Friday, 27 March 2020

Punch Up At The Olde Shielde

The Olde Shield is a franchise of retro drinking establishments that are popular on several hundred Imperial worlds. The Olde Shield mentioned in the title is situated on a former Maiden world called Boomshanka. Legend has it that Sot, Aeldari god of wine and revelry gave his people the double edged sword of inebriation and emotional over-reaction. When the forces of two unnamed Craftworlds co-incidentally happened upon a tavern on the ruins of an ancient shrine to Sot, they decided to engage the Mon-keigh that they found there. These happened to be a force of Crimson Fists enjoying some open air mindfulness drills. This is the account of  that meeting.......

 Greetings. Today is a different type of battle report as it is a game I wasn't playing only witnessing. It was part of the C.L.A.W. 2020 League and the scenario was Scorched Earth from the 2019 Chapter Approved. The game was cool to watch but as it was part of the league, I did not offer advice, Only impartiality. Neil's army was called Prophetic Wraith Casters and can be found if you follow the link. Dylan used Strike Force Espiridion and can be found in the second link. Looking at the list I think there is a disparity in "optimalisation" one has loads of it, the other not so much. I'll let you decide which. So anyway, On with the battle.

A Crimson Fist 'castle'. They defend objective 2 with faith in the emperor and bugger all cover.

Squad 'Lucky Duck' guard objective 3. Squad 'Out in the Open' act as bullet shields for the Chaplain.

The Biel Tan deployment. Wraithblades and a Warlock in the Wave serpent on the left,  Wraithguard in the one on the right. Three squads of Rangers are lurking around til turn two (or three) to be arsey.

A big dreadnaught containing the remains of Brother  'Unpleasant Fate' stands next to Squad 'Probably Doomed'.
The Aeldari win the first turn and there was much movement. Both Wave Serpents scooted round the flanks with the Farseer on the left. Two War walkers stood on the objectives in their deployment zone while the third hurdles a wall to get onto the one in the Olde Shield. Some Smiting and Executionering saw squad 'Probably Doomed' thinned out followed by some shooting. After all his dice rolling Dylan had the sergeant left. A successful morale test (after a reroll) meant Neil just about missed out on First Strike. he had put some serious damage into two of the Intercessor squads.

Lots of shooting later Squad 'Probably Doomed' is down to their sergeant. 

Over on the left the Wave Serpent and Farseer look smarmy. A War Walker grabs the objective in the centre of the table. The two objectives in Neil's deployment zone are held by War Walkers also.
In Dylan's turn the xenos felt the wrath of the Crimson Fists somewhat. No psykers meant no Smites being hurled around. there was a fair bit of shooting which left a two damaged wave Serpents and two damaged War Walkers (the one in the pub was down to one wound). No First Strike for the Astartes either then.

The Wraithguard jump out of their ride and some Rangers creep into the picture. Squad 'Lucky Duck' are somewhat depleted. The Wave Serpent goes to make a nuisance of itself next to squad 'Out in theOpen'.
Neilcam© sees all.
Turn two was where the passengers got out of their rides. Wraithblades and Warlock on the left Wraithguard on the right. The Dreadnaught got Doomed and Jinxed. It was an unpleasant combination that took a lot of wounds off it. Master Crafters on War Walkers with Doom and Jinx is very, very unpleasant. The Wraithblades then assaulted the Dread with the Autarch tagging along. Needless to say Brother 'Unpleasant Fate' got messed up again. It is unclear whether there is enough of him left to put him in another Dreadnaught. Only time, and Dylan will tell. Over on the right flank the Wraithguard and some Rangers severely shot up the Intercessor squad codename 'Lucky Duck'. The sergeant of Squad 'Probably Doomed' died to shuriken fatigue. The Wraithseer sniped the Ancient effectively neutering the Crimson Fist castle tactic. The Wave Serpent on the right assaulted squad 'Out in the Open' causing a wound. The Aeldari scored 4 VPs  for their objectives.

