Thursday, 24 November 2011

Whom Let The Dogs Out?

After buying (and losing, then finding again) a new camera I decided to post some more pics up. Its a snazzy IXUS 115 and has a variety of functions that my old camera didn't so I will be experimenting over the next few weeks to see how to make my figures look better than they really are.
Elven Hunting Dogs
First up are my Elven Hunting Dogs (hence the ever-so-funny blog title). I intend using these for a farming world campaign where the yokels have to protect their crops from another band of raiders/yokels/mutants. My main reason to paint these in such a quick and drab colour scheme is to just get them off my painting pile and into my finished cupboard. Job done.

The People's Revolutionary Armed Team
 Staying with my agricultural world denizens are members of the People's Revolutionary Armed Team which is a faction on the planet, as you may have guessed a farming commune that actively enforce their political views on the masses whether required or not. The two on the right and middle are Frateris Militia and the girlie on the left is an old guards(wo)man. These figures (and the rather bland paint scheme) can be used as factory workers, spaceship crew or any other citizens that live in the crushing monotony of the Grim Darkness of the 41st Millenium!

 This is Barsulsnart. An independant daemon who made several appearances during my forays into the World Of Darkness (Vampire the Masquerade), a great roleplaying game I used to play. Now he is a daemon who trawls the ether waiting for unprotected psykers to let him into their minds and fuck things up for them. His favourite stomping grounds are the underhives of Necromunda where he likes nothing more than to posess a wyrd and then take out half a gang before reality reasserts itself and sends him back to the warp. For those interested it is an old Black Tree Design demon which I believe is still available. Again a rather simple (some might say lazy) paint job that is only enhanced by the gobbets of flesh, entrails, bones and flayed face that I have lovingly embellished the base with. as the whole Daemon posession thing goes, I imagine the poor unfortunate vessel that the Daemon enters is literally blown apart by the otherworld powers of chaos, hence the offal at his feet.

Sludge Jellies
In keeping with the Necromunda theme I have nearly finished two Sludge Jellies for the game. They are pieces of greenstuff fashioned to look similar to octopus/jellyfish hybrids and in this attempt I seem to be fairly sucessful. Still trying tp figure out a way to half submerge them in varnish without it slopping out over the side. It will come to me.

Tox bomb markers

Using a bit of greenstuff and broken sea shells I made some Tox-Bomb markers for my Scavvy gang. I intend to make some Rad Counters and Blight Grenade markers too for my 40K games.

Blood Flies
Very much still in the construction phase are my Necromundan Blood Flies. Inspired by the Underhive Bestiary articles. Not a truly gang killing critter they should be able to put the fear of Bejasus in a flesh wounded juve. For those interested they are greenstuff rolls placed in ever decreasing lumps with wings of greenstuff squeezed into wing-shaped loops. Not sure if I'm going to put a second set of wings on them, or just leave them be.

So this is what I have been up to lately, and hopefully I will shortly figure out how to work through all the whistles and bells on my camera to take much better shots. Until next time then...........