Thursday, 26 March 2015

The Battle for Elfburger Hill

I had the pleasure of playing a visitor to our fair shores recently in preparation for a couple of WFB tournaments I will be attempting to attend this year Spring Showdown and Vaticon. A new opponent, a friend of Stuart, also called Stuart. To avoid confusion I will just call him Stuart 2.0.

My Glorious Elven Host


Aradel Moonbeam - Spellweaver  Staff of Sorcery,  Talisman of Preservation,  Tormentor Sword, Asrai Longbow, Level 4, Lore of Heavens, Unicorn

The Elf with No Name - Glade Lord  Daith's Reaper,  Dragonhelm,  Potion of Foolhardiness, (BRB) Talisman of Endurance, Asrai Longbow, Great Eagle, Hand Weapon, Light Armor, Swiftshiver Shards]


Grimmerdill The Vain - Glade Captain [(AB) The Helm of the Hunt, Asrai Longbow, Asrai Spear, Battle Standard, Elven Steed, Light Armor, Shield]

Mizzard Woddle - Spellsinger  Dispel Scroll, Obsidian Trinket, Elven Steed, Level 2, Lore of Beasts


16x Glade Guard, Trueflight Arrows, Standard Bearer.
8x Glade Riders ,Glade Knight, Hagbane Tips
8x Glade Riders, Starfire Shafts, Standard Bearer


6x Sisters of the Thorn ,Champion, Sisters of the Thorn, Standard Bearer.
3x Warhawk Riders, Wind Rider.
6x Wild Riders,Shields,Standard Bearer , Banner of Eternal Flame.
5x Wild Riders ,Champion,Shields

5x Waywatchers

Filthy Dwarf's I Hates 'Em

Stuart 2.0 had three units of Clansmen (or whatever they're calling themselves these days) a unit of Hammerers, 2 Gyrocopters, 2 Organ guns, 2 cannons, a Grudgethrower and a couple of heroes, lots of runes scattered throughout as well. Sorry for the vagueness of the list but I'm sure I will add any pertinent stuff as I go along.

Set up and other things

Stuart 2.0 had brought a Games Workshop battleboard over and with some nicely painted scenery and it really made a pleasant change from the flat green table that I'm used to. Stuart 2.0 won the roll to pick sides and castled in the corner (bottom left of picture below). He also won the roll for the first turn. I either failed to wound or completely forgot my Arrow of Kurnous. My vanguards moves were pretty much non existant (probably my first mistake). My general plan was to shoot up the dwarfs then hopefully sweep round using the buildings as cover, hopefully breaking a unit to get through to the artillery. 
Set up after vanguard

Turn One

The Gyrocopters moved like big flying clanking metal sharks belching smoke and other greenhouse gasses (so in actual fact nothing at all like sharks), ready to inflict steamy wet death on the elves. Squirted all over the waywatchers killing 3. The organ guns opened up killing the remains of the Waywatchers (that'll teach me not put them in the building). The Grudgethrower misses the spellweaver and the cannon hits her! Luckily her ward saves her! End of Dwarf turn one.
Start of Wood elf turn 1 (not sure why the Waywatchers are still there).

In my turn my Unicorn rider charged the Gyrocopter as Stuart 2.0 had slyly placed it so that he was out of the charge arcs of all my combat troops. Magic was, ruined by the uncooperative short ones. The only spell I did get through was Irristable Curse of Anhrair on the Gyrocopter which also fried 2 Sisters as well.During the shooting phase I found out I hadn't moved my Glade Guard close enough to shoot the artillery so I couldn't get at the WMD's that Stuart 2.0 had! Shooting was very ineffectual! No dwarfs were harmed in the making of this shooting phase. On the plus side mt Spellweaver routed the Gyrocopter but due to a severe bout of Artilleriphobia didn't pursue and it got away. A mistake, I think.
The brave little gyrocopter