At the top left of the picture Brother dreadnaught 'Unpleasant Fate' is about to get on the end of some Wraithblade weaponry. Squad 'Out in the Open' is about to be dunted by the Wave Serpent. 

Brother dreadnaught 'Unpleasant Fate' is both Doomed and Jinxed. His fate is pretty much sealed.

The view from Neilcam© shows all the bodies clustered around objective 4.

Both Brother Dreadnaught 'Unpleasant Fate' and squad 'Probably Doomed' are gone.

Getting rammed by a Wave Serpent is generally not a dangerous thing to happen. In this case Brother 'Careless' gets his knee scuffed and loses a wound.
Dylan was up against it now as he held two objectives and Neil had four. But Crimson Fists being a stubborn lot, they decided this sort of uneven fight was just their cup of Astartes tea. The Inceptors arrived to the battle on the Aeldari back line. A brief summary of the action was the War Walker in the pub was Hellblastered to death. The final member of squad 'Lucky Duck' charged the Rangers whilst still keeping control of objective three. I think he killed some and routed the rest, all the while maintaining eye contact with the Wraithguard. On the other side of the table however, the Inceptors failed their charge on the War Walker. This is, I feel, important. so at the end of turn 2 Dylan gets 2 VPs leaving the game 4 - 2 to the Aeldari.

Squad 'Lucky Duck' has officially lost it's moniker. 

Same occurence slightly different view.

Having dealt with the Dreadnaught, the restless dead from Biel Tan want some more action. Luckily for Dylan they just couldn't consolidate into the Hellblasters.
Meanwhile over the other side of the table,,,,,,,
So in Neil's turn three he moved the Wraithseer to engage the Inceptors and the Wraithblades to the Hellblasters on the hill. The third unit of Rangers appeared somewhere as well. The Wraithguard took objective three and the Wraithblades assaulted the Hellblasters on the hill. I think the Intercessors avec the Chaplain killed the Wave Serpent. The Wraithseer took the Inceptors down to two models. The Primaris on the hill took a bit of a beating but not as bad as I thought they would, the captain joined in so I think he helped turn the tide somewhat.

The Wraithseer wanders over to the Inceptors as they had stood around like cotton-headed-ninny-muggins!

The Wave Serpent and Farseer sneak round the back. Looking at the picture part of the Wave serpent is off the table. Is it important? I'm not really sure.

In a rare moment of good fortune for Dylan, the Wraithseer only manages to inflict a single wound on the Inceptors.

The Wraithseer makes the short charge and decides to flail about with his massive weapon.

Back to shit luck, a failed charge from the Inceptors.

The Crimson Fists are just about able to hold on to objective 2. 

A second flurry of good luck for Dylan. I think these were saving throws from rather unpleasant Aeldari weaponry.

The Intercessors grab objective 1. An Autarch goes to have words with them about it.

The Warlock has been given guard cube number four duty. Picture courtesy of Neilcam© again.

The xenos scum is about to feel the retribution of the blue imperial fists.

And now he's gone. But another xenos bugger has crept into view.

Another view of the creepy Farseer.

Neil even buys shorter models so they can hide behind walls!
A brief summary of the rest of the game was the Aeldari re-rolled virtually everything they needed to which really hurt the Crimson Fists. A systematic eradication of all the marines only hit a few speed bumps. Objective three was destroyed by the Aeldari and they continued to hold the rest for the remains of the game. The Autarch was killed in the pub and the Farseer just outside it. The Crimson Fist Captain and Chaplain made a heroic - if somewhat doomed to failure - assault on a Wave Serpent, Kingslayer and Linebreaker was scored by the Eldar. We got to turn 7 and the score reflects this. 

Final Score Aeldari 27 Crimson Fists 7

At the end of the game this is Neil's dead pile. All except a Wave serpent that gets stored in another receptacle. Not so much a testament to his generalship, but rather a damning indictment of taking bugger all toughness 3 models in an Aeldari army.

