Saturday, 9 April 2011


Well no not really. I managed to make about €220 on old figures I'm never going to paint, but now with all that disposable cash in my paypal account, I am trying really hard not to buy more figures. And failing. I bought 3 Catachan mortar teams as I really love the old metal figures. What I'm really after is one of those hot wire cutters that attach to the mains as I had a battery one that was quite simply crap.
I actually finished a few figures last week, a Black Tree Design beastman conversion with autogun, a horse headed mutant and a Redemptionist leader for my Westboro Baptist Church Affiliate gang. I'll photo them and put them on my next blog. I have been converting a lot lately and I have another half dozen miniatures chopped up to shit and made into freaky deaky muties, again pics to follow.
So hopefully my next entry will be hobby related!