Friday, 4 March 2011

Progressive thoughts and consequent brain shutdown.

Well I played a game of 40k 2 weeks ago and as is customary for me, once I play a game I want to paint a few new items for the next game to jazz things up a little. I'm sure lots of people do, but unfortunately this leads to my common failing with my hobby. My overactive (and quite unrealistic) painting schedule. I played chaos cult vs IG and that was fun. So then I think to myself, I had better paint a few more 'culty' figures for the next battle to make it bigger and better. Then I also think to myself I had better paint some IG to even it up, even though Boy wants me to paint up some Space Marines. Then my ever ambitious brain thinks it would love the idea of the Eldar make an appearance in the game ( jetbikes to be precise) as I love the whole Chaos VS Eldar Eternal Battle sort of thing.
 So after a bit of pinning and basing and spraying I have put on my soon-to-be-painted painting table the following;
5 Attillan Roughriders
5 Marine Scouts
a 10 man Space Marine squad
5 Necromundan Pit Slaves (simply because I would love to make some rules up for mining weapons against tanks)
Fabius Bile
and various human fighters that aren't really IG but can be used as Brood Brothers, Pirates, Adventurers, Cultists or even a retinue of a Rogue Trader.
And of course now I really want to put my jetbikes together and convert my Dark Elf Cold One Riders into Exodite Knights!
Is it any wonder I can never finish any project?

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