Post Game Punditry

That game was a bit one sided and no mistake. From the view of a bystander it was a good display of the mobility  of the Aeldari. Neil's list was pretty nasty. Only three units of toughness 3 models and none of them on the table first turn. Two units of wraith constructs and a Wraithseer. Warwalkers and Wave Serpents. All tough to get rid of and very mobile. I think when you play against such a mobile army you need to get the first turn. A couple of other factors are pertinent I feel. Neil has constructed his army to fully get the most out of the Phoenix Rising book for Psychic Awakening, he has a shit ton of rerolls for shooting, wounding and psychic powers. Dylan's list had no Librarian to even attempt to deny the many Aeldari witches on the table. If I was to be critical of Dylan's game I think he didn't concentrate his fire in the first turn as he left two damaged War Walkers on objectives, had he killed one or other of them, First Strike would have been scored and 1 less VP for Neil. This in itself would not have won the game but Neil would not have been racing away so quickly. Also in turn two when the Inceptors landed had Dylan been a bit luckier he could have stolen and objective in Neil's deployment zone, destroy it and even up the score. Sadly he didn't and the extra VPs Neil got really hurt the Astartes. I think Neil played a good game and him getting first turn was a big plus. He sniped the Chapter Ancient in turn two, with a D-Cannon! D-Cannons are wonderful weapons but I think giving a model one and then giving him the ability to snipe enemy characters is a wee bit broken. Losing a seemingly unassailable character that gives casualties a dying attack was an easy way to remove a big threat. As is often the case in these games re-rolls win prizes and I think the massive number that Neil's army had against a numerically small foe had dire consequences for Dylan. So to wrap up this report I think one list was more optimized than the other and that list got first turn.

So in terms of the league, Neil is out in front with 3 games and 3 wins, one of those was against me and it may or may not get a batrep. Phil is second and the others are arrayed in order of points. It is of note that not everyone has played the same number of games and with the onset of COVID 19 it is uncertain when any more games will be played. The league is on hold but it will return!

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Friday, 6 March 2020

Genestealer Cult Progress

Some new inductees into the Assembly of D'Keddes! Today I have a few more contrast paint commandos. The best thing I think about contrast paints is there is no massive gap between finishing stuff so I don't forget the paint combinations or highlights (especially now as there is none!). So anyhow, here's the pretty pictures....

Two Fat Hybrids and Some Half Orlocks

Recent games and the Psychic Awakening book have  made me redo my lists. Having painted up most of my Neophytes I had to get a bit creative, especially as I wanted another seismic cannon in my shotgun armed strike team. Also I have some spare special weapons to start doling out so I can swap loadouts and have the models to put on the table without having to refer to them as "that Neophyte with the flamer actually has a webber". I had some Neophyte torsos left over so I hacked apart some old Orlocks and hey presto! More cultists. I also chopped up the two gorkamorka  wartrack gunners to create a couple of chunky hybrids, one with the aforementioned seismic cannon and another with an autogun. I'm pretty happy with the results so hopefully they can start doing great work for the cult in the near future!

Because the Ork models heads were sunk into their torsos, I had to give both models medallions to cover up their surgery. It also means that can go down to the local Assembly of D'Keddes discos and pick up female cultists for procreation purposes. Lucky them?

Hell's Angles

Also finished are Atalan Jackals. These are some of the best models in the Genestealer Cult range that for various reasons haven't been seeing a lot of table time recently. This will hopefully change as there are a couple of new opportunities since the PA book came out. 

I have also finished up my Jackal Alphus which is one of the more effective and useful models in the GSC army. Anything that can give a +1 to hit for *all units within 6" on a specific target. Only now there is a strategem to increase that to 18"! This is massive and something I will be pissing off my opponents with in the near future.