Turn Two

The fleeing Gyrocopter fails to rally and keeps on chugging away from me. The other Gyro moves in such a way as to line up some Glade Guard for murderous death. Some dwarfs shuffle forward, pretending that they will move out of their little corner of the battlefield. Typical dwarf magic phase. Dwarf shooting phase more unpleasantness! The brave Gyrocopter kills 5 Glade Guard but they don't care. The organ gun kills another 2 I think - after devious dwarven rune shenanigans stops it misfiring and blowing up like any decent  piece of artillery does! The Grudgethrower causes 2 wounds on my brave little warhawks. 
Wood Elf ambushers & Dwarf Dead Pile
Elf turn 2 wasn't very chargie. My ambushers came on the table. I got a good roll on the magic phase 6-5.  Wind Blasted the nearest Clansmen into the hill causing minor inconvenience (ha ha, take that you fiends!). Iceshard Blizzard took a wound off the cowardly Gyrocopter. Wyssan's was cast on the Warhawks giving them a decent toughness of 5 hopefully to weather an organ guns wrath. Uranons Thunderbolt was cast irresistibly but failed to do any damage - the mage detonated but luckily no one was close enough to notice. My shooting phase was pretty crap, a wound taken off a Gyrocopter and a couple of dead Clansmen. We were getting to the charge of the light brigade part of the game - if I can weather the filthy dwarf guns for the next shooting phase - shit will get real!
Awwwwwwwwwwwwww poop

Turn Three

First annoying thing first - the Gyrocopter rallied. In his movement he does a flyby over the Glade Riders malevolently dropping a bomb as he goes - only to drop it as his feet (tee hee). I'd like to point out that this was the most exciting and enjoyable dwarf magic phase I have ever witnessed, but it wasn't so I'll just skip to the shooting side of things. 4 Glade Riders were steamed to death. My warhawks were set upon by both organ guns and the cannon valiantly soaking up all the shooting and dying equally valiantly! The Grudgethrower dropped a grudge right on the head of the elf mage, but luckily it was a polystyrene grudge that failed to wound.
Dwarfs can only do one impression, but its a good one
Now I am generally not one to whine about the vagaries of dice, especially in a game using them but sometimes, when you want a big turn after some horrible arse kicking from artillery it just sometimes makes me think my opponent is in league with the forces of darkness and his pug is just a demonic familiar trying to hex my dice with his fake affection. Anyway, I had my general and 3 Wild Riders within easy charge range of the far right Clansmen in the photo above. My general charges in, all guns blazing so to speak - only to find that the Wild Riders who were supposed to have his back didn't as they couldn't roll over 6 on three fucking dice! Perhaps then, magic might save me 2 - 1 magic phase and Stuart 2.0 channels. Wyssans didn't get cast and my general was in against a ranked up dwarf unit. Crap. Another Clansman died to elven archery and the annoying little Gyrocopter was shot down too. My general was armed with Daith's Reaper which I think is an awesome weapon (rerolls  misses, wounds and enemy's sucessful saves) unfortunately for me he fight a Thane with a 1+ save so very little was acheived. Upshot was he lost combat by 2, but luckily no fucks were given!

Wood elves do not appreciate the dwarfs impression of a brick wall

Turn Four

The dwarfs to the left of the fascist Clansmen fail their charge (thankfully). The Gyrocopter kills 5 more Glade Guard. The organ gun kills off all but one in the Wild Rider unit accompanying the BSB and Beastsinger. The other organ gun kills 3 wild riders in the other unit (leaving 3). The Grudgethrower kills 5 Glade Riders and finally fucks are given and they run. The cannon shoots and hits the Unicorn riding bint but her ward saves her (charmed life so far).

The Elf with no name expresses his displeasure
My movement phase was getting shorter and shorter. The Wild Rider unit finally charged to the aid of their general. The BSB and Beastsinger charge into the unit to their left and a unit of Glade riders leave the table to go and get reinforcements. I moved my Glade Riders into a (hopefully) annoying position to stop the big hammerer unit raping my Beastsinger. The Unicorn rider moved into a position to hopefully get at the artillery. A 5 - 4 magic phase had 3 spells dispelled and Harmonic Convergance destroyed. The depleted remains of my Glade guard take a wound off the Gyrocopter. In close combat the wild Riders cause 6 wounds getting destroyed in the attempt, The dwarfs lose combat but don't run due to being annoying. The BSB combat is a loss to the elves but proximity to the general means they stick around for at least one more turn.


