Monday, 21 March 2011

My Del Boy Attempt.

Well I have a love/hate relationship with ebay and at the moment its more love than hate. I love to buy rare and unusual miniatures for ridiculously low prices (but generally pay too much) and also to sell stuff for way over their worth. Sadly neither really come true, more a watered down version of both. So far this year I have sold 12 figures and bought 36. Admittedly the figures I have bought were mainly grunts for my ever increasing collection of badly led troops.
What I've done this week is mainly due to ebays free listing weekend is put 48 seperate auctions on there. All were old minatures that I bought nearly 20 years ago which now are very rare (I always put rare or OOP in my listings, whether it makes a difference I don't know) and now sadly unwanted. I say sadly as I go through phases of selling stuff with the intention of streamlining my figure collection, and sadly because I nearly always buy more stuff to replace it with.
But this time is differant! I have a plan, when I make €75+ on ebay I will buy myself some proper polystyrene sculpting tools so I can build the scenery of my dreams. Mainly interesting rock formations, an underground fighting pit, and even some terrain boards. So hopefully this time next week I'll be a millionaire!

Friday, 4 March 2011

Progressive thoughts and consequent brain shutdown.

Well I played a game of 40k 2 weeks ago and as is customary for me, once I play a game I want to paint a few new items for the next game to jazz things up a little. I'm sure lots of people do, but unfortunately this leads to my common failing with my hobby. My overactive (and quite unrealistic) painting schedule. I played chaos cult vs IG and that was fun. So then I think to myself, I had better paint a few more 'culty' figures for the next battle to make it bigger and better. Then I also think to myself I had better paint some IG to even it up, even though Boy wants me to paint up some Space Marines. Then my ever ambitious brain thinks it would love the idea of the Eldar make an appearance in the game ( jetbikes to be precise) as I love the whole Chaos VS Eldar Eternal Battle sort of thing.
 So after a bit of pinning and basing and spraying I have put on my soon-to-be-painted painting table the following;
5 Attillan Roughriders
5 Marine Scouts
a 10 man Space Marine squad
5 Necromundan Pit Slaves (simply because I would love to make some rules up for mining weapons against tanks)
Fabius Bile
and various human fighters that aren't really IG but can be used as Brood Brothers, Pirates, Adventurers, Cultists or even a retinue of a Rogue Trader.
And of course now I really want to put my jetbikes together and convert my Dark Elf Cold One Riders into Exodite Knights!
Is it any wonder I can never finish any project?

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Chaos Attack on Gamultum Tertious

Well I had a small 40K skirmish game with Boy, my 11 year old son with about 400 points a side. He used Imperial Guard, and I took a Chaos Cult army . It seems my camera is AWOL at the moment so no pictures.

We played 2nd edition 40K as I prefer the close combat system as well as all the different ranges of weapons, the hard as fuck characters and break tests lite.

As it has been an absolute age since my last game of 40K it turned out to be a bit of a debacle for all concerned. Demagogue Fenzor Crutt and his motley array of foamy-mouthed cultists sort of stuttered across the table where they should have galloped. Captain Igsamel Procratitor hid in a plascrete building for the entire battle while his guardsmen stood in line formation shooting at the writhing freaks as they desperately tried to violate enemy lines. The only thing that saved them was the pathetic martial ability of the aforementioned writhers and the fact that two units of cowardly asbo's broke when they got close. The last two turns had some desultory fire and lacklustre close combat ending in a marginal win for the forces of the Imperium. Neither army fulfilled their primary objective (the killing of the enemy general), so it came to casualties. Two units of broken cat torturers verses a squad of Cadians reduced to half strength.

So as far as the campaign goes, Fenzor Crutt has to make a bold decisive attack on an Imperial outpost so he can gain followers to his cause. Procratitor on the other hand has beaten off a small force of raiders who seemed ineptly led so other than getting his command back up to strength he has little to worry about.

Boy expressed an interest in Space Marines so as I have a squad of Blood Angels half done I will finish them for the next battle. I on the other hand will just paint up a few more cultists and give them a couple of renegade IG squads, maybe a Valhallan and an Attillan to be going on with. Mind you I was looking at my Swooping Hawks to paint so maybe there could be an appearance of the Eldar in the not too distant future, about 38,000 years or so..............