Saturday, 23 December 2017

Eldar Attack (so do the Tau)!

Farseer Gelladrill had cast the runes of fate for the third time and the result was the same. She kept discerning the sign of the death of Aeldari. Tracing back the threads of causality it was clear that a combined force of Ultramarines and Crimson Fist Astartes were about to attack a smaller force of Tau on the contested planet of Gabbrodon Theta. This in itself was of no great consequence but if her reading of the runes were correct they would then advance towards one of Ulthwé's maiden worlds and that could not be allowed. What further complicated the endevour was the craftworld was already stretched thinly as a large force of Ulthwé soldiery was currently deployed against Ork Warlord Gitbag Gutstrangla. Nevertheless it was imperative that Pur'La Sept was allowed time to reinforce their beachhead and therefore divert attention from Aeldari territories.

Barely have I finished one lacklustre batrep, then I have to start the next! This week is pretty novel as far as the normal workings of the WH40K universe is concerned as two Imperial forces (Ultramarines and Crimson Fists) duke it out with my Eldar army (20 + years in the making) and Aaron's Tau - who if recent comments made at the games table are to be believed - a genetic experiment by the Eldar to act as a buffer against humanity. This game is a bit of a departure as I have not taken any of the pictures on display, mainly due to no battery on my phone, but with the assistance of Aaron and Billy, photographic evidence was supplied.

The Armies

My army consisted of for the most part what I've been painting over the last 20 years, which isn't very much as I'm a terribly slow painter and all over the place when it comes to creating a cohesive force. Prior to the codex I had decided to go with Ulthwe, mainly because I thought black and white is a quick colour scheme. The Craftworld Attribute: Ulthwe: Foresight of the Damned made my choice even more worthwhile as it gives every unit in my army a 6+ save against every wound caused. So now every vehicle I take gets a free set of Spirit Stones.Of all the craftworld attributes, I figured it was the most beneficial as it will work in every phase, psychic, shooting and combat. The characters I took were Asurmen because I have never fielded him before, a Farseer as they are top notch psykers and a Autarch just because. Banshees were my only elite choice as I'm trying to only field painted models, I say trying as I just couldn't not take my two Wave Serpents, they were vital to my plans, the Dire Avengers and Banshees were to scoot across the table deploy and hopefully destroy swathes of marines.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Dire Avengers Painted and Some Valhallans Too!

My first Dire Avenger Squad has been completed! This post is merely to display them and allow me to chalk them off my 'to do' list. They have actually seen action against a combined force of Ultramarines and Crimson Fists and acquitted themselves quite well. They are a pretty decent  troop choice for the Eldar as they have a high rate of fire and enhanced overwatch.The models below have had their first coat of varnish (gloss) so they look a bit shiny. Once the second coat of mat varnish goes on they will look better methinks. I'm now waiting for an unseasonably warm spell due to my encounter with Daemonic varnish, that I have no intention to reacquaint myself with.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

The Battle Of Sugden; A Tale Of Two Bombardments.

Supreme Commander for the Mitigation Of Hemmerdale, Porfectus Von Neestleroi pondered the map. A rebellion, xenos incursions and both Sisters of Battle and Ultramarines seemingly randomly attacking loyal Astra Militarum forces left him exasperated. The geography of the planet hindered him at every turn. Patches of intense magnetic activity in the atmosphere rendered major aerial troop movement hazardous as the destruction of the Chestafar 64th's continental troop freighters would testify. Intelligence reports indicated that the Pur'la Sept had once again been sighted, this time on the outskirts of Sugden a moderately sized town where an Imperial armoury was situated. Sending a priority order to Farg Woolstrop of the Krablokistan 47th to engage and destroy hostiles on the way to Sugden, once there rendez vous with a detachment of Crimson Fists marines and hold Sugden from all enemy forces.

Monday, 30 October 2017

Heresy Of The Highest Order!

