Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Triumph & Treachery Report or The Battle of WTF!

We had a game of Triumph & Treachery recently (I'd like to say this week, but the speed at which I write up my battle reports, it could 3 months ago), and it was a chaotic free for all with a great deal of treachery & only a little triumph!

We had 5 players, 1500 points each with the choice of another 300 points of mercenary troops or some cash to spend on 'other things' which I suspected were bribes and such. as I had brought 1500 points of Skaven & 1500 points of Warriors of Chaos, I wasn't really in the mood for lugging even more models over so I took the money and recommended that the WoC player did the same. So the forces were: Skaven (me), Warriors of Chaos (Owen was a last minute sub for Aaron), Daemons of Chaos - Nurgle- with Tzeentchian allies (Stu), Daemons of Chaos - Slaanesh - with Brettonian allies(Phil) and Ogre Kingdoms (Karl) with Skaven allies (the absolute cheek!)

A very complex battlefield

Rather than give a blow by blow game, that is really difficult due to so many things going on at once, I think I will just give some of the more interesting happenings of the game. Tzeentch in his wisdom gave my Skavenslave unit regeneration after he killed half a dozen of them. I wrecked my Doomwheel taking a shortcut through some woods to splat a Sabretusk. A unit of Plaguebearers of Nurgle found themselves labouring under the Treason of Tzeentch for about 4 player turns due to the vagaries of the who's turn is it next random card turn decider thing. A mercenary Pegasus rider totally refused to attack Ogres two turns in a row due to masses of gold being thrown his way (even though Greasus Goldtooth was no where near the battlefield). A see saw combat between a Chimera & the ever present Daemonettes saw lots of toing and froing & the only thing that saved the Chimera from being run down by vengeful ladette daemons was the liberal sowing of gold coins from the hitherto undiscovered monsters pockets, more inexplicable was the Daemonettes stopping to pick it up! There were quite a few instances of of my Plagueclaw catapult not being allowed to fire, by various nefarious schemes. and probably most amazing of all was a unit of Skavenslaves made it through the entire battle!

The Chimera incident

Time ran out before the Beasts could flank charge my Clanrats!

I have come to the conclusion that T & T is a highly enjoyable version of Warhammer that we as a group will return to on a regular basis.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Clerical Error

Due to a bit of an oversight on my behalf, I'm no longer going to participate in Vaticon on the 12th-13th April. I was really looking forward to this as I'd been playing quite a few Warhammer games honing my skillz so I could put up a good show against some of the decent WFB on this fair isle. On the bright side the rather large unit of Eternal Guard that are watching me disdainfully from the painting table can go fuck themselves until September when I believe there is another fairly local event!

Friday, 7 March 2014

Fantastical Fencing Fornication!

Apologies for the title, I'm just making a title more interesting than plain old scenery ideas. This post is not even about a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Apprentice Racketeer either.

Recent games of Warhammer have come up with some frequent results. One item that seems to be rather more frequent in the Realm Of The Dice Gods & Deities Of Arbitrary Probabilities (scenery division) that it should be is (or are) obstacles. This has forced my thinking cap on and thusly here are some new ideas for linear sceneric goodness for your perusal;

Cursed Barrier

Over the years many evil wizards & clerics of suffering built towers and temples dedicated to the pain of others, when the forces of order encountered this buildings they were oftentimes destroyed. Although centuries pass the evil magics that seeped into the stones remained. Ignorant peasants uncovered these stones and used them to make walls to keep livestock in. These barriers count as hard cover. Any unit from The Forces of Order attempting to assault a unit over the barrier suffers a -1 to hit penalty in hand to hand combat.

Daemonic Barricade

Occasionally when daemons of chaos are destroyed they are not sent back to the realms of chaos, they sometimes manage to leave a small portion of their essence in the physical world. They can inhabit living creatures but oftentimes this is of minor enjoyment to a daemon (after all, who wants to spend years as a daemonic rabbit?). So they attach themselves to inanimate objects in the hope of returning when there is sufficient magic to sustain them. In game terms, any magical spell that crosses over (draw a line between the mage and target unit, if the line comes within 2" of the terrain it is considered to cross it) one of these obstacles roll a d6, on the roll of a 4+ on a d6 D3 lesser daemons materialise within 3" of the Daemonic Barricade. They will attack the nearest unit even if they are daemonic.

Obsidian Pallisade

Sometimes artisans build walls with the express purpose of thwarting witches and other magic users, by putting small amount of obsidian in the wall. This gives the benefit of Magic Resistance (1) to any model within 3" of the wall, in addition to the standard benefits gained from standing behind the wall.

Spiked Rampart

Generally a mound of earth with sharpened stakes driven into it to deter unwelcome physical contact. Any unit charging an enemy unit defending a spiked rampart must make an Initiative test, failure results in d6 hits each one wounding on a 4+. Normal armour saves apply.

Water Filled Ditch 

This is simply a shuck filled with rainwater that the unit uses to delay charging opponents. As someone who has had the misfortune of falling into 2 feet of ditchwater, then floundered around trying to climb out of the ditch, I can tell you it's not a good place to be, particularly if you were fighting heavily armed Orcs (I wasn't at the time, thankfully). Any unit attacking a defended water filled ditch gains the Always Strikes Last special rule for the first round of combat (and wet pants too).

Poisonthorn Hedge

Venomthorn is an unpleasant plant that exudes a poison from its thorns (hence the name), any model attacking a unit defending the hedge are at -1 to hit trying to avoid the thorns, in addition any attacks that roll a natural 1 to hit inflict a ST2 poisoned attack on themselves. In addition any model fighting over a Venomthorn Hedge gains the poisoned attacks special rule for the first round of combat.