Friday, 28 November 2014

My Daemon Crushing, Ogre Bashing, Wood Elf Juggernaut of Death!

Below is my Wood Elf list for Nordicon 3 , which is on tomorow. A full tournament report will hopefully follow.
I used Battlescribe and copied it from my email so this is the format which can either like it or lump it!

Wood Elves - Army Book (2014-5) -V8.8.0. (End Times) (2000pts)

  • Lords (581pts)

    • Glade Lord (301pts)

      (AB) Daith's Reaper (50pts), (AB) The Helm of the Hunt (20pts), (BRB) Talisman of Endurance (30pts), Asrai Longbow, Great Eagle (50pts), Hagbane Tips (3pts), Hand Weapon, Light Armor, Shield (3pts)
    • Spellweaver (280pts)

      (BRB) Dispel Scroll (25pts), (BRB) Talisman of Preservation (45pts), (BRB) Warrior Bane (5pts), Dark Magic, Elven Steed (20pts)
  • Heroes (321pts)

    • Branchwraith (75pts)

    • Glade Captain (156pts)

      (AB) Hail of Doom Arrow (30pts), (BRB) Enchanted Shield (5pts), (BRB) Tormentor Sword (5pts), Asrai Longbow, Asrai Spear (2pts), Battle Standard (25pts), Elven Steed (10pts), Light Armor, Starfire Shafts (4pts)
    • Waystalker (90pts)

      Always Strike First, Forest Stalker, Hawk-eyed Archer, Scout, Sniper
  • Core (503pts)

    • Glade Guard (210pts)

      Always Strike First, Forest Stalker
      • 14x Glade Guard (210pts)

        14x Trueflight Arrows (42pts)
      Glade Guard544331518InfantryAB
    • Glade Guard (160pts)

      Standard Bearer (10pts)
      Always Strike First, Forest Stalker
      • 10x Glade Guard (150pts)

        10x Hagbane Tips (30pts)
      Glade Guard544331518InfantryAB
    • Glade Riders (133pts)

      7x Glade Riders (133pts)
  • Rare (160pts)

    • Waywatchers (160pts)

      8x Waywatchers (160pts)
      Always Strike First, Forest Stalker, Hawk-eyed Archer, Scout, Skirmisher
  • Special (435pts)

    • Sisters of the Thorn (130pts)

      5x Sisters of the Thorn (130pts)
      Always Strike First, Daughters of Eternity, Deepwood Coven, Fast Cavalry, Forest Stalker, Poisoned Attacks (riders only)
      Sisters of the Thorn54533151964CavalryAB p46
      Steed of Isha930431415AB p46
    • Warhawk Riders (145pts)

      3x Warhawk Riders (135pts), Wind Rider (10pts)
      Always Strike First, Armour Piercing, Flying Cavalry, Forest Stalker, Predator's Descent
      Warhawk Riders544331518Monstrous Cavalry
      Wind Rider544331528Monstrous Cavalry
    • Wild Riders (160pts)

      Champion (10pts), 5x Wild Riders (130pts)
      Always Strike First, Devastating Charge, Fast Cavalry, Fear, Forest Stalker, Frenzy, Talismanic Tattoos
      • Standard Bearer (20pts)

        (BRB) Banner of Eternal Flame (10pts)
      Steed of Kurnos930431415
      Wild Hunter55443152956
      Wild Riders55443151956

Friday, 7 November 2014

The start of something, er Nautical?

I have over the last while been interested in playing Warhammer on the high seas. As with my Athel Loren project (18 years, still in the planning stages) it will probably take a while. But I have made some progress! Still very much in the building stage are my skaven warp steamer and my elegant wood elf er, yacht. Observe:

Sludge Scraper

Below is the preliminary construction of my skaven ship Sludge Scraper. Made by spacing semi similar shapes between some other pieces of foam card then gluing some cardboardas the hull. Plenty of balsa and bits of card to represent metal plates and a warpstone boiler will hopefully make this baby come alive.
The good ship Sludge Scraper

Moon Dancer

This rather pretentious name has just come to me as it's the middle of the night and I can't think of anything better. My other boat was an ebay find that cost about 4 quid. It is in need of a couple of dowel masts and sails then it can happily swoosh along the rivers of the Old World doing the will of Ariel & Orion. so alongside some of the many other projects I currently have in progress, ship building is added to the list!

Four scouts out on a pleasure cruise

While some Saurus look on, feeling jealous
So I will hopefully be putting some more work on these in the near future. As long as some other awesomely important thing steals my attention away from them. 

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Some Empire Chavs

Some long term squatters on my to-be-painted table have finally made it off it! So in all their glory, some tiny soldiers to make me swear at dice on a table top. 

Witch Smeller Persuivant

Here is my witch hunter model that was part of a tag team in the old Dogs of War army. I can't recall either name at the minute but his buddy will so be conscripted into the army as a warrior priest. An internet high five if you recognise the name from an old British sitcom.

Witch Smeller Persuivant

Telekinetic Wyrd & Little Nug

My wyrd is now ready to ravage the underhive as is Little Nug, who I think is more of annoyance than an actual thug. Nug is an old plastic Gretchen model with the head of an Empire Light Acolyte squished on it. A greenstuff scarf gives him the look of a guy hiding the fact that someone tried to hang him at some point, but with little success.
Wyrd & Little Nug

Pukel, Pokel & Yokel

Three empire archers to go with the dozen or so I have already painted for my ad hoc Empire army. These guys are painting table veterans that have probably spent 18+ years waiting for brush love. now they've got it, they had better not flee at the first sign of a terror causing gribbly! I really like these models as they really give me the impression that they don't know much and say "B'ain't" a lot.

Pikel, Pokel & Yokel

 Gaspode, Gaston, Poulon & Mademoiselle Hot Lead

Finished this Brettonian organ gun some 20 years after they ceased to use gunpowder and moved into Trebuchets. Nothing says backward like Breton peasantry. Nice models these. I have another three artillery pieces to flesh out my Empire. Unfortunately it seems the only Warhammer race that now use organ guns are dwarfs so it will have to be proxied as a Hellblaster volley gun instead. This is actually my most dangerous model as I've been stabbed several times by the cocktail stick stakes! It ranks very highly in the psychotic goblin spearmen danger rating.

What's next on my painting pile is some wood Elf Glade Guard (more veterans of the Long War Against Undercoat), some Warhawk Riders, Wild Riders and Sisters of the Thorn. so hopefully in the next couple of weeks Ican have a very Elfy painting entry. Until then........