Wednesday, 20 July 2011

A Cunning Plan

Well my blog page views have hit a hundred And after reaching this somewhat pathetic milestone I wonder what it takes to make a successful blog. Well I suppose content has a lot to do with it, so by actually writing a passage about getting more page views could possible get me more page views, thus the cycle is perpetuated by unwitting readers. So in an attempt to entrap other viewers I will put some interesting labels in this post to see if it becomes any more popular.
Battle Report This entry doesn't contain any.
Adult Themes Again sorry none of that.
Scenes of a Sexual Nature Nope not really.
Brightly Coloured Headings Hell yeah!
Underlined and Bold Headings Of course.
Another of my ploys to get this read is by putting a link in my signature to here in all the forums I frequent and then spam the shit out of them, so far Eastern Fringe users show me love and Frothers Unite sometimes look too, unfortunately two of the bigger forums, warseer and Dakka Dakka are so far ignoring me. There are quite a lot of other wargamy sites to start annoting as well like Dice Troll, Bell Of Lost Souls, and Terragenesis.
Of course I could also send out begging letters as well but they probably wouldn't be very cost effective when you consider the cost of stamps.
I suppose I could always bit the bullet and write something worth reading, but that just smacks of real effort.