Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Some shorties for January

Greetings. Another day another blog post. This is a very short one as I thought I'd put up my newly varnished Ratlings. Not much to say about these models except they are filling out my sniper unit to 10, fully painted models. These models were previously Dettoled and hastily stripped so there are still a few lumpy bits on them, hence no very close ups. If nothing else these models will hopefully spell the demise of more than a few Orks in the upcoming campaign.

Some shifty Abhumans.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Dramatis Personae - The Scargill Cleansing

To further mire myself in the narrative campaign that hasn't yet started, I thought I'd write some backstorys for my characters in the upcoming hostilities. Hopefully the characters below will only be the first of many fleshed out ideas that will come from the battles to be fought over the next few months.

Farg Woolstrop

Farg is the supreme commander of the Krablokistan 47th regiment. Although he is a loyal servant of the Imperium and a dedicated adherent to the Imperial Cult he has found himself at odds with both Rouboute Gullimann and Saint Celestine in the now infamous Mitigation of Hemmerdale campaign. The Mitigation was a particularly confusing conflict as the 47th found themselves fighting with and against Ultramarines on more than one occasion. The fact that he survived with enough of his army to be redeployed to Scargill is testament to both his tenacity and ability to blame others for his failures.  Woolstrop attires himself like an Imperial Commisar but does not come from such a background. He is actually a former gang fighter from the Krablokistani city of Paraquat where his viciousness and ambition drew him to the Astra Militarum and further up the regimental ladder. 

Farg Woolstrop (right) accompanied by a guardsman.

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Something Big Is In the Process Of Happening.

As I alluded to in my previous post, myself and Dylan are embarking on a campaign. To me the campaign is the epitome of war-gaming so I'm pretty stoked. It's going to be set on an as yet unnamed Imperial planet. The combatants are Astra Militarum (probably the Krablokistan 47th) and the Orks of Waaagh Gitsmasha. Dylan is providing the fluff and I will write updates as I am able. Hopefully the campaign will be similar to the Andy Chambers narrative campaign from the 90's White Dwarfs which I will try to dig out to get a better feel for that sort of thing.

Monday, 1 January 2018

My First ever 2017 In Review Type Post

Well I've decided to write up a brief summary of all that happened in my little piece of hobby wonderland. Lots of other blogs have them so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon.

The Revolving Door Of Gamers

Well my gaming group has had a constant core of about 6 gamers who over the last 5 or so years I've had the pleasure of cursing dice with. Stuart, Phil, Aaron, Shane and Pat. We lost Vinny last year to something called 'a better job'. We have also had some new arrivals, Billy the Ultramarine player, Dylan who is Crimson Fists and Death Guard and Alan who uses AdMech. 


2017 was a pretty productive year. 122 models finished. Mainly Imperial Guardsmen, with a smattering of Aeldari. I must admit it was very good for someone who struggles with the actual finishing of models. A big pat on the back for me. I did a quick total up of how many points it all comes to and it is 1161. I was going for any weird model that doesn't really fit into a specific army like the Star Lords civilians they get drafted into my Genestealer army as Hybrid Neophytes. Even the Werefox.


So I think I've been tallying up my games, and I've had 5 games of Inquisimunda and 14 games of the new 40k. There is probably another one or two I may have forgotten, but a total of 19 games is pretty good for someone who used barely manage 1 a year. In both systems I've won more than I lost so that is something but for posterity it is Inquisimunda P5, W3, L2, D0 and 40K P14, W8, L5, D1. Here's to at least another 19 in 2018.


I started many scenery projects but the only one I managed to fully complete is my six craters. They've had many guardsmen and other humanoids inside them so they really get around. Hopefully there will be a lot more to report in 2018, I have a public toilet, a hab unit and half a dozen other pieces to hopefully dazzle my readers with. 

Six craters to hunker down in.

As you can see the above craters have luminous pools of some undisclosed material in them. Are they lava? Toxic chemicals? Fanta? Each game will have a different possibility.

The Futures

 Dylan has mentioned a narrative campaign for the start of next year so that sounds like immense fun. The details have to be ironed out but hopefully it will be the sort of mayhem that makes for fun battles and fun battle reports to read.

My veterans for the Krablokistan 47th will hopefully be finished by the end of January.
Paintwise the Catachan's above are what I want to get finished first. Mainly going to use them as vets as there are plenty of meltas and a plasma gun in there, following that is my landing pad.

My Mantic budget Skyshield Landing Pad is hopefully getting used in a beautifully crafted Battle Report in the near future.
So all that's left for me is to wish everyone in plastic metal world a very Happy New Year and as much hobby as they can handle!

Thanks For Reading!