What's left of the wood elves get stuck in

Turn Five

Due to a horrific combination of geometry and pacts with the Devil, Stuart 2.0 charged both the Beastsinger and conga lining Glade Riders. The only other movement was the Gyrocopter but to be honest I'm sure it should have run out of diesel by now. The organ gun unleashed 16 shots on my Unicorn rider finally killing her. 2 Glade Guard are killed by steam routing them (amusingly they start running towards the dwarf hill). The vengeance bolt on the Grudgethrower shears off,  rendering it useless for the remainder of the game. The other organ gun and cannon removes the sister unit rather effectively. Mr Oathstone himself kills the Beastsinger, the Glade Riders flee! Hammerers reform. The BSB vs the shield dwarfs (dwarfs with shields as opposed to something else) duke it out causing a wound each. No one runs. My general is still having an awful time getting through the runesmith's armour. Loses combat but remains where he is.
Wood elves get bored of the dwarf wall impression and decide to leave.

In my turn the fleeing Glade Guard continued fleeing towards the enemy, the Glade Riders rallied. BSB combat - 2 dead dwarfs but plenty more where they came from. My general finally kills the runesmith, Nearly falls off his eagle in surprise but stays where he is.

Turn Six

The cowardly dwarfs charge my BSB in the flank. The Organ guns destroy both the fleeing Glade Guard and not so fleeing Glade Riders. BSB dies to underhand tactics. The General takes another wound and due to his exhausting battle with the runesmith breaks. Unfortunately a dwarf must've grabbed his eagles foot and he only goes 6", the dwarfs catch him and so the last elf on the battlefield is slain!


Well that was a lesson in how to play as dwarfs! I think I made a few mistakes, turn 1 not pursuing the Gyrocopter was one. Bringing on glade riders within ranger of a perfect shot from a steam gun. I should've charged the Unicorn in to the aid of the general in turn 3 or 4 which might've actually helped break the dwarf facists. At the same time my plan was ok, sweep round the buildings hopefully break a unit of dwarfs to get to that lovely artillery! I honestly think if the Wild riders had cooperated with me on turn 3 and charged the Clansmen, my wild rider champion would've accepted the challenge (possibly killing the runesmith due yo his ST5 armour piercingness) leaving the general to slay with abandon!

So to wrap up all I can say is thanks Stuart 2.0 for a really fun game, also being a pleasure to get hammered by and I'll get my revenge next time (hopefully). Also, keep the demonspawn away from my dice!

The demonic familiar that I beleive is the cause of my defeat!

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Warhammer Architcture

As I've recently signed up to Terragenesis a rather cool scenery showcase forum, I thought I'd take a few pictures of some of my stuff and post it there, never one to waste photos I'd thought I'd do a post on here too!

The Barn

Many years ago when Games workshop wasn't the corporate monster it is today they published in White Dwarf plans to build your own Warhammer scenery without trying to charge you silly money for the privelege! The buildings are foamcard with thin strips on balsa glued over them. The roof is individually cut pieces of cereal packet card to represent tiles.


I'm sure the Filly has bolted

The Cottage

Another GW template, the main difference is the stone chimney on the outside if the house (milliput). I have come a long way with my modelling putty skills so when I get back in the mood to build more dwellings the outside brickwork will look a lot better. The timbering uses slightly thinker pieces of balsa with the addition of watered down polyfilla to represent the rough plastering.

A single doored dwelling

Stonework like that isn't cheap!

Ye Olde Pubbe

Same idea just a must larger building. The inn is a rather nice building with plenty of character, same construstion materials with the bevelling of the main timbers, this gives the impression of age as did the green ink wash over the wood. Other buildings are the blacksmith's forge and seperate stable. All the buildings here have removable roofs as they are primarily for gaming. During the process of the tiles getting glued to the roof card they tend to warp, but they're grand for battlefield games.