Still stationed on the temperate yet eventful Hemmerdale, Farg Woolstrop's command received orders to rendezvous with elements of the 420th Suhnnidayl Shithawks regiment and secure an important artifact from the vicinity. He was perplexed to find the commander of the 420th was a highly intoxicated and abusive Ursakar Creed. Recent intel had surmised that Creed was missing, presumed dead following the destruction of Cadia, and that this particular version of Creed was swilling a malt based liquor which was causing him to issue orders that were both senseless and contradictory. The artifact was supposed to be set in a solid gold copy of The Thumb Of The Emperor, an object d'art that had presumably mystical properties that ensured citizen obedience and loyalty. Further information had led to surmise that Tau from the Pur'la Sept had allied with renegade Astartes to take the relic for their own purposes. When the order to move was issued Farg was once again horrified to see the so called renegades were from the Ultramarines chapter and led by none other than Rouboute Gullimann! Never one to shirk his duty he ordered his force into suppression formation and prepared to take the relic....

Hot on the heels of last weeks defeat against the Ruinous Powers comes this battle report. As our gaming group in Cavan is undergoing a bit of a revival due mainly to the new 40K this game is another 4 player battle. 1500 points per person. This time it was the valiant Krablokistan 47th, Stuart's 420th Suhnnidayl Shithawks (Astra Militarum) vs Billy's Ultramarines and Aaron's Tau (of the Pur'la Sept).

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Some Fishy Characters & An Eldar Chorus line

Some more models have been completed! As the Warhammer 40K train trundles along I'm making progress. As is unusual in the male dominated 41st millennium there are more female models painted this week than male. Some will be getting stuck in to 40k ASAP and the others will wend their way onto the gaming table via a more narrative route. So anyhow, bring out the lead!

Blind Beggar Fish People

I've been a fan of Blind Beggar Miniatures for a while now and I have finished some more from a couple of kickstarters. Immediately below is one from the Mother Hydra campaign - some amphibious aliens who have made contact with various people of Farpoint IIRC. First up in the Mother Hydra diplomat. A nice sculpt which I plan to use as an npc in my games and possibly a hugely powerful alien psyker to boot. I tried to make the waistcoat look like coral and experimented with citadel technical paint with the eyes and gemstones (at least that's what I thought they were) on the aforementioned piece of xenos apparel.

"In my culture glazed eyes are a sign of attentiveness".

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Chaos Vs UltraKrablokistanmarines

Following their skirmish with Ultramarines where (sub)Commander Bolshoy Bartlett was attacked and possibly killed (the body had been removed the Astartes), Commander Farg Woolstrop was surprised to receive orders to bolster Ultramarine forces that had become bogged down fighting rebels that had declared the entirety of Hemmerdale's second largest continent - Brearley - Imperium free. As had recently occurred several times in the recent past Woolstrop was half expecting the Ultramarines to immediately open fire as soon as they came within bolter range. But as was so often the case with the seemingly last minute orders he had been receiving from High Command lately no sooner had the Astra militarum deployed then the rebels came capering across to engage and the foul sight of the Traitor Legions could be seen behind them. On the plus side, the Ultramarines were holed up in an old jail and, for now at least, not shooting at him.....

Another Day, Another Batrep.

Welcome! Last week I participated in a game of 40K where my most recent enemy was now my ally. Yes that's right Billy's Ultramarines and my Astra Militarum have apparently patched up their differences in an adult fashion and smoked the pipe of peace. Not a moment too soon as the Ruinous Powers have landed on the beleaguered planet Hemmerdale intent on fomenting rebellion and nailing good honest imperial folk up on walls and using them as hood ornaments. We arranged for a 3000 point a side battle with Shane, Billy, myself and Aaron. Sadly Lord Nurgle infected the Tau force with Galloping Flatulence and they couldn't attend. Luckily Shane brought more than enough Chaos models to make up the shortfall. As I don't have either Shane's or Billy's army list, all I will say is Shane took 3 grands worth of Chaos and Billy took half that in Ultramarines. I brought my Imperial Guard that included 3 infantry squads, a unit of heavily tooled up Scions, a Leman Russ, Hellhound and Chimera, a meltagun special weapon squad and 2 heavy weapons squads (mortars and autocannons), the obligatory ratlings and sundry characters made up my force. The mission was the one where at the end of each battle turn each of the four objectives scores 2 VPs, it's called Only War. A simple mission that proved to be a lot of fun.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Xenos Stranglers, an Insidious Evil & Camp Followers

More Gear Painted!

That's right some more models have moved from the unpainted part of my loft to the painted *bookcase. Following recent defeats anti armour is what my Imperial Guard army is lacking, so I have gone some way to alleviate that.

