Monday, 20 June 2011

The mutants are coming!

Well for a while now I've been converting figures like mad with milliput, and (sort of) honing my sculpting skills. Coupled with my current Necromunda/40K slant at present, I have been creating muties. The old Rogue Trader rulebook had some real beauties of mