Thursday 31 August 2023

Freaky Druchari 40K Objective Markers

 Hallo there, as the title implies I have made some Druchari themed objective markers for my 40K games. As 10th edition does not allow models to actually stand on top of these markers I have made some fairly gruesome 3d ones. So without further waffle here they are;

Family photo, the whole gang.

This is a stretch goal from a Dungeons & Lasers kickstarter. Nothing says evil space elves like a barely crucified skeleton with a crow watching on impassively.

A wide selection of stuff here, Mantic games lamp post with another Dungeons & Lasers item with what is intended as a firstborn space marine head transplanted onto some sort of massive xenos tapeworm 'to teach him a lesson'.

Next is the same recipe only with a beaky marine helmet hooked up to the lamppost to power it. What isn't visible is another marine buried up to his neck with ants biting him regularly and thus his anger and pain is the main power source.

My favourite is this one. A burly human (probably Astartes) has been thoroughly dismembered and stuck on a metal pole. Various viscera is exposed as an aesthetic  choice by the Haemonculus and as a tangy aroma for any Drukhari to soak up.

This one is a model I inherited from Dylan, original owner of some of my Dark Eldar. The skeleton signpost has been given some Astra Militarum accessories to fit into the 41st Millennium and all I had to do was put it on a 40mm base.

A while back I got a pile of skulls from a guy on wordpress by simply asking for them and they got painted up. Several years later they got a 40mm base and now they can visit many planets for the sentient races of the galaxy to fight over.

So that's the lot. Six objective markers that can represent places of interest of the battlefields of the far future. Depending on the scenario they could be relics inserted into dying humans and/or skeletons, secret plans inserted into dying humans and/or skeletons, elixirs, instagram hotspots or any number of plot devices that have been inserted into dying humans and/or skeletons. In any case you may be seeing a lot more of these and even some objective markers themed around some of my other armies too. Until then hobby responsibly  and always read the label.

Thanks for reading.

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