Sunday, 9 January 2022

2021; That Went Quick

 Hello! As we're still all here, and I have decided to do a review of 2021. As much for me to gauge my own progress verses previous years, I will follow the same format as 2020. So away we go;


Commissar, Inquisitor, civilians and pets.
My painting hasn't been bad, by my reckoning 166 models have made 
it off the painting table. I estimate approximately 3111 points as well. Both these numbers beat previous totals so I'm very happy about that. One of the driving factors was of course Citadel Contrast paints and also Yaktribe's finish your stuff challenge, Yaktribe being a rather excellent Necromunda and other specialist games forum and resource. 

The vast majority of the models that I finished were Drukhari . Second was probably Astra Militarum then rather a hodgepodge of Necromunda, and other narrative style gaming models. To the left are some Venoms and Wyches ready to dismember other less likeable troop types.
To the right are some more Wyches and I spent a fair bit of time on the bases with bits of other alien races to denote fun and games in the gladiatorial arenas of the Commorragh. My old metal Drazhar was finished and is now taking his place in my army as an Archon, he gained the moniker Nedzhar as his skin tight suit reminded me of the Simpsons episode where Flanders was wearing a spandex skiing suit, and it feels like he wearing "Nothing at all". Also at the end of the year ten Incubi and the real Drazhar was done all wait to chop up the unfortunate ASAP.

For the Astra Militarum some tanks were completed as were a unit of ten Roughriders 25 years from undercoat to varnish. Sly Marbo got finished too. A Commissar also made it into the ranks of the gainfully employed. As my whims flitter about the painting table it settled on a Callidus Assassin as well who will presumably provide some much needed oomph in the AM force. In the picture to the left can also be seen my Bastion.
My Genestealer Cult army received some love with a gaggle of hybrids sashaying their way into the painted cabinet area. Multiple random humans and some Tohaa were done, all able to creep into my narrative games and of course any rebellion type force that I can come up with.


Once again not talking about my catwalk shenanigans, more my cutting up things and making them into other items that hopefully look at least as good as the previous object.

 Some of my favourite achievements were GSC hybrids. Twelve Tarrelian Genestealer hybrids, a Kelemorph and the new hybrid saboteur. Monopose Saurus with arms and head swaps were the order of the day and the came out not too bad if I say so myself. A Primaris Abberrant conversion was also well received on the internets.

Another thing I was unjustifiably proud of was Limpy's Diner, a piece of Necromunda terrain started many lunar cycles ago. Basically a chip shop in the underhive that can be some sort of Botulism themed franchise that may well become a common feature in future battle reports. 


The current gaming situation is pretty haphazard but I think I managed to get about a dozen games of 40K in. Mainly with my Drukhari (probably exclusively so) and with their supposed broken nature (even after a couple of nerfs) they seems to be going pretty well. Back in October we had Shanecon; our gaming groups version of Gamesday. Great fun and was brilliant to meet up with half a dozen other members of our group in one place. I'm hoping this can become an annual thing but that is obviously up to Shane.

Social Media

My most popular Instagram post got me 58 likes, here it is my aforementioned Primaris Abberrant conversion. Some other pics were quite well received but this was top dog. Hopefully I can get to a 60 like pic in 2022.

The Future

Well so much to do! Most immediate is the upcoming GSC Codex that I should have in the next couple of weeks, if youtube and other sources are to be believed, it's both thematic and tasty. I have some industrial terrain semi constructed to go with the aforementioned cult and who knows I may even try to theme an entire table for them to mess around on. I will also continue to paint up my Drukhari and play crusade games with them. I want to beat this years painting totals and also the number of games played.  I'm also planning to convert my as yet unconstructed Hemlock into a Razorwing jetfighter complete with spikes and a tortured Crimson Hunter chained to the roof of it. I also plan to try to keep to these resolutions, and not get completely distracted when the Craftworlds codex comes out later in the year.

So whatever I do do, thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a hobby filled 2022, so much hobby you can just about take it! Above all, be safe and make sure you know where your towel is.

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