Xenos Stranglers

First up is my Cadian Heavy Bolter Squad. Heavy bolters are fairly cheap anti infantry guns that can harm vehicles too, not as good at it as Autocannons, but better that Mortars. One thing I will say for the designers (Perry twins I think) they know how to sculpt big scary hands. I imagine that the Heavy bolters buck like a traumatised Grox judging by the hugeness of the fists. They  must also come in handy when they're throttling Tau or the odd unsuspecting Grot. The models below are painted in my Krablokistan 47th colours. I like the feature of rolled up sleeves, it gives a certain I-don't-live-in-a-toxic-environment feel to the models.

Last years final of the Krablokistan Mental Trauma Caused by Xenos Interaction Imaginary Chimera Demolition Derby was a dead heat.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Ultramarines Pick On The Astra Militarum

Commander Woolstrop had for a while now been concerned about (sub)commander Bolshoy Bartlet. Nothing he could specifically put his finger on, but an oddness in his mannerisms. This 'oddness' had gotten worse since the Sisters Of Battle attacks some weeks ago, almost as if  their attacks had targeted him and his resulting survival had triggered a mental metamorphosis. Woolstrop had decided that after this patrol duty Bartlet would be sent to HQ for full mental, biological and chemical screening to get to the bottom of the strange behavior. But first, orders came in to meet a force of Ultramarines at a small inconsequential hab slum to go through a plan of attack over rebel held positions in the settlement a few clicks away. Just as long as Bartlet doesn't do anything to jeopardise the mission........

For those out there actually reading more than one of my batreps I've decided to try to forge a narrative. Farg Woolstrop and parts of the Krablokistan 47th has been stationed on Hemmerdale for some months now a routine patrol resulted in his force being attacked by Convent Of The Vengeful Scold a small Sisters Of Battle enclave on the planet. Having survived two attacks from them, there seemed to be relative peace and quiet until a force of Tau attacked them. The Tau were defeated but Commander Woolstrop was getting the feeling that these attacks were seemingly connected as in each case (sub)Commander Bolshoy Bartlet seemed to attract more than his fair share of attention. Woolstrop was returning to Hemmerdale's communications hub - Granada when he was rerouted to meet a force of Ultramarines to assist in an attack a force of suspected rebels. No sooner had the Imperial Guard arrived, the units under direct supervision of Bartlet opened fire. The Ultramarines returned fire and battle was joined. Again!

Saturday, 2 September 2017

The Krablokistan 47th Strikes Again!

More Carnage

My enthusiasm for 40K continues apace (but Necromunda is looming on the horizon so who knows) so I'm trying to maintain momentum by playing as much as possible. This week was Aaron's turn to feel the sting of lasgun fire upon his armoured Tau warriors. My first game of the new 40K was against Aaron and that went pretty well so I was hoping for more of the same. We've both had a couple more games and presumably as the games didn't kill us, they made us stronger.

The Big Guns Never Tire - Or Do They?

We rolled  for a scenario and got Big Guns Never Tire  as I hadn't played it I was eager to have a lash. For the uninitiated this scenario has 4 objectives that are worth 1 VP for the most models nearest to them at the end of the game. A heavy support unit trumps any other unit so 3 mortar weapons teams would gain 1 VP even if there was 35 Ork boyz. Extra VPs were for first blood, killing the general, linebreaking and addition enemy heavy support units destroyed. A nice simple mission for my old brain.
Set up was pretty unimaginative for me. I clumped all my infantry around the left hand side of the table with only the Hellhound & Leman Russ over on the right. A unit of infantry were ensconced in the inn named Ye Olde Shielde although I may be giving it the unofficial moniker The Lazy Guardsman. I used a unit of Scions this game and they began the game up in the atmosphere of this planet. My mortar teams were in their usual place, hidden behind a hill. Aaron placed a couple of units of  battlesuits also in the skies but luckily neither unit met up there as it would be a nightmare to work out charge distances. His boots on the ground consisted of 2 units of Fire Warriors, a battlesuited Tau, Also my ratlings bundled in around the three unfinished craters near the centre of the table where an objective lay. My plan (if such could be said about the vague idea behind deployment) was advance on the left secure two objectives there. Using extreme prejudice destroy any xenos that got in the way. Minimising my own losses was if anything going against the plan.

