Thursday, 13 April 2017

A Warlike Rogue's Big Weekend (Part II)

Inquisimunda : The Wrath Of Pat

Following on from my last post; A Warlike Rogue's Big Weekend (Part I) here is the story of the game that followed. Barely had the post game sequence been completed, when I had to ready myself once more for war! Pat arrived from his abode with 3 large containers of terrain and we set up the very picturesque battlefield below to see who was top dog. The gang's involved were Jenna's Jokers my Inquisition Cell, The Family Of The Hidden Path, Vinny's Tzeentchian Chaos Cult and The Greater Profit, Pat's Xenos Rogue Trader warband.

The field of battle

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

A Warlike Rogues Big Weekend (Part I)

Inquisimunda Tourism

Greetings. Even though I made a mental promise not to write any more batreps until I have a lot more scenery done, here comes another batrep. In this instance, there are extenuating circumstances. Vinny, once a regular sparring partner in all things gamey moved down to Cork about a year ago effectively ceasing our rivalry. Then a few months back he mentioned coming back up to sunny Cavan for a weekend and then as is my normal modus operandi,  forgot all about it. Two weeks ago I was reminded by Pat and some hasty garage tidying up was done. Vinny arrived and a couple of games were played, here is the story of the first game;