Thursday, 24 May 2018

Deathworld Flora and Fauna Episode 1 - The Strangleplant

The Rogue Trader rulebook contains many entries concerning dangerous plants and alien wildlife. A far better blog than mine has many examples of them. Now, hopefully you've clicking on the link, been enthralled then felt a bit guilty about being so fickle and returned here. Anyway since my earliest encounter with Rogue Trader, I dearly wanted to create some of the wondrous things to adorn my gaming table. Nearly thirty years later and my ability is approaching my ambition. I was looking around in my loft for some new endeavor when I found a White Dwarf with lots of Catachan Jungle Fighters on the cover looking like they've just walked of the set of 300; More Muscled Men With Oiled Torsos. I opened it up and found this page........

Back in the good old days when Paul Sawyer was editor.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Foule Ole Gron And Weak Eldar Stomachs

Following two previous skirmishes involving the disgusting minions of Nurgle, Farseer Gelladrill was once more forced to intercede on a minor Imperial planet, in High Gothic it was known as Triumphant Fanfare or something similar but in the common vernacular of the locals it was something far less inspirational. The planet itself was a small if somewhat heavily industrialized place filled with surly humans choking on the highly polluted atmosphere crushed by the monotonous drudgery of their short brutal lives. It made them ripe for the ruinous powers to subvert them. A cult had formed, dedicated to the Lord of Pestilence, and their saviors had landed. A small force of Death Guard marines led by a hideous Daemon Prince named Festerpuke . The rancid second in command; Foule Ole Gron had quickly attacked the main PDF garrison overwhelming them. Advancing into the main plaza of Gorgonplatz to consolidate was where the Ulthwe force met them. Failure here would mean disaster in the future for the Craftworld. Gelladrill vowed that would not happen!