The table before any turns were taken just after the ratlings appear (as if by magic) in front of the Tau soldiers (if you can call them that).

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Astra Militarum To Crush My Enemies & Listen To The Lamentations Of Their Women With

An Unstoppable Painting Juggernaut!

My current painting campaign is continuing well. Despite recent debacles I'm still painting Astra Militarum. I'm really enjoying painting up my old lead models. they have plenty of character, and as they were bought quite a while ago, I'm being pretty economic with my cash. So without any more waxing lyrical about possible lead poisoning and licking the tips of paint brushes, here's some prose and pictures;

Men Carrying Things

First up are two demolition charge holders and a member of a lascannon (I think) weapon team. It seems carrying said demo charges results in a certain amount of modesty in my Catachan troops (who for the record belong to the Krablokistan 47th) hence the t-shirts. The Lascannon charge holder on the other hand is only too happy to show off his heavily steroided upper body.

Baggage Handling in the 41st Millenium.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Clerical Errors in The 41st Millennium

Commander Farg Woolstrop was uneasy, he had received orders to advance and engage all armed forces within the grassy plains of the agri world Hemmerdale as a suspected enemy invasion was thought to be imminent. Advancing in good order using flanking fast attack vehicles with his support assets to the fore he felt confident his detachment would prove a deterent to any would be aggressors. Suddenly a force of  Adeptus Sorritas emerged out of the gloom and engaged his command and he was forced to return fire......

Monday, 17 July 2017

More Deathworld Gribblies & Some Astra Militarum to Wipe Them Out

The Leadpile Receeds!

Finished some more models, mainly due to my renewed interest in 40K. Before I unveil my galaxy defeating forces here are a couple of long termers from my 'get it painted sometime' painted table.

Naked Mutated Fox Chick

This model is so Oldhammer! Back when I had access to loose lead from Games Workshop every now and then I would order a couple of kilos of lead (associated plastics were free), one day I bought this freaky little minx. A werefox of all things. Having never seen one in any of my games, I presume it's a DnD critter. Probably tricky and slightly sexual. Not sure what I will be able to use it as, but some sort of alien menace I'd imagine.

I'm pert and weird.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The Battle Of Lernin Kerv


Barely had the incursion of xenos been thwarted on Killa La Neck, when another call went out to reinforce Lernin Kerv, another inhabited planet in the Cyavunnh system. The garrison there were attacked by a strike force of xenos, bearing the same brood markings as those that attacked  here. Djemtri 'two guns' Vlashvilli company commander of the Krablokistan 47th knew what was coming. A series of shuttles up to the main orbital transports sent the Imperial Guard regiment back into the fray against the dreaded Tyranid threat.

So round two of my continuing series of battles against Hive Fleet Stuart began barely a week after our first one here. Barely any change to my list except for an Adeptus Ministorum priest was sacked and a platoon commander was hired. Will ignoring the spiritual needs of my soldiers make a difference? Only time, and this blog, will tell.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

40K 8th Edition! Two 1000 Point Batreps.

Two Xenos Invasion in One Evening

Greetings. As I so often do, a bandwagon rolled into town, and I leapt upon it. That bandwagon was the new 40K and as there are dozens (in not billions) of blog posts about the new game I will jump fairly quickly into the games and draw some conclusions afterwards. As the title suggests, we (myself, Aaron & Stuart) arranged to have a couple of games. As we'd all seen the leaked army lists forces were mustered and 3 1000 point armies assembled round Stuart's abode. Two armies were filthy xenos (Stuart's Tyranids and Aarons Tau) whilst the Imperium of man was represented by my Imperial Guard. I say Imperial Guard as I'm not totally on board with this Astra Militarum malarkey. Not yet anyway.

The Krablokistan 47th

There is something very exciting about writing an army list for a game system you know but has been totally overhauled and to be honest my army was just what I had painted (from 3rd edition 40K). So whether it was to play well or not remains to be seen. Here is what I brought;

HQ; Company Commander, Primaris Psyker,
Troops; 4 Infantry Squads with 2 meltaguns, a plasmagun, 2 missile launchers and a heavy bolter.
Elites; Commisar, Astropath, Preacher, flamer special weapon squad and ratlings.
Fast Attack; Bane Wolf
Heavy Support; Leman Russ with plasma cannons, battlecannon lascannon and storm bolter. Autocannon heavy weapon team and mortar heavy weapon team.
Dedicated Transport; A Chimera to carry an infantry squad.
So that's what I have painted to an ok (1995ish) standard.

