Monday, 31 October 2016

Excreedius' Bad Head Day

Magus Excreedius' plans were coming to fruition, a simple tip off to the Inquisitor Cell regarding a bothersome Chaos Cult down in the bowels of the hive should give his warband enough time to attack and implant a member or two of the Rogue Trader vessel that had just landed in one of the remote loading bays in Sector 16. A swift strike on the unsuspecting humans will not only prove good experience for some of the younger members of the brood, but if some, or all of the crew can be infected then wherever the ship goes, so does the doom of the Imperium! 

The Cult Strikes Back!

This weeks report is a game had with Stuart, long time Warhammer protagonist. My last game was against Pat's Chaos Cult Wyrdfest, this one was Stuart's virgin Rogue Trader ensemble. The warband's name is The Crew of The Folkvangr (there is an accent over the o but I can't find it at the minute). 
They comprise of;
A leader, navigator,techpriest, arch militant, 3 gangers and a rating (juve). All female models from Raging Heroes I think. Here they are.

The All Female Rogue Trader Crew

Sunday, 23 October 2016

A Very Wyrd Grudge Match

Interrogator Pursuivant read the comm slate. Informant bx456R had sent an urgent message regarding clandestine groups getting their hands on a powerful artefact of alien origin. The group was known as The Broken Wheel and were using a large warehouse to hold their meetings. Stored there was the alien item. The data stated that the building should be lightly guarded but swift entry and retrieval would be essential before the entire gang arrives. As there were no new leads regarding the xenos weapon blueprints, this mission would be useful to refocus the warband into something they were good at - killing enemies of the Imperium. 

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

The Emperor's Thumb & Other Miscreants

Hot on the heels of my previous post, you know, the one with the crap genestealer cult, comes this amaaazzing post with regard to paining things up in a timely manner! WARNING! some of the models below have been purchased THIS YEAR and have not sat on my 'to paint' table for nigh on 18 years. I must apologise for this as, no sooner do i rename my blog, I make a complete liar of myself by painting models up quickly. to be fair though, they are not over complex models drowning in their own detail, so that is why.

The Thumb Of The Emperor

Several Halloweens ago I found in the kids costume receptacle a single plastic thumb. This may have been part of a set of ten finger extensions, I don't know, but inspiration struck telling me that it would make a nice piece of scatter terrain for my Inquisimunda games. So I greenstuffed an old base to look like cobbles and this piece of modelling marvellousness is born. 

Bow Down Before The Emperors Digit!
 This piece was quick and easy to make and lends itself to some scenarios for RT or ][munda. A group of chaos cultists want to deface/fornicate over/defacate on 1 the Thumb Of The Emperor. It is up to a small force of Adeptus Sanitorum employees to stop it! Of course as it seems to be made of solid gold various underworld types would want to nick it. The possibilities are almost endless.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Xenos Incompetence

One of Magus Excreedius' spies had told him of the find. The accursed Robbers Militant had found a large cache of valuable artifacts that could be sold easily to help fund the furthering of the cults ambitions. He thought back to his biological father, the lessons taught from an early age. A senior bookkeeper for a minor slime transportation contractor most lessons were regarding frugality. "Semper my offspring, if our glorious cult is to find success we must do so from a solid financial footing". His thoughts were interrupted when Cruddix, a gnarled 1st Generation Hybrids question appeared in his mind.
 "Magus, shall I send Deekon to the market to purchase ammunition? Bethselemin has informed me he and the others are low, after the incident with the mutated bat-hog.". 
Excreedius pulsed his reply "No, we can make do with what we have. If Aothanp hadn't attracted in it the first place, Gorazk would never have panicked!".
" I have barely enough Throne Geld to feed us for the next moon cycle. We must be a bit more discerning with picking our targets. Move out!".