Friday, 11 April 2014

Some Freaky Shit!

I have finally finished some mutants for my ongoing mutant project, these are some of my first forays into the joys of sculpting, so they have a huge amount of time invested in them (even if it wasn't that well spent).


First up this mutant has ticked a few boxes on my mutations list : Cyclops, horns, hairy. He started out as an old bloodbowl orc with Necromunda Goliath arms and lashings of milliput! Giving a one eyed mutant a short ranged, fairly inaccurate pistol seemed quite fitting. I'm sure he's not able to hit a cow's arse with a banjo, let alone a sneaky Delaque hiding in a barrell of eels!

Cyclopic Hairy Horny mutant


Games Workshop had an opinion on obesity in Rogue Trader, in that it was a mutation, not a cake addiction. Either way I'm fairly pleased how this model turned out, again bloodbowl orc legs with Goliath autopistol, with loads of rolls of fat and a scratch built head, that a mate has told me looks like a pug. Not the look I was going for, but at least it looked like something!

Fat Larry

 Huge Arm

I got a Stone Troll hand in a bits box off of ebay, hence this little beauty. Two thirds of a Goliath ganger (my favourite converting model), a Catachan lieutenant arm, troll arm and a massive play doh* head. Not show arm the lumps and extrusions at the back of his neck. They're not overly pretty. All in all I'm very happy how he came out.

Big Armed Phil


This is an old Bloodbowl human, with an Orlock arm and some greenstuff (I had moved up from milliput) clothes and claws on his feet. Two bits of wire will small balls on them drilled into his eye sockets makes him convincingly tatty. He's actually carrying a lasgun, but we all know that's not allowed in Necromunda so it will have to count as an autogun with a super secret hidden magazine clip squirreled away somewhere under that festering mound of flea infested rags.
Eyestalks Mcguirk

So that is what I have been attempting to complete since 2011, so now I can get back to something started more recently. I hope.

*Not really Play Doh.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Back into Necromunda!

Started playing Necromunda again and we're having a blast! I've also updated The Slag Valley Bullett a periodical from the Slag Valley & Fornication Gulch area of the hive. Also a couple of games in my Goliath Gang The Sons of Slagarchy look like this.

Steroids for the masses!

As there is a pretty fluid group of regulars, I've decided to form up a second gang, this time Scavvys going under the name The Tomb Doggers. This is not the first time a gang with this name appeared, but it is completely new as the last gang roster has disappeared.

We Eat Cannibal!

This leads to me to my last link Yak Tribe Gaming. This is a great Necromunda resource as well as great gang roster recording tool & battle report recorder (I haven't used this bit yet but intend to shortly).