Monday, 31 December 2018

Scraping in before 2019; Astra Militarum, Sexually Unattractive female and Alien Buskers

Howdy. A quick post to display all those last minute additions to my painted model family for 2018. Last year I managed a review of the year, not sure I will achieve one this year so this may be a slight nod in that direction too. Firstly, here are completed toy soldiers;

Imperial Preacher

After recent games I've noticed that my Catachan troops aren't all that bad in combat with their strength of 4. Give them a preacher and they get an extra attack so doubling their effectiveness. Giving them the order Fix Bayonets improves their shit-kicking ability even further. So a bloke with a sword and a big red book is ready to smite the ungodly. Think I'll call him Eamon.

"Tonight, heathens and xenos, this is your death!".


Below are some assorted guardsmen, firstly Valhallan mortar crews still waiting for their mortars to get delivered from the stores. Annoying in particular for the guys holding the shells. I'm hoping they can be deployed in the near future making my mortar squads doubly able to wipe out lightly armoured infantry not in cover.
I don't understand it, I filled in the required purchase order but the mortars haven't arrived. 
Next are some Catachans who will form my shotgun/meltagun tag team. My last game underlined the gap in my army for a heavy hitting squad to jump out of a chimera and let fly at close range. The moment in question was when I deployed a unit of vets to shoot up some Wraithguard approximately 5" away. The difference between ST 3 lasguns and ST 4 shotguns could have been crucial. Anyhoo I have now plugged that particular gap in my force, I have also painted up two more plasma pistol armed sergeants to assist with general enemy of the Imperium extermination duties. The shotguns were cannibalised from the metal Necromunda sets and the plasmas are Orky in origin. I had simply cut off the ends of the lasguns and pinned on the much larger barrel of the shotgun. 

"Buckshot for the enemies of mankind!"
The next pic has a similar collection of xenophobes with the sergeant having a converted Mad Robot Miniatures head. There is quite a lot of cool bits over there to individualise your models. I like to think this particular vet sergeant has had part of his face destroyed by aliens/bacteria/heretic weaponry in the name of The Emperor. He is horrifically scarred and only takes off the mask to scare new recruits and upset Aeldari with his unasymmetrical face. War is hell! I have also sculpted some eradicated alien species on a couple of bases to emphasise the rather gung ho nature of the jungle fighters.

Sergeant Basterd has one of the body of one of the terminally peaceful Q'bork alien lifeforms at his feet. During a volunteer mission deep into their Q'bork tranquility system guardsmen from the Krablokistan 47th acheived 78% kill ratio. What was even more astounding that many units returned from their mission with complete powerpack batteries on their lasguns. Truly heroic.

Another view of Sergeant Basterd.

a better view of the Q'bork.

Trooper Buckshot with an exterminated alien mammal at his feet.

Heavy calibre weaponry is ideal for peacekeeping.

Blind Beggar Miniatures Ensemble

I've been a fan of Blind Beggar Miniatures for a while now and have got some more denizens of that particular range finished. First up is the Mayoress. She(?) comes with a choice of a large laser weapon or a bunch of flowers in her paws. Not a looker this one but an interesting model nonetheless. I think she can have a variety of uses in games, in particular Thatcher Magz, planetary governor of my campaign setting planet Scargill.

"Hot laser death for you luvvie?"

"Or is it posies?"
Juggenfloot is a 6 piece band that play the cabaret circuit of bars and clubs in any disreputable Imperial world that allows xenos on the planet without an instant execution. Juggenfloot (not the name I would have chosen) play a mixture of acid hymns and hallucinogenic swing music. First up is what appears to be a simian lifeform playing a stone necked lute. A bionic arm ensures that 14 hours lute solos are the norm.

If Slash was a species similar to a Jokaero, he might look like this.
Next up is my favourite model in the band, a huge shouldered lifeform sporting some sort of keyboard instrument levitating around his chest, in fact he could actually be rattling his own ribcage. I like to think the instrument is called a Hypnocordion® and it is banned on many planets due to large scale rioting and civil unrest caused by it's operation. This particular instrument is played by Jowey "the knuckles" Faygin and has racked up a score of four riots, two religious pogroms and civil war due to his playing.
Jowey "the knuckles" Faygin
Next comes the aquatic percussionist Blap Blap Mmkadzee. Armed with concussion bongos this diminutive hat wearer can provide a steady beat or medium range support with a slight adjustment to his (or her) stance.

The last band member I have finished is this guitarist in monks robes. Probably from the order of the shredded epiphany, this musician is probably called Brother Wahwahpeddle. Before joining Juggenfloot his previous group; Godfunk Soup Kitchens had to disband due to an outbreak of mental leprosy infected 3 band members causing a difference in musical directions.

Finally, not a band member but a humanoid in robes and a gas mask. This model has many different possible uses. Some sort on nun with a HAZMAT suit is one of them. Armed with what looks like a WWII rifle this model can be many things. An acolyte for an Inquisitorial force for one.

Nun with gun.
So there you have it. Twenty two more figures finished and ready to star in a batrep (or similar) in the near future. All that's left for me to do is wish everyone a happy new year and a satisfactory amount of hobby time to you all!

Thanks for reading. 

Thursday, 13 December 2018

The Second Battle of Lernin Kerv

The long campaign against the dreaded Tyranids of Hive Fleet 1Cthuga ground on, the Cyavunnh system was beset by all manner of vile bioforms. The previous battle of Lernin Kerv had been a defeat for the defending Astra Militarum. The Krablokistan 47th had been fighting a losing battle against the Great Devourer. intelligence reports had suggested a significant cluster of synapse lifeforms amid the ruins of Lernin Kerv 2Beta, Djemtri "two guns" Vlashvilli overall commander of the 47th and most of his senior aides had been incapacitated by a venomous burrowing spore mole that had erupted into the overall command bunker so the duty of leading an attack to attempt to hamstring what counts for the Tyranids command structure had to be led by a relatively inexperienced commander Polke Maltroc.