Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Astra Militarum To Crush My Enemies & Listen To The Lamentations Of Their Women With

An Unstoppable Painting Juggernaut!

My current painting campaign is continuing well. Despite recent debacles I'm still painting Astra Militarum. I'm really enjoying painting up my old lead models. they have plenty of character, and as they were bought quite a while ago, I'm being pretty economic with my cash. So without any more waxing lyrical about possible lead poisoning and licking the tips of paint brushes, here's some prose and pictures;

Men Carrying Things

First up are two demolition charge holders and a member of a lascannon (I think) weapon team. It seems carrying said demo charges results in a certain amount of modesty in my Catachan troops (who for the record belong to the Krablokistan 47th) hence the t-shirts. The Lascannon charge holder on the other hand is only too happy to show off his heavily steroided upper body.

Baggage Handling in the 41st Millenium.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Clerical Errors in The 41st Millennium

Commander Farg Woolstrop was uneasy, he had received orders to advance and engage all armed forces within the grassy plains of the agri world Hemmerdale as a suspected enemy invasion was thought to be imminent. Advancing in good order using flanking fast attack vehicles with his support assets to the fore he felt confident his detachment would prove a deterent to any would be aggressors. Suddenly a force of  Adeptus Sorritas emerged out of the gloom and engaged his command and he was forced to return fire......