Monday, 1 February 2016

We Am Groot!

So I managed to cross some more models off of my bare lead pile and into my coloured in area. As is my wont I like to have a variety of reasons/game systems. Here are some Treekin from games workshop. As it seems WFB is now a dead duck, I am henceforth reassigning them as Forest Shamblers for Kings of War. I have also decided that they could be Agri-world gribbleys that come out of forests and batter fairly innocent farmers to death as per  Rogue Trader scenarios. Mainly, of course I will be using them as anvils (as much as you can have them) in Kings of War for both my Elven and Forces of Nature armies.

Astute obsevers may notice that the first two painted tree humanoids are painted differently and based in another stylee. This is because I got them from a mate in England who had already painted 2. Hopefully they are not way better than the remaining  10 but I suspect they probably are. My only shred of consolation is these bases don't fit in with the rest of my army so they are the odd ones out!

So anyway back to the grindstone I suppose.

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