Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Rise of The Tomb Doggers

Last week I played my first game of Necromunda for absolutely ages and it was highly entertaining. What was also new for me is that I used a Scavvy gang for the first time. I used the most recent version of the Scavvy rules which I only really have one gripe about - shotguns. Seemingly in the far future of the war torn 41st millennium and more importantly, the festering hellhole that is the scavvy wastes, with its primitive weaponry, the simple shotgun is too complex a weapon for them to use. Scatterguns/blunderbusses and automatic weapons only. Now I'm not an expert in weaponsmithing but it seems to me the technology involved in manufacturing an automatic rifle shouldn't be less than making a tube with a cartridge full of buckshot. What is more galling is that I have half a dozen shotgun armed Scavvy models including the leader. There is also a rule about the maximum size of a scavvy gang, which is dependant on the leadership. This is probably going to piss me off in the future!

Tomb Dogging

  My first opponent was a Delaque gang, we rolled for scenario and got Hit & Run. A second roll meant The Stick Up the camp scenario.  I rolled for how many of my diseased troublemakers went on the raid and I rolled the minimum - 4! I then rolled  for how many followers (I only had ghouls) and also rolled the minimum - 1! So already my gang was showing itself to be a lazy uncooperative group of scumbags who are trying to thwart me before I start! With this in mind I selected my only mutant, a winged shooter, two sword armed scavvys and my leader - Tomb Dog. The only scaly in the gang was left behind as I didn't particularly have a good feeling about my first two rolls. The game itself was an amusing one as the four scavvys managed to steal the loot, causing some serious smackdown on the Delaques only to bottle it when some know nothing juve gunned down my flesh wounded leader when he arrived from the table edge I was leaving on! The only light at the end of the tunnel was although I lost  the loot, I managed to pick up a ganger for the pot! Looks like my boys will eat well this week (providing no uppity Delaques try to mount a daring rescue).