories

New Territories

These rules were created as a bit of variety from the standard territories in the necromunda rulebook. As with any rules variation, your opponent and/or Arbitrator must agree to use them beforehand. To choose these new territories one must first roll a 66 on the territories chart then randomly choose one of the territories below. Alternatively the Arbitrator may allocate one during a campaign.

Rat Burger Stand

Your gang controls a small ratburger stand which caters for all those hungry (or drunk) enough to taste these unpleasant meals.You may send a ganger over to the stand to collect protection money from the owner, to the value of d6x3 credits.If the player rolls a 1 the ganger has contracted rat poisoning from eating too many burgers and must miss the next battle.In addition if a gang controls a burger stand they need never worry about the effects on starvation as when hungry they just go over and get "freebies".


Your gang owns a large building that sells companionship to lonely prospectors, guilders and other friendless folk. Whether it's a Goliath Wrestlepit or an Esher Schlong Shop the decor is the same, creaky beds and disinterested hostesses (and hosts).There are even Cawdor Bordello's, although the services are aimed more towards "chastisement".You may send any ganger to collect income from the brothel, this will earn 2d6x10 credits.However if a double is rolled the ganger fails to collect any income due to.....unforeseen circumstances that have resulted in incapacitation due to over strenuous activity.The ganger also misses the next fight in the search for deep heat and rash ointment.

Jag House

The Underhive is a dark and dangerous place to live. One common "escape" is the use of narcotics which improve your perceptions of life (temporarily at least) and make you feel stronger and braver. Jag is the one such halleucongen found in certain spore groves. Your gang has control of a Jag House, in other words a place where Jag junkies go to score the rather powerful halleucongenic drug. For a fee the gang protect the pusher that creates and sells the drug.This is a highly lucrative if somewhat dangerous pastime for all concerned.A ganger may go and collect "rent" from the pusher, depending on how hard he is worked reflects on the amount of income generated. You may roll up to 6 dice to determine how much income is generated, each dice is then multiplied by ten. So for example if you rolled 4 dice the final income would be 4d6x10 credits. However due to the dangerous nature of dealing with derranged drug addicts there is always a chance something may go wrong. If any dice rolled for income from the Jag House is a 1 something has gone drastically wrong. No income is collected and the ganger in question has to roll on the Drug Misuse Chart below.

Drug Misuse Chart

Roll a D6 and consult the chart below:

1-Captured by jag heads. The ganger in question has been ambushed by a psychotic group of junkies looking for entertainment whilst high. They subdue the ganger and torture him at their leisure. Roll twice on the injury table to find out what they do to him/her, and apply both results. This could mean that the two rolls could be in conflict eg. dead and leg wound. But hey jagheads don't know what their doing so no problem.

2-Drive By A rival jag-dealer waiting for the pusher mistakenly(?) opens up on the ganger. Roll once on the injury table to find out what damage wes done.

3-Addicted Oops, the ganger in question has been sampling jag on the quiet and now has become a full blown addict! He consumes a large dose of jag and misses the next battle. Furthermore roll a D6 at the start of every fight, on the roll of a 5-6 he is under the influence. For the duration of the fight he is assumed to be under the effects of a hallueconigen grenade with no chance of snapping out of it. In addition roll a D6 in every income phase of the game. On the roll of a 1 the ganger steals all the cash from the stash and leaves the gang forever.

4-6 Ripped Off Another gang tries to muscle in on your turf by jumping the ganger. He receives a light beating and wakes up with his pockets empty but no other ill effects.

Cousin in the Planetary Defense Force

Strictly speaking not actually a territory but useful nonetheless. A member of your gangs extended family (cousin, uncle, neice etc..) has managed to sucessfully join up in the PDF while still being loyal to his/her roots. To "work" this territory a ganger goes over to visit his relative, and collects 2d6+4 credits worth of items pilfered from the storehouse (pens, tinned rations, boots etc..). Another thing he can do is get weapons on the cheap from the crooked quartermaster. He can buy laspistols, lasguns, lascannons, grenade launchers, frag and krak grenades at half price. Flak armour can be purchased for three quarters of normal price. However there is a risk to this as occasionally there are random stock takes and staff interrogations. To find out if anything went wrong roll a D6 with the following modifiers:

+1 for each basic weapon after the first

+2 for each heavy weapon after the first

+2 for each flak jacket after the first

On the roll of a 5-6 the thefts have been discovered and the game is well and truly up. The relation is captured and if desired can be "sprung" by your gang, this would almost certainly mean a large arbitrator-run scenario. If freed the relative will join your gang for free, he will have ganger stats with a free roll on the advance table, to signify his military training. If you do not make the effort to free you comrade then in all probability he will implicate your gang and at some point they may find themselves on the wrong end of a PDF training exercise. Whether the attempt to rescue him is made or not cross off the territory as if it was lost to another gang.

Local  Crime Kingpin

By some strange happenstance, your gang leader has been befriended by the local crime overlord. Perhaps it was at a pit slave fight, gambling den or brothel. The uber-ganger has taken a shine to your leader without trying to coerce him into his own cabal. Occasionally this criminal overlord needs extra muscle (in addition to his own small army) for his deals and this is where your gang comes in.... The way this 'territory' is worked is as follows:

During the income phase you can send up to 3 gangers to 'work' temporarily for the crime boss. Each ganger sent will earn 2D6x10 credits. If any of these dice come up as 1's something has gone badly wrong. Roll a D6 and refer to the following chart:

1 -Usurper. A lesser rival has decided to make his play and take over the bosses business interests, and your gangers have gotten in the way. Each ganger sent to work for the has been caught in a rather deadly firefight, roll once on the injury table for him (her). No income is gained from this venture.

2 -A Warning. One of the bosses cronies feels threatened by your gang and has decided to give you a warning about it. Two or three of his boys set upon one of your gangers, roll once on the injury table for him. He doesn't collect any income, but others sent receive half the amount rolled due.

3-4 -Brawl. Your ganger(s) have all become involved in a drink fueled punch up in the crime boss' den. As a result one randomly determined ganger misses the next gang fight as he recovers from a pasting/hangover. No income is received from any gangers involved.

5 -Turncoat. 1 randomly determined ganger has decided to leave your gang and join the kingpin. Remove him from the gang roster immediately  he takes all his equipment with him. He doesn't collect any income either.

6 -Kingpin's Nephew. A nephew of the crime boss has decided to join your gang. Add a juve to your gang roster. As the crime overlord is VERY fond of him, he gives you double income for this weeks income phase. The juve has normal stats and come equipped with a laspistol and knife. He is loyal to his uncle so while he is in your gang the crime boss knows all. If this juve is subsequently killed things can turn very nasty. The gang who is responsible for the death of his nephew will earn his undying enmity  On the juve's death roll a D6, on the roll of a 5-6, he also blames your gang. Remove this 'territory' from your roster. The crime boss will also do everything in his power to bring your gang down.

Toxichem Vats

This is an outlaw territory. It consists of one (or more) pools of highly toxic chemicals (hence Toxichem). A ganger can be sent to 'work' the territory by dragging drums of the noxious stuff to local guilders for 3d6 credits. Unfortunately, due to the highly volatile chemicals this can have an adverse effect on the ganger in question. If when determining the income from the vats two or more 1s are rolled then the ganger develops a mutation and must roll on the Mutations Table. The gang will then decide to allow him to remain in the gang or drive him/her away.

As you can see a lot of these territory s can lead to many Arbitrator scenarios and some new terrain making opportunities (I think I'll have to go and make the brothel right now!) and some very interesting gang history to boot. Just make sure that everyone in your gaming group are willing to play with these rules too. 

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