Ye Olde Pubbe - Ye Olde Shield

Ye Othere Side

Ye Courtyarde

Ye Brokene Gate
This model is still not quite finished as I want the gate to be functional and the area below the blacksmiths area still needs the forge and general horseshoeing equipment to be constructed. I think a comment on the wall colour is also warranted as it's probably not the most authentic (or even attractive) it was an old duplicate pot of Hawk Turquoise that I wanted to use up and that was the result.
If Thou'st wert a birde Thou would'st spye Ye Olde Pubbe from here

Stuff to Shelter Behind

I borrowed some Hirst Arts molds from Stuart and I haven't really done much with them. Due to me using somewhat non optimal materials I seem to be getting a fair bit of badly molded casts. A progression of thoughts, inspired by my Dragon post got me thinking that I needed some linear cannonball catchers for my games and that the semi melted bricks could represent dragonfire, fireballs and other magical/alchemical/industrial weapons. Hey Presto! some blocks that were going to get binned are now glowing heaps of molten stone! I will probably construct a few more with greenish glow to represent Warpfire and other unwholesome effects.

Some walls, some melted.
So that's what I have for display today I hope it is of some interest to you. Of course any comments are very welcome.

Monday, 23 March 2015

World Domination is Nigh!

So after an awfully long series of defeats the main weakness I have is a big fuck off dragon not being present in my games. But as luck would have it I have now got one. Better yet it wasn't painted by me! The guy who did this marvellous paint job is called Aaron and he loves to paint stuff for people. For money. I don't do adverts on here but if one of the non spambots 9or even the wargaming spambots)wanted to get something painted up, then you can contact him via Facebook here or if you are one of those people who think Facebook is evil try him on Twitter.


An as yet unnamed Elf Lord

I'm ready for my close up Mr DeMill
 So I had a game using this little beauty last week and me likey! It was against undead and my guy gave Mannfred Von Carstein a schlacking, along with a Plague Cart and a 20+ strong unit of skeletons (which was nice). I'd like to say it was all his own work but some Wild Riders did a fair bit of the heavy lifting. What I will say with the right magical assistance (Life or High) this can be a very potent unit on the battlefield (with none of that double wounds from flaming attacks either).  The actually breath attack can be very useful too as making a unit subject to stupidity is always amusing.
So in the not too distant future there will be a batrep or two extolling the virtues  of flying death from above!

Thursday, 12 March 2015

The Tactics of turning your opponent into a toad.

I'm composing and army list and I keep getting drawn to Sivjnirs Hex Scroll, you know the one that turns an opponent's spellcaster into a toad. I think the tactical advantages of changing all an enemy's spellcasters stats to 1 cannot be overstated, especially as now some of the toughnest characters in the game (greater daemons, Malekith, Nagash) are all magic users and therefore open to this attack.

First off, it's 50 points, double that of a dispel scroll, and there is no guarantee with it, in fact you have to let your opponent successfully cast a spell before you can even try to mess with his metabolism. So in effect for fifty points you get to suffer the effects of a spell before you get the use of the scroll. Assuming you do successfully transmogrify your opponents spellcaster then you have severely hampered his abilities. All stats are lowered to 1 (except wounds) until your opponent successfully rolls a 4+ at the start of his magic phase, can't cast, channel or dispel so in effect all he (or she) is an expensive bookend.

The subject- called Troy.

As this is an attempt at a tactical lesson maybe an in depth analysis of what each stat reduction can mean.
1) Movement, possible the most important and least important stat to reduce. Simply put if you transform a wizard in an infantry unit you have reduced the entire units movement to 1 (moves at the rate of the slowest model). This is huge as most of the time a mage will be put in the deathstar unit, that all of a sudden they can't move any faster than 2" march move. also puts a big dent in charge ranges too. Best thing about this is a lot of mobile cavalry units will be affected if there is a wizard in there (dodge me now, Dark Riders!). Of course if the mage is on a monster then movement is unaffected. So it's only in very rare circumstances where you won't severely hamstring said magic user.
2)Weapon Skill, most wizards WS isn't all that so it's not the biggest trait unless we're talking daemons or some geezer toting Fencer's Blades now technically his WS is lowered down to 1 but the weapon raises it up to 10 but the cool thing is all magic items cease to work so his WS does drop down, easier to hit in combat and easier to hit if you subsequently cast Bladewind  on his low weapon skill having ass! The ideal time to sucessfully cast this on a greater daemon of course is just after he has charged your unit in hand to hand combat confident he's going to squat infantry only to find the squatting will done unto him!
3)Ballistic Skill is pretty unimportant as once a toad the little feller can't use any of his weapons anyway.
4)Strength, can't hurt you in combat with a strength of 1 (or at least very unlikely) and also very susceptible to strength test spells, double whammy!
5)Toughness, probably the best stat to reduce as damaging the target becomes ridiculously easy. Bowfire, slings and angry skinks all wound on a 2+ now which makes survivability  a tricky prospect for your intended.
6)Initiative, now with the swiftness of attacks as a Saurus, the model will almost definitely attack last so combat is a nightmare and so is Purple Sun and any other dodge it or die spell.
7)Attacks, when you have the offensive capabilities of a wet mop your attack characteristics aren't very important, truth be told the toadwizard should be dead before it gets any return attacks.
8)Leadership, with all things considered a model with Ld 1 will fail all psychology tests but another fun thing is if the model is the units general then it's highly likely that your opponents army has just suffered a total leadership neutering which can only be good.

