Sunday, 14 June 2020

More COVID 19 Reinforcements

Greetings. In a blatant attempt to get more traffic to this blog I have put COVID 19 in the title. But I do have some content that may or may not be worth looking at! Some more Astra Militarum/ Imperial Guard or whatever you want to refer to them as. Once again I have used contrast paints. They are more recruits for the Krablokistan 47th regiment, despite a recent bout of peace as far as they are concerned, I hope to get them back on the battlefield as 9th edition is imminent. As I seem to be flying through (relatively speaking) my painting backlog it is possible all my models will get finished in this lifetime and I won't have to put a stipulation in my will for my grandchildren to do the job for me. So anyway on with the little coloured in men;

Ice Warriors Of Valhalla

First up are a Valhallan special weapons squad. I say Valhallan, but as they're part of the glorious 47th Krablokistan regiment they are dressed for cold weather Now I'm not really sure about the new fangled 9th edition 40K  that is soon going to be causing rage quitting and brand new ways to be OP, but when I decided to paint up this unit I had a very definite plan in mind. These guys were meant to skulk around and when the opportunity arose leap out and use the  order that lets them shoot into combat using the aforementioned Valhallan specific order.. With three flamers it should thin out whomever is larruping  good Emperor fearing guardsmen fighting for humanity.

"Quick Igor, Vlad and Tamsin! Burn the enemies of the Imperium!"

Catachan Jungle Fighters

So next up are some Catachan Jungle Fighters. Not really Catachans, just some troopers dressed in traditional Krablokistan combat apparel. Here we have 4 lasgun operators and Joey Meltagun. I tried to give the guardsman second from the left a horribly scarred face by cutting it up then replacing bits with green stuff. The experiment  was in my opinion pretty successful so I'm happy enough. Not sure that he was when the Dremel came out though. 

Next up are some more heavily converted troopers. Three are from heavy weapons teams but as I like to have the option of using them as part of a squad. These four have had xenos creatures put on their bases. I like the idea that Catachan troops wander through hostile terrain all the while wringing the necks, stamping on the spines and generally efficiently killing any xenos wildlife that comes near them.
From left to right trooper 1 has stamped a Kildassian Fluffbeast to death, trooper 2 has beheaded a Tarrelian dog soldier, trooper 3 has gutted a Knurf IV Firenewt and trooper 4 has cracked open a Tunneltusk.

Next along the production line is four more troopers. Only one of these has taken any sort of trophy from the local fauna. That being the trooper on the right who has removed the tail (and in doing so, probably killed) a Senitient Flamefox. Sadly that resulted in him getting part of his face burnt off.

Some models don't get butchered up as much as others. Luck of the draw really. 

The whole gang.
Below are some close ups of the slaughtered xenos that my brave lads showed the error of their alien ways.
Tarrelian Dog Soldier **.
Knurf IV Firenewt ***.

The Tunneltusk****.

Killdassian Fluffbeast *****.


Regimental Personalities

Following on from last updates combat instructor for the regiment, I have finished some more models that have jobs in the Krablokistan 47th. Those gamers of a certain vintage may well recognise some of these beauties. In order of importance is 2nd from right an old Sensei who will be making his battlefield debut as a company commander. Either side of him are two regimental dismemberers, it's an old Krablokistan tradition that during wartime one deserter is ritually dismembered on the parade ground. Such is the horrible spectacle that Krablokistani troops are renowned for their bravery, -or more likely terrified of their own officers. Lastly on the far left is a converted Orlock Juve who can act as the commander's batman and valet. All I need to do now is finish painting up my company standard and I have a nice fluffy veteran command squad.
The hoods are ceremonial. Either that or they're hideously disfigured from all the bone chips flying about.
Next is some more fun models. First is a Necromunda bounty hunter who might make some sort of platoon commander character who is looking to make some extra *bunse apprehending intergalactic criminals who happen to be on the battlefield. Next to him is another Necrmundan, this time a Beastmaster Wyrd, I got him off ebay with his staff hand missing so I gave him a plastic Orlock lasgun for him to hold. He can either be a really scruffy guardsman or a veteran who has gone native. Lastly is an old chaos thug who can be part of a unit of Crusaders to protect the warlord on the battlefield.

At this rate I will probably be giving all my models roles in the army #jobsfortheboys.
Lastly are two models that's been on the painting table for yonks but never getting much more than undercoat. First on the left is a Warhammer Quest Necromancer who can join a rather eclectic Wyrdvane Psyker unit that seems to be more like a halloween fancy dress party. The other model is a Necromundan Ratskin Shaman who will also be part of said Wyrdvane unit. He is quite the unpleasant chap as he has a couple of severed hands on his belt and a large stick for belting enemies of the Imperium. Also various skulls an animal skins show he's not particularly eco-friendly.

The skull in the hand of the Necromancer is very probably some sort of high powered laspistol, whereas the guy on the left obviously hasn't seen the Imperial directive that states Wyrdvane Psykers do not get issued lasguns as it promotes mental lazyness.

Here's the lot! All arrayed in a nice jungley scene. 
So that's all the models I've finished since the last time. Coming up fairly soon are some genestealer Brood Brothers and a Scaly to name but two. I've decided to assemble my Valkerie for my Astra Militarum to swan about in so that could feature in an update soon too!

*Krablokistan slang for extra cash.
** Tarrelian Dog Soldiers are a bit arsey because of the Imperiums attempt to wipe them out. A bit of an overreaction really, typical xenos.
*** Knurf IV Firenewts look innocent enough but they secrete a poison that infects the unwary with curiosity, earning them an Astra Militarum kill on sight order.
**** Tunneltusks are a family of subterranean species that lurk underground until they strike causing a nasty foot injury similar to that of standing on a nail in light footwear.
***** The Kildassian Fluffbeast isn't on any Astra Militarum kill lists but an unofficial order is to neutralise them before they try anything "funny". 

Anyway, thanks for reading.


Ross said...

Blimey that's a nice (and eclectic) selection of models, and a good level of productivity! Are they painted with contrasts? They look damn cool and it's always good to see some old school (proper) Necromunda in there.

Jason F said...

Thanks. Yea they were all painted with contrast paints. Other than the guns and metals which had inks on them.

Phil Curran said...

Is it hard to say Krablokistan when you're booked? Nice job on the minis!

Phil Curran said...

Ha spell check, I meant boozed

Jason F said...

Thanks Phil, when I'm boozed I rarely say Krablokistan, I must try it.