Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Low Hanging Fruit

The rather bizarre title of this post is a reference to my half finished painting pile and how the easiest way to get them off my lost interest table and into my bulging painted cabinet is to finish their asses. So I've painted up the remains of my Black Tree Design Sci-Fi models. I think they will mainly be used as Law Enforcer bods for any Necromundaish escapades I may indulge in.
Group Shot

Uzi Malone & Shotgun Pete

Minigun Masher & Skulky Autogun
 The other item I finished was an old Citadel Earth Elemental. Very simple paint scheme, grey with highlights. This model has been sitting on my painting table for a lot of years, but it mainly got overlooked due to his lack of tabletop uses. With my discovery of 8th Ed Warhammer I discovered the delights of sinister statues (to be more accurate on the 2 occasions I've had sinister statues in my games, they took offense to my troops being anywhere near them leading to quite a lot of eye death bolts). So I decided to colour in my figure. All I need to do now is convince my gaming buddies to let me use it as some kind of greater daemon of rock for my wood elf armies and I'm all set!
Minister Sinister

So now that these fellers are finished it's time for some Wood Elf troops to shuffle their way to the front of the painting queue. Until next time.