Premature Amphibication?

When is the best time to use the scroll? I must admit I suffer a bit from premature amphibication, I'm not proud, but these things need to be talked about. There is actually very few things more amusing than changing your opponents alpha wizard into a big frog on turn one but a lot of the time he's a healthy level 4 which gives you a slim 33% chance of getting him. It's possibly a better idea to wait for mid to late game attempt after a possible miscast has reduced his magic level. Of course this is in no way a given so you could be waiting for the oppertune moment to never arrive............

Pick On The Little Guy  

Another amusing tactic is to go after the enemy's second string mage. Most armies carry a scroll caddy that can have a decent spell (searing doom metal mage) who isn't really vital to the overall plan after he has done away with the enemy's heavy cavalry. If this guy casts his opening spell usually an annoying buff or hex, scroll him turn him and the unit he is in into a slow moving semi useless blob of slime. I have done this on occasion and a 125 point wizard get effectively taken out of the game for a while which if nothing else severely reduces your opponents options.

Troy's profile.

Best Case Scenario

Of course the greatest targets of the scroll are the low level spellcasters with uber combat capabilities eg. Vlad, level 1 Daemon Prince etc. There is little in the game to equal rendering a 500 point combat monster who has just buffed up his to hit roll after successfully reaching combat into a combat nerd who couldn't fight his way onto a lily pad! Unfortunately this doesn't happen every game so waiting around for it can be a waste of 50 points. However, if you do manage to pull this off you will be as close to bringing a WoC player to tears as is humanly possible!

The Ugly Truth

Below are 5 attempts at transforming enemy magic users.
Attempt #1 vs Brets turned level 2 into toad remained a toad for 4 turns until unit destroyed. This was very useful as the mage in question cast Comet Of Cassandora and nothing else in the game. Very useful, restricted a 35+ of peasants to M1 as well.
Attempt #2 vs Doc failed to turn level 4 GUO. This was a premature casting but the Great Unclean One is a target I feel is worth the risk. Didn't pay off but may do so again.
Attempt #3 vs VC failed to turn level 3 vampire lord. I have a 50/50 chance of turning a blender lord into something quite a lot less intimidating. Didn't work out but the look of anguish of my opponents face when I revealed it was worth it to me anyway.
Attempt #4 vs VC failed to turn level 2 Necromancer in a Triumph & Treachery game. All I needed was a 3+ to turn the Necromancer and a 2 was rolled. My probability was high, but it just didn't come off.
Attempt #5 vs DoC failed to turn GUO again! I was clutching at straws this time as a particularly unpleasant spell was being cast and I just wanted to cause unpleasantness back! Bad choice in using it.
The Attempt that got away! My last game against DoC featured a Daemon Prince of Slaanesh that was a level 2 mage. In my army I also had a unit of 16 Trueflight arrow toting Glade Guard. He/she/it also spent 2 turns on 1 wound within bowshot range of them. This was, an opportunity missed I feel. I bet if I rolled a dice now it would come up as a 5 or 6, giving me a retroactive draw or better! So my advice is kids, if you want to play to inflict embarrassment on your opponent, stop caring about the waste of 50 points and go in hard, no kissing!

