Horrible Things You Might Find In The Commoragh

Welcome to a new semi regular feature of my blog; Horrible things you might find in the Commoragh. to the uninitiated the Commoragh is the realm of the Dark Eldat (Druchari) who are the most horrible feckers in the galaxy. Like most of the other awful denizens of said place but more into the wanton sadism for shits and giggles rather than any ideological reason. So without further preamble here is some thing you might find in the Commoragh which are horrible;
The DurgarThe Durgar are a Druchi slave race that have been a part of Commoragh life for centuries. Originally used as fodder in the arenas, Durgar became fashionable as durable fighters whose thick skin and resilient nature made for lengthy fights that keep spectators enthralled for many bouts. A stubborn nature and a delight in the vanquishing of enemies made these alien highly entertaining for the paying masses. In appearance Durgar are grey skinned stout humanoids with grey skin and bright purple hair. Durgar are sometimes co…

Sergeants Barker Punches a Primaris Marine in the face

Somewhere in the 41st Millenium;
+ + + Attention of Porfectus Von Neestleroi, Supreme Commander Hemmerdale + + ++ + + Subject; Engagement With Asstral Spectres Debriefing + + ++ + + Secondary Subject; Commander Lope Koodos' Disciplinary Revue + + +
Porfectus Von Neestleroi, as per fratricidal fire protocols here is my report regarding the skirmish between part of the Scargill Planetary Relief Force and sections of the Asstral Spectres Chapter. As previously documented our primary mission is to reinforce Scargill but unfortunately when our fleet exited warpspace instead of arriving close to our intended destination we were still some 60 light years away. This was when we received a distress vox from the planet Purgamentum Minor in the Spumae system. A message was received from Planetary Governor Pudendorum to send a rescue force to engage a large well armed force of void pirates who were currently occupying the inside of the Governor's Palace. As regulations stipulate formal requ…

More COVID 19 Reinforcements

Greetings. In a blatant attempt to get more traffic to this blog I have put COVID 19 in the title. But I do have some content that may or may not be worth looking at! Some more Astra Militarum/ Imperial Guard or whatever you want to refer to them as. Once again I have used contrast paints. They are more recruits for the Krablokistan 47th regiment, despite a recent bout of peace as far as they are concerned, I hope to get them back on the battlefield as 9th edition is imminent. As I seem to be flying through (relatively speaking) my painting backlog it is possible all my models will get finished in this lifetime and I won't have to put a stipulation in my will for my grandchildren to do the job for me. So anyway on with the little coloured in men;

Ice Warriors Of Valhalla First up are a Valhallan special weapons squad. I say Valhallan, but as they're part of the glorious 47th Krablokistan regiment they are dressed for cold weather Now I'm not really sure about the new fang…

WIP - Sanctus Vindicare Assassin Conversion

Hello. as the blog post title implies, I have made a start on a Sanctus Vindicare Assassin conversion.  The main body is a Vindicare with one of the Locus model's spare heads. One of the old metal genestealer familiars goes on the base to become his super cover save cancelling buddy. Anyway here he is;

As of yet not much to get impressed by but as I'm using it as an entry into a Yaktribe painting competition I thought I'd put it here as well. I actually wanted to convert the familiar to be holding the Sanctus hand but in the end it seemed it wouldn't look as good as the familiar resting his hand on the leg, giving him super special vision. Anyway that's all for this update. Next one will either have some painted up guardsmen or a bit more paint on this one.
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Just Another COVID 19 Update

Aloha! Welcome one and all! Just a quick (that may end up long) update on my painting progress. I would say hobby progress but as there's a global pandemic going on, bugger all gaming is happening. As previous posts have alluded to 2020 was going to be this brilliant gaming fest when we played a 40K league and everyone had a great time. That's obviously on hold now so on the plus size I have managed to paint some shit up.....
Colonel Schaeffer's Last Chancers Probably my favourite thing about the Astra Militarum fluff is Colonel Schaeffer's Last Chancers, a nod towards the Dirty Dozen movie where a group of army criminals attempt to assassinate a high ranking German officer in WWII. GW brought out a version out with their 'crimes' in a White Dwarf and a series of rules for each model to make for interesting suicide missions. They were modeled as coming from different AM regiments from across the galaxy and really showed out the diversity of the army with vario…

Deathworld Flora and Fauna Part 4 The Mantic Ogre Crab

Excerpt from the Mantic Grimoire of Dangerouse Beastes
The Ogre Crab (turci cancer ardentum)was discovered during the colonization of the Mantic Sector,planet Nameless; a temperate D class planet with 11% landmass the remainder given over to huge oceans of sodium laced H2O. Initial explorators discovered many edible wildlife and of particular note was a small crablike creature that produced highly nutritious meat with an extremely palatable taste. They were scavengers that could eat virtually any foodstuff but seemed to thrive on human waste; non techs quickly gave them the name Turdcrabs. Six limbed with a hard exoskeleton and two powerful claws were the most noticeable feature. Six eyes that could view through the infrared spectrum and a cluster of feeder tendrils allowed them to digest most substances quickly. Approximately 14 cm in height they were thought to be a good source of protein for the ever expanding Imperium. Experiments were conducted on them and were approved as Xenos …

Punch Up At The Olde Shielde

The Olde Shield is a franchise of retro drinking establishments that are popular on several hundred Imperial worlds. The Olde Shield mentioned in the title is situated on a former Maiden world called Boomshanka. Legend has it that Sot, Aeldari god of wine and revelry gave his people the double edged sword of inebriation and emotional over-reaction. When the forces of two unnamed Craftworlds co-incidentally happened upon a tavern on the ruins of an ancient shrine to Sot, they decided to engage the Mon-keigh that they found there. These happened to be a force of Crimson Fists enjoying some open air mindfulness drills. This is the account of  that meeting.......
Greetings. Today is a different type of battle report as it is a game I wasn't playing only witnessing. It was part of the C.L.A.W. 2020 League and the scenario was Scorched Earth from the 2019 Chapter Approved. The game was cool to watch but as it was part of the league, I did not offer advice, Only impartiality. Neil's a…