The Krablokistan 47th regiment is what I'm calling them, if long term survival happens to my force they may even get insignia and shit. the fact that models have goblin green bases really shows their age! The planet that these battles are set on are Killa La Neck in the Cyavunnh system, a generally peaceful agri world with a few sporadically situated urban areas.

The Battle Against The Tau 

The Krablokistan 47th were put on high alert when some medium sized herbivore herders reported a small scale firefight in the eastern R'Yak plains (Stuart & Aaron had a game before I got there). Duly warned Company Commander Djmetri 'two guns' Vlashvilli mobilised his troops to meet whatever threat had landed on his doorstep. It turned out to be a small force of Tau do gooders, the Jehovah's Witnesses of the 41st Millenium selling copies of the Tidewall magazines and talking to everybody about 'the Greater Good'. Vlashvilli was having none of it and battle was joined.

My forces were deployed thusly. The plan was to scoot round with both the chimera and Bane Wolf  delivering hot flaming death on the Tau whilst theremains of the force moves up and engages the remains. Simple yet elegant?

Sunday, 2 July 2017

An Ork, Alien Proctologist, Chaos Thug, and Other Miscellaneous Models

New Camera, New Models

Hello again. Just a quick update of some finished (and some 98% finished) models. The new 40K is high on my agenda but I've finished some Necromunda/Inquisimunda type models. I have recently purchased a new camera so my experimenting with them could lead to some varied results. On with the show.

The Rusty Ork

This an  old space Ork Freebooter from the dawn of time. A Bad Mek or something like that. He was coming up to his 18th birthday on the painting table so I took pity on him and this is the result. I'm not ecstatic about his skin tone but as I'm not really a big Ork painting it'll do.

Ork Bad Mek Lost Gubbinz


Monday, 29 May 2017

Mutant Protesters & Assorted Underhive Scum

Some More Progress!

I'm back with some freshly painted models for viewing! Some have been lurking about from  before this blogs inception (and even predate this millinium) and others are more recent additions to the Continental Drift Painting fold. As an experiment, I painted up my Necromunda bulkheads and placed a piece of lino to make the background a bit prettier, but you can be the judge of whether I managed to pull it off!

Mutant Civil Rights Protestor

As it is fitting with the UK general election going on at the moment I have luckily finished my mutant protester. A three eyed, semi scaled critter that will probably be more of a bystander than an actual combatant. Still the banner can count as a club, and I'm sure it's not too big a stretch to assume he has a side arm hidden away somewhere in the flea ridden pile of moldy rags that count for his out fit. For those interested, it's an old skaven plague monk body with Saurus arms and a scratch built face.

Equal Pay For Muties!

Thursday, 18 May 2017

My Shopping List in the Grim Darkness of the Far Future!

Having made a bit of cash via PayPal I'm eager to piss it away, but reluctant to at the same time. My reluctance is mainly because of the disgustingly huge pile of lead/plastic that inhabits my loft. So I think I will put together a post made up of stuff I want to buy but I can only get them if I paint something up beforehand. First up is this little beauty from Reaper miniatures; Doctor Totenkrantz, and absolute babe of a model (if you're into rotten old half dead mutant naked guys). I see him as being a rather tasty bad guy for my Inquisimunda games.

From Moonraker Miniatures comes some more Spacelords models, space craft crew. General standing around in the way types who will either aid or hinder good honest folk or get in the way of slavering maniacs (an end up as interesting costume jewelry for them). There are quite a few very nice models from that site and the prices are very reasonable too.

Pilot, cigar smoker, equipment carrier, doctor, poser and gawper.
Next up are some novelty items from Black Cat Bases firstly an old decrepit Bag Lady aided and abetted by her diseased cats. Either an undercover agent of the Imperium or a Slaaneshi cult leader who likes it dirty, you decide! 

Smelly Mable.

