Friday, 25 February 2011

The Dirty Bastads

Well as I'm seriously into my gaming fad at the momment I went up into my loft and got my entire painted figure collection and put it on a large bookcase for me to look at, to tell the truth I had them in so many different containers, figure cases and jars that I really had no idea what I had. When I did look I was pleasantly surprised to see figures I just hadn't seen in years, plus a few I'd even forgotten I've painted!
Then I found out that the recent cold spell (it had gotten to -17C during December) had chilled the varnish on some of my figures. Whole areas of varnish had gone white. So that has pissed me off immensely and put me in a big sulk, on what should have been a beautiful unveiling ceremony! Looks like the bunting and flags will have to be put back into storage for another while.
I was just looking at the GW website and now they seem to be making stuff out of resign and calling it citadel finecast. Still very fucking pricey though, but then thats because I've been collecting since the late 80's and they used to be £2.99 for 5 (yes five) miniatures. So €22 for a single figure seems pretty fucked up to me. But then my whole anti GW rant is a whole new (and lengthy, venom filled wail about corporate retailing).
I see there is a button just below my blog that if you click I can become megafamous.
Go on, click it now!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

A wee bit of paint.

Well the purpose of this entry is to put a couple of pictures on here to prove that I do paint and I'm not some weirdo pretending to (I'm sure there are some about). As I'm not completely au fait with blogger I hope I don't just cock it up with the pictures.

Here is my Genestealer Hybrid whom is waiting for the rest of his brood to arrive so he can start destroying the imperium asap.

Next is my Warzone demon with chains wrapped around him, a nice figure, one of those impulse buys that have potential but rarely get that much battlfield action. I was hoping to use him as an ultra arch nemesis baddy in Warhammer Quest, but thats a whole differant topic.

Finally for now is Gilberon the chaos cultist. I loved (not in the Slaanesh way) the figures when they came out (also not the Slaanesh way), but never got enough to make a unit, let alone an entire army. Still, I like his pink laspistol skin that he got from his local Nokia shop (in the grim darkness of the far future there is only war).
So thats my third entry into the world of blogger (I blogged like hell on myspace, but thats deader than Nagash). So next time I hope to put some more pretty pictures up.

Monday, 7 February 2011

why the big pause?

Well those couple of of years have flown by haven't they? Just to update my blog as it was crap, I've just started messing around with my little toy soldiers again and in particular I'm doing a lot of converting and such so hopefully I'll put some pictures up for the craic.