Racial Profiling

As an asside, I use my Wood Elves far more than most of my other armies and Trueflight Arrows are murderous on a saddy no mates wizard/toad that thought he was safely hidden behind a unit. My Lizardman army however should take it on general principle as there are very few instances where a skink cheiftain can kill a greater daemon in combat. Also it's fluffy! Skaven have cheap wizards so taking an extra one along with the scroll is no big deal in my mind. 


So the internet, my own experience and common sense states that Sivijir's Hex Scroll is not worth the flayed Zoat skin it is written on. Therefore, being the obstinate sub par gamer - with a higher failure rate than success - that I am, I must keep trying to force it to work! So I can now see my quest, take the scroll until I can categorically state it is a pile of pants! Excelsior!

Monday, 9 March 2015

More Hippies in the War Against Deforestation


So after what seems like months (which, after checking, is months) I have finished some models! For a long time I've had some old Marauder Elves sitting around drinking herbal tea whilst talking about setting the world to rights, you know general Wood Elf stuff. Well I've finally finished them so now perusal....

three grunts (or to be more wood elfy - three sighs)

Ye Olde Elven command group

Three More sighs
The first three pictures are of the aforementioned Marauder figures that I've been using as scouts mainly. I like the Native American feel to their dress and they are fun models to paint. I had painted up some a while back. There is also a member of Skarlock's Elf Scounts in the command group plus two Gary Morley scout models (standard bearer and musician). He also sculpted some Wardancers I had painted in a previous post where flouncy hair and tiny hands were the order of the day.

Glampinge & Karousse 
 Above are two other Citadel archers that I had gotten in an ebay win that hadn't really excited me at the time. I realised that I needed to paint them to bulk up the scout unit even though they didn't really fit the look of the rest of the unit. On closer examination I realised I really liked these models particularly the one on the left of Karousse as I have since baptised him. They have the look of well equipped and a little bit foppish (for Elves anyway) so I've decided they are both noble elves who's debauched behavior has forced the Highborn to send them into a scout unit to 'make a name for themselves' in a plot similar to Bill Murray in the movie Stripes.

Hex Scroll's Are Go!!!

I've also finished my Heresy toad familiar that I am determined to use in my Warhammer games by spamming Sivejir's Hex Scroll at every opportunity. A lovely model that I have also used to represent Lord Kroak in this battle report. Now I need to do my Bagpuss familiar. There are loads of really nice figures over there go and buy some!

Angus Toad

Profile of Angus Toad
So that's all folks. any comments (good or bad) are welcome, if only to prove real people are reading my blog instead of spambots!

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

My First Tournament

I attended the Spring Showdown in Gamer's World in Dublin this weekend and I had what I imagine some people's tournament cherry popping result - abject humiliation. I had an early start 7am. To get to Jervis Street for 9.30. I met up with about 14ish fellow gamers in an attempt to battle it out for a prize. I actually had no aspirations of winning anything, moreso to get an idea whether I am anywhere near good enough after getting back into the hobby. As I'm more used to the sedate pace of a friendly game the 3 in one day format is a bit too fast paced for my slow play and I think it contributed to some of my errors (but not all of them unfortunately). Also very few pictures were taken due to the demands of a rather hurried schedule. So below are summaries of the three games I played and a some possible conclusions made from them.

My List

Spellweaver ; Fencer's Blades, Staff of Sorcery,  Talisman of Endurance, Asrai Longbow, High Magic, Level 4, Unicorn

Waystalker ,Dragonhelm 
Glade Captain ;Hail of Doom Arrow, Enchanted Shield, Asrai Longbow, Asrai Spear, Battle Standard, Elven Steed, Light Armor, Moonfire Shot.
 Spellsinger ;Dispel Scroll, Shrieking Blade, Elven Steed, Level 2, Lore of Beasts. 
Glade Captain ;Charmed Shield, Dragonbane Gem, Potion of Foolhardiness, Asrai Longbow, Asrai Spear, Great Eagle, Light Armor, Hagbane tips.

