Thursday, 20 October 2011

My trip to Lala Land.

Well I have finally figured out why I have so much trouble maintaining focus on any single project, well not finally, I've just decided to articulate it, in the hope that it might be a kick up the arse for me. Put in simple terms, my painting speed can't keep up with my painting wishlist. That is, I start painting, for example Genestealer Hybrids, my mind races off down a huge lengthy campaign where the final battle is a glorious (or doomed) defence of the Imperial Governors palace by beleaguered household troops in a desperate attempt to save the planet. Therein lies the problem, I start painting one thing only to go down this yellow brick road of insanity and find I want to finish 50 figures all from different armies, games systems, and even sexual orientation!
The current campaign I am flirting with is a chaos cult rebellion on a semi industrial world with temperate climate and a pale green sheen. I have many Necromunda and Confrontation (the old GW type) figures to use as rebels, with a fairly strong contingent of beastmen as added muscle. Opposing them I have a pretty big Imperial Guard army with plenty of big nasty tanks. So now I realise I have to scratch build some armour for the army of debauchery otherwise they will get Iron Fisted! So within 5 minutes of devising a campaign I have given myself weeks of graft hand building some trucks that will very likely be blown off the table in the first turn.
My scratchbuilt painting table.

My painting table covered in  shit I want to paint.
Another reason is my beautifully crafted painting table. Well no, not really, it was built by me to paint my little heart out at and it was to be custom built higher than all the other tables (dining, computer coffee etc) so my painting ability will increase exponentially and I will become The God of Paint otherewise known as Potbig the Eternally Ideal Consistancy. Unfortunately not being an expert (or even a novice) in Ergonomics I made it too high and I don like to spend more than an hour at a time at it! Also for the last 4 years I have been going through a seies of table lamps that I don't like and therefore can't achieve what I want to with them. My greatest lamp was a simple 50W metal table lamp that my niece sat on and broke much to my dismay. then I found out that all these energy saving flurescent or LED lamps and whatnot don't even illuminate a fraction of what my beloved energy guzzling spotlight used to do. 
My Soon-To-Be-Painted table is also a problem. As I have a huge loft, leaving a figure on a surface half finished is not a big problem, so when I'm in a 40K mood all my currently on the go Warhammer stuff gets dumped on my F.T.F.N (fuck that for now) table until I go back to it or I start with Warhammer Quest and dump my 40K stuff on the F.T.F.N table. The cycle is perpetually replenished as I go through different fads with different armies and games systems.
Well there is a few reasons why I can't ever finish anything. I'm certainly not blaming my own laziness!

On the plus side I've gotten a follower. Cheers Krug!