Thursday, 16 October 2008

In the beginning................

Well this is the fist blog so a bit of background may be necessary. Born in 1969, London, but a plastic paddy. Been wargaming and painting figures (some might say badly) for 18+ years and have decided to put my ideas somewhere that I can show them off. I love making scenery and have recently started using green stuff a lot so this blog will basically feature a lot of both.

My main purpose is to document my own Warhammer 40K setting the Omendis System. As I am a veteran 40K player I love the ethos and setting of the Rogue Trader rulebook and the less regemented more skirmish based game, combining this with Necromunda and Gorkamorka ideas.
So that's the preamble, next post will be worth reading (probably).

Edit; This blog is about stuff I like to paint, sculpt and/or play games with. If some interesting background 'fluff' gets posted, all the better.