Jackal Alphus Mary

 Big Ugly Abominant

Another completed character, the Abominant! Probably the most durable model in the cult army. Hits like truck too. Put him with a unit of Aberrants and there will be blood!

Stumbolklunk the Terrible and his assistant Little Gavin.

 Everybody's Favourite Gunslinger

This isn't actually true. Most of the guys in my gaming group hate him. Those that have come up against him anyway. He got a 15 point hike in the last update and a 75 points is still a very good price. Deployed correctly he can take out characters and improve the shooting of the locals. Fantastic model too,

The Hybrid with No Name.
So there you have it, 15 more cultists to help overthrow the Imperium. Be afraid Imperium, be very afraid!

* Not really all. Those members of the cult masquerading as legitimate military employees are incapable of following the direction of a chick on a dirt bike. Come on GW, don't make my army out to be sexists! Allow my Leman Russ crew to be inclusive to all!

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Monday, 2 March 2020

The Crusade of Dy Celiac IV

The saga of Brother Sergeant Buttafucco's escape from Dy Celiac IV was worthy of entry into The  Emperor's Great Colouring Book of the Astartes in itself. Having to disguise himself and his two remaining Eliminator squad mates as burly washerwomen to reach the orbital monitoring station was an act of genius only exceeded by the jobsworth attitude of the shuttle security detail. A brutal bloodbath later where several technicians were killed because 'they looked a bit purple' enabled the warning signal to be sent out. The message was simple, Dy Celiac IV had been overthrown by the Assembly of D'Keddes, a genestealer cult and the Blood Angel force was presumably wiped out. By the most random of chances, a single Astarte strike craft was close enough to respond. Buttafucco was surprised to receive a small force of Blood Angels including Lord Mephiston himself. After a detailed briefing the Blood Angels leader - Brother Captain Nivea ordered a swift assault on where the hierarchy of the cult was thought to be. And so the Crusade of Dy Celiac IV began......

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Don't Fupp with The Baldies!

Hallo. Some more work has been done to my burgeoning GSC army. Again, Citadel contrast paints are the real hero as I'm just the guy dipping the brush in the pot, then over the models keeping it semi-tidy. One of the most consistent aspects of this blog is how inconsistent I am keeping focus on a single project. Last year I painted more models in common with each other an ever before. I believe the reason for this is "The Great 2020 40K League" which is a thing that has started. Nine games and one to prove who is top dog in Cavan at rolling dice and coming up with unpleasant lists for your opponent to attempt to deal with. Another member of the gaming group (Aeldari player) has volunteered to create and update a blog about the league so that should prove entertaining. I will update my loyal readers with details when I get them.

The Assembly Of D'Keddes

The Assembly of D'Keddes is a cult that originated from Trotskigrad in the D'Keddes system. They were happily going about do their work, assimilating the proles when a large uprising occurred, funded by the Alpha Legion. After the chaos cultists overran the lacklustre PDF the assembly decided to intervene. A  large battle was fought in the ruins of the Governor's Palace with the Patriarch, barely surviving the battle. In his weakened state he mentally commanded his followers to flee the planet before the inevitably Inquisitorial circus arrived and questions had to be answered. Commandeering several Imperial freighters and subverting the crew the cult became nomadic wanderers setting down tendrils on whatever planets they could safely. Some of these tendrils have been exterminated swiftly but enough remain to pose a significant threat, planets that contain strong Assemblage numbers are: Skorlax, Dy Celiac IV and Pruscilla. They continued to attempt to infect every world they come into contact with.  So that's the Cult's weak ass backstory, here are the money shots;

Nine Hybrids go to a pub.....
Followed by fifteen Neophytes.....

