Thursday, 25 February 2016

Wyrds, Chuggers & Cross dressers From The 41st Millenium

After reading and rereading the excellent rulesset for Inquisimunda over at Yak Tribe I've decided to drop everything else and start painting up Imperial forces again! Anyone unfamiliar with Inquisimunda it's an updated and expanded version of Necromunda where you play the part of a group of do gooders (if there is such a thing in the grim darkness of the far future) or do badders. The forces are usually around 10 - 15 models and the choice of different gang types is huge. So anyhoo, I painted up the following preciouses over the last couple of weeks and will laboriously go into detail as to what I intend to use them for.

Confused Necron

As an avid collector of White Dwarf magazine I got this metal Necron about 17ish years ago. It was undercoated not long after then spent the following years languishing on my painting table. Finally got him done, ridiculous really as it was all drybrushing. Now as I never intend to purchase another Necron model he will henceforth be utilised as a killer cyborg or a Necron whose had a neural inhibitor connected to his brainhole so he follows his master around like an eager puppy, carrying, fetching and obliterating enemy fighters on command.


Thursday, 18 February 2016

Gratuitous Tits & Ass Post!

I was browsing the internet looking for things I can use for Necromunda and the like when I find the website Wargame Exclusive. Now I'm not sure who runs it but there are some pretty cool models on there. Mainly female ones with their tits out, but cool nontheless. Now as a fan of the 40K fluff I'm always glad to see new models set in that universe. The site has enough changes to the descriptions of the races in it to avoid C & C's from GW, but if the feminists find the site then it's gamer stereotype frenzy from them!

Female Guardswoman

This is a nice(ish) model of what I believe is a female Imperial Guardswoman. Looks like she's wearing suspenders and not much else. I can only imagine she is crouching down to obtain cover but I am sure that is not codex best operating practice for holding the lasgun. 
Female Guardswoman

Female Admech

This is a really nice model, big gun, mechanical bits and tits out. What? Tits out. I suppose because of all that trying to get closer to the machine and whatnot one must disassociate from bodily pleasures and all that and therefore all the other Adeptus Mechanicus employees don't get distracted and stare at her jubblies all day. I personally think they should be not so impossibly pert. unless of course they are in fact grenade launchers. That would be cool.
Admech Boobies

Female Witch hunter

At least the Inquisition have a sense of decorum! A push up bra top is the order of the day when hunting down heretics and mutants. Of course looking sexy is also a good way to discourage slack jawed yokels from becoming members of dirty Slaanesh cults. That is presumably the plan anyway. 
Madonna The Witch Hunter

Repentia Girls

The two faux Sisters of Battle Repentia troops are pretty cool models the first one nonchalantly holding a fully loaded chainsword. she can barely keep herself in her bra when she's at ease so when she starts flailing around with that big weapon, who knows what will occur? 

The second one is presumably called Sister Forgetfulness as she has clearly forgotten adequate footwear and a top to keep the chill off. I'm not sure what her sins were but if the management of the Adeptus Sorroritas allow that as a soldiers uniform then the whole organization seems nothing more than a burlesque show!

Female Chaos Renegade

To be honest, with Slaanesh and the all round nastiness of chaos in general I thought this model a bit tame. Yes, it has demonic claws copping a feel of pert chaos norks but it is no more risque than any of the previous models. I like the big piranha type gun too. probably should have looked like a dildo though. 
Chaos Bitty

Dark Eldar Head Holding Bint

Virtually nude but as Eldar are virtually the same as human is not weird right? Another very nice model but it's huge base makes it look impractical for table top games. It's also hard to tell what kind of head she is holding. Maybe it's a zombie apocalypse in the 41st millenium!
Dirty Filthy Eldar!

Naked Tau!

Yes that's what it was called (or to be exact naked Alien in the guise of Tau). I looked at some of the other angles and yes, her alien buttocks are free. What she is actually doing with/at her gun is unclear. What is pretty clear to me is she's a rude little alien running round strange planet killing innocent people!

Bold Girl, er Xenos.

Necron Gurls

These are just odd. Necrons (or whatever they are called in Wargame Exclusive world) are just some robots with big awkward weapons and yes, boobies. Admittedly metal boobies that can hurt the unwary but boobies all the same. i,m not a big fan of Necrons in the non titillating GW universe and I'm not a fan of these either. 

Metal Boobies

Vroom Vroom!

Now to the best things on the site. A selection of rather tasty gothic vehicles for me to use in my Inquisimunda games. I really like them but they're €40 a pop. There is a buy them all for €150 type deal but even I suspect I can't justify spending that on a game I play occasionally. On the other hand, if I build up my Genestealer Cult army then they would make some rather sexy coven limousines.  

Buy me these!

So I'm quietly trying to convince myself I don't want to paint more naked flesh, but I'm it's hard. the main stumbling block is the excessive cost. so until those six numbers come up, don't expect much naked boob, alien or otherwise on this blog.

Thanks for reading.

Monday, 1 February 2016

We Am Groot!

So I managed to cross some more models off of my bare lead pile and into my coloured in area. As is my wont I like to have a variety of reasons/game systems. Here are some Treekin from games workshop. As it seems WFB is now a dead duck, I am henceforth reassigning them as Forest Shamblers for Kings of War. I have also decided that they could be Agri-world gribbleys that come out of forests and batter fairly innocent farmers to death as per  Rogue Trader scenarios. Mainly, of course I will be using them as anvils (as much as you can have them) in Kings of War for both my Elven and Forces of Nature armies.

Astute obsevers may notice that the first two painted tree humanoids are painted differently and based in another stylee. This is because I got them from a mate in England who had already painted 2. Hopefully they are not way better than the remaining  10 but I suspect they probably are. My only shred of consolation is these bases don't fit in with the rest of my army so they are the odd ones out!

So anyway back to the grindstone I suppose.