16xGlade Guard; Standard Bearer, Trueflight Arrows. 
5x Glade Riders Glade Knight, Standard Bearer,Hagbane Tips
 5x Glade Riders Standard Bearer,Starfire Shafts. 
Glade Riders (120pts) Glade Knight
 Hagbane Tips
8x Waywatchers

6x Sisters of the Thorn,Standard Bearer ,Lichebone Pennant.
3x Warhawk Riders, Wind Rider.
6x Wild Riders ;Champion,Standard Bearer,Banner of Eternal Flame,Shields.
5x Wild Riders;Champion, Shields.

Game One

I was matched up with a guy called Ken and his High Elf army. He had 3 Bolt Throwers, Lord on a Frostheart Phoenix, 2 units of Silver Helms, 20ish Swordmasters with a Metal Spellcaster. 20 Lothern Sea Guard as well. There was a wall (about 6" away) in front of the first bolt thrower I swooped my warhawks to take cover from that as I advanced my Wild Riders up whilst using my Waywatcher/trueflight Glade Guard formation in my free wood. Long story short, his Silver helms units were done in (bar one single elf), as were a bolt thrower. I lost 2 units of Glade Riders and Sisters, also the Wild Riders with the banner. Net result 13-7 with the scenario being Blood and Glory and me getting broken 16-4.
What did I do wrong? In putting my warhawks by the wall I lined them up for a flank charge by the fiery phoenix. Forgot to move my Glade Riders who got shot up by a bolt thrower. Totally underestimated what nonsense a Frostheart Phoenix is with a lord perched on top is.

Game Two

Next was a guy called Brendan with an unusual dwarf list. Comprising of Ungrim Ironfist the slayer king, with 3 units of slayers 33, 30 and 11 I think, a unit of 30 Longbeards with a Runesmith, 16 Dragongunshootydwarfs and 12 Quarrellers. The scenario was King of the Hill (like Watchtower but with a point in the centre of the table). He deployed with his missile units on the flank with a hideously strong centre. The warhawks lost in the second round of combat to the quarrellers whilst one unit got shot to shit by Irondrakes. Broke the Irondrakes with a Wild Rider and Eagle rider and  broke them, only to fail to catch them. On a my second charge they killed my wood elf hero!!! Another highlight was a unit of 11 slayers charging 15" to wipe out some fleeing Glade Riders. I managed to get the large unit of slayers down to 1 model with Fiery Convocation and Soul Quench. Time was called and because of the proximity of the slayer convention in the centre another 13-7 went to 16-4. Curses!
What did I do wrong? Well my initial charges on both units of missile troops should have resulted in wins therefore giving me plenty of encircling and shooting. This went tits up and I simply couldn't get enough points out of the big combat blocks.

Lots of slayers

Game Three

Last game was against a guy called Peter with an almost entirely scratchbuilt Nurgle army. Consisted of Greater Daemon or Prince,I forget which, 30 Plaguebearers, 2 units of Beasts of Nurgle, 10 Horrors, a SoulGrinder, and 2 units of Furies. The scenario was Meeting Engagement and it did not go well. I deployed way too close and got my arse well and truly kicked.We called the game in turn two as I really didn't have anything left to fight with except my 3 Units of Glade Riders. Lost 20-0.
What di I do wrong? As this was my first Meeting Engagement game, I set up way to close to my enemy, stupidly put my waywatcher unit in front of both Wild Riders units effectively blocking them from charges and didn't flee my General/Wizard when I should have done. End result I got an arse whuppin' and Peter didn't even get a game.


Well despite the lack of victories I enjoyed the games. My main problem is I'm too agressive in the first turn or two when circumspection would be better. My army list is also suspect as when I produced my Unicorn there was some consternation as some of my fellow tournamentees had never seen one! I also think these games are very much matchup dependent, by that I mean my first opponent wasn't overly chuffed to be against Wood Elves with his metal mage, I on the other hand wasn't impressed when 55 points of magic items - Dispel Scroll & Staff of Sorcery - were worthless against my Dwarf opponent. By and large I need to get my shit together for the next one. When I got home I was more than a bit peeved about my poor showing. Thinking to myself that I'm a terribad player. Now 3 days later and after a lot of analysis I think I just didn't get the point of the tournament. There was a few weaknesses in the list aided and abetted by some tactical gobshitery that handicapped my last game.