Then a scratchbuilt Sanctus.....
Followed by another twenty one Neophytes.....
One Neophyte asked "Whose round is it?".....
And they all went home. True story. 
So by my reckoning forty six models were finished this January! This is partly because many were in various states of completion, but more so due to the speeded up painting times enabled by contrast paints. I now have more painted up GSC models than unpainted which is a totally bonkers state of affairs for me! The Assembly of D'Keddes are due a game tomorrow against Aaron's Blood Angels so hopefully I can furnish this blog with another cool battle report with Aaron's excellently  painted force. So until that day I will have to leave you with hopes of xenos domination over the poster boys of bad anger management.

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Tuesday, 31 December 2019

What I done in 2019. A review.

Greetings. As we near 2020 many blogs contain some sort of status hobby update and this one can join in. I did one in 2017 and failed to do one in 2018 so I can't call them annual. Probably Biannual at the moment.


Well I've managed to paint over a hundred models this year. Mainly Genestealers or members of the cult. I managed to get some Aeldari done too but mainly the bulbous headed destroyers of humanity. Citadel contrast paints helped me achieve this. Some of the first models completed this year was some Brood brothers and assorted humans (and not so humans) to join the glorious revolution that was the Genestealer Awakening (or whatever). Some Necromunda models were also completed including Karloth Valois who will be murdering for the Imperium when I next use Astra Militarum in a game of 40K. There was a good bit of focus on the GSC as I really like the models and they are hard as nails in the game. Quite a lot of Aeldari was coloured in also and they saw a bit of table time interfering with the lesser races. I painted up rangers (scouts) Swooping Hawks and Jetbikes. All great for being mobile and sneaky.


Well not the catwalk kind, the making-stuff-out-of-other-stuff type thing. Can't say I've really created  much, except for the little Catachan Brainleaf over on the left. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out but it hasn't been used on the tabletop as a very dangerous plant intent on taking over the brains of sentient lifeforms to prune themselves. I've done a bit of painting some kits; Tectonic Fragdrill and the killteam terrain to name two. Both kits are detailed as fuck and took a lot of labour intensive activity to finish. The Fragdrill (on the right) is actually a weapon for use in games but as I've pretty much worked out my favourite lists for 1500 point games (my most common type) I find it difficult to shoehorn a 75 point model into it as it sometimes seems there are plenty of passengers in the list as it is! I also virtually finished a castle and some storage containers but not enough so they get their own posts. They will do of course, but not today.


Stuart's Tyranids
Billy's Custodes
I have recently started recording my battles onto an Excel spreadsheet to keep tabs on how I'm doing with the possibility of me learning something from it, so far no insights but here are the stats; played 14, won 7, lost 4, drew 3. A 50% win average.  Not bad for a randomly determined game. 12 games were with the Genestealer Cult and two with Aeldari. There is a running joke in our group on how OP GSC are currently in 40K. Not sure how much I agree but they seem to be doing ok so far. It is probably far more accurate to say I am a military genius along the lines of Hannibal, Napoleon or Jervis Johnson. I managed 8 battle reports out of the 14 so that's an achievement in itself. Speaking of battle reports they are getting more attractive as more and more models are getting finished by myself and my opponents.

The Future

One thing I've alluded to in my last post was our gaming group starting up a league. 10 combatants each playing one another once per calendar month leading to 9 months in total with a 1st/2nd place playoff to have a grand champion. Sounds like fun but logistics will tell. Other plans for the coming year is to play a few games using a Ynnari force, hopefully with all types of the Aeldari armies. Obviously I wish to paint up at least another 100+ models but if contrast paints are willing I hope to do a lot more. Scenery-wise I want to add some more alien plant life so I can fill a table with freaky flora. I'm also trying to make a board themed around the webway but that is still very much in the scratching my head without a clue stage of the process. Whilst on the subject of modelling projects I intend to work on my scenery a lot more and one of the things I want to finish asap are two more medieval townhouses and two adobe style buildings for my sort of desert type terrain. Anyhow time will tell if my ambition once more far exceeds my focus.

All that remains for me is to wish all my fellow gamers, followers and accidental visitors a Happy New Year and a 2020 full of hobby excess.

Thanks for reading.