I also very much like this cat man holding an empty tray. A bit of magnetising and he can hold a severed head, esoteric weapons or a bunch of grapes. I see him as the snooty servant of some intergalactic crime kingpin, but for now he is just a dream........

Cuddles the butler.
Also from Black Cat Bases (there really is a massive range) are  Smoggers, a small alien race that look a bit moleish and can be seen painted up on  The Tales From The Maelstrom blog. The is around 20 different Smogger models and if I ever manage to wend my way through the many hundreds of unpainted 40K figures, a warband and scenario would be on the cards. I like the models very much, thick robes and rodent like teeth, ideal for representing Hrud in my semi regular games of Inquisimunda.

Proper Old School - Goblin Green Bases!
They also come with heavy weapons, so a small Imperial Guard vs the peace loving alien inhabitants of an idyllic planet is very much doable too! A one sided war of extermination seems like a laugh!

Rocket Launchers out for the lads!

From Lancer Miniatures come these techno apes, definitely not Jokaero. Nice sculpts and if I ever get round to enacting some of the old Rogue Trader scenarios, the one with Jokaero ravaging and imperial settlement for parts, these models seem to be excellent proxies rather than buying 7 or 8 of the single GW model.
Bracelets and strange shaped tools.
About to consider flinging faeces no doubt.

More bracelets, metal ones this time.
Blind Beggar Miniatures are where the next few bits I like are to be found. I have funded a couple of their kickstarters and I do like the models simplicity, as much as I like Games Workshop's highly detailed models with pouches, holsters and such coming out of the wazoos, it's nice to paint up a figure who isn't all filigree and lace, overlaid with ropes, chains and skulls. The first picture are Dune Tribesmen who are denizens of Blind Beggar's own setting Farport, I think. Anyway there is a passing resemblance to star Wars Sandpeople and for that reason they are on my 'to do' list.

Sandy cracks I bet.
Another Blind beggar treat is some multi species special force group also from Farport. Nice uncomplicated models, that may be purchased once the new 40K comes out and the fluff concedes that xenos and humans can get along and work together. Failing that this squad is a mercenary band who lives and works in some of the remoter parts of the galaxy.

The picture below has some cultists that - if ever I go the road of pulp gaming - would make a rather nifty collection of adversaries. as it stands now they can be chaos cultists without any leanings towards a particular deity. I really like the leader on the throne.

So that is part of my never ending list of things I wants to buy. With the new 40K supposedly around the corner and me ordering the Shadow War : Armageddon rulebook, my list is subject to change at a whim, the main reason I made this post was so that I didn't forget about Doctor Totenkrantz. So it will be interesting to see if any or all of these items remain unbought for the rest of the year.

Anyway thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

A Very Bloody Rescue Mission

The Problem with Rescue Missions

Following on from my previous game against Pat and Vinny, I captured a member of The Greater Profit, now, in my experience rescue missions are seldom played, as the mission itself is quite unlike an average game, with all that skulking around and not shouting and firing off your weapons and that. Also I found a lot of the time it was far easier to pay the hey-I-just-found-your-ganger money, as a lot of leaders see tax free non deductible ransom as a way of keeping Throne Geld out of the grubby mitts of their wastrel fighters. In my experience I also found captures seemed to come in groups of two or more with many times both warbands capturing an opponent. I myself, don't suit the rescue mission as I'm far too keen to go in guns blazing then failing to rescue my fighter and totally cocking up the attempt. In any case, Pat decided to rescue Ashict an autopistol wielding human ganger with a WS of 4. Just the sort of thug the Inquisition want down the mines so they can't do any harm. 

My initial deployment, in the centre of the board,Ashict is proudly dsplayed standing on a crate. Clumsey stands guard next to him, Greylocks to the right on a gantry, Hellion to the right of him and Mr Bom, the new recruit stands in the bottom right of the table wedged in such a way he can only move left and right.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

A Warlike Rogue's Big Weekend (Part II)

Inquisimunda : The Wrath Of Pat

Following on from my last post; A Warlike Rogue's Big Weekend (Part I) here is the story of the game that followed. Barely had the post game sequence been completed, when I had to ready myself once more for war! Pat arrived from his abode with 3 large containers of terrain and we set up the very picturesque battlefield below to see who was top dog. The gang's involved were Jenna's Jokers my Inquisition Cell, The Family Of The Hidden Path, Vinny's Tzeentchian Chaos Cult and The Greater Profit, Pat's Xenos Rogue Trader warband.

The field of battle

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

A Warlike Rogues Big Weekend (Part I)

Inquisimunda Tourism

Greetings. Even though I made a mental promise not to write any more batreps until I have a lot more scenery done, here comes another batrep. In this instance, there are extenuating circumstances. Vinny, once a regular sparring partner in all things gamey moved down to Cork about a year ago effectively ceasing our rivalry. Then a few months back he mentioned coming back up to sunny Cavan for a weekend and then as is my normal modus operandi,  forgot all about it. Two weeks ago I was reminded by Pat and some hasty garage tidying up was done. Vinny arrived and a couple of games were played, here is the story of the first game;

Friday, 10 February 2017

A Pile of Skulls (But Not For Khorne's Throne)

More Sci Fi Bystanders

In January I decided to try to complete some of my Genestealer Cult Force, consequently I finished some of my Sci Fi civilians and personalities that have nothing to do with Genestealers. Oh well, that's nothing new. So on with the show;

Blinged Up Bloke

Here's the first one, a Moonraker Miniatures civilian from the Space Lords range. He can be used as a bloke going about his law abiding business, or other nefarious stuff. I do like the strut of this model, like he's pretty cocky about his lot in the Grim Darkness Of The 41st Millennium. This is partly why I gave him blue boots, two fingers at the Administratum or Ecclesiarchy, or even Adeptus Sanitorium. 

Give him a floppy hat and it's a futuristic Huggy Bear.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Rebellionfest - Genestealer Cult Vs The Alpha Legion

A Disturbance In The Force

Welcome! Today I'm writing up a 40K battle report, first game in about 4 years I reckon. There are a few reasons for this, I was recently very much in an Inquisimunda, Bloodbowl, Kings Of War place and generally not in a 40K one. Also most of the members in my gaming group are in less of a 40K place. I had recently had a moment of weakness and bought the Genestealer codex and had a hankering to consign an Imperial planet or two to almost certain Tyranid destruction by means of rebelling again the authorities and setting up a big psychic beacon that says 'Get It Here!' in Tyranidese.

So my opponent for the game is Phil, 40K and Warmahordes aficionado. I told him I was going to play 'stealers and he decided that the Alpha Legion, with their sneaky tricks and enhanced reserves rules the game would probably have a lot of units returning to the table a fair bit. One of the cool rules for Phil's Alpha Legion army is any Cultist units destroyed get put into reserves on a 4+. Or as Phil says "nobody out revolts the Alpha Legion!".

Phil had the terrain set up in a nice manner with all sorts of wrecked vehicles, spacecraft and other Imperial architecture. We roll for table deployment etc and we were to play using the narrow sides for deployment. It was the first time I had played this in a non fantasy setting so it would be a learning game for me.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

The Search For Shpock

Magus Excreedius was annoyed. Two insignificant humans were unwittingly hindering his plans. Preacher Quisley Tiburculosis was a popular religious speaker who would be of great benefit to the cult if he could be 'persuaded' to preach what Excreedius wanted him to say. And Jocksie Shpock was the quartermaster for the massive manufactorium of Hive of Septus, one that produced weaponry for the Imperial Guard, bringing him into the fold would make any armed insurrection far easier. As luck would have both humans were due to be in the same part of the Hive at the same same, so killing two Ptera Squirrels with one stone would be easy. Two of the less disturbing Brood Brothers were set on survailance duty as luck would have it both targets were in buildings barely a 100 metres from each other. The warband was assembled and final instructions were given. Just as the his cult was ready to strike  another armed group entered the fray! These seemed to be a mixture of Tau and humans, whatever their motives they must not be allowed to steal the cults prey!

Space, The Final Frontier

The table before models got put on it.
Hot on the heels of my last stunning defeat, here's another attempt at victory! A game of Inquisimunda verses the ever wily Pat. My Genestealer warband AKA The Venerable Family of Father Olifarch take on Pat's Rogue Trader group called The Greater Profit. They had a bit of argy bargy against my Inquisition Cell a few weeks back. After my previous game Raiders Of The Lost Monolith, a game with Necrons and an actual point. I wanted to play another game without resorting to the ones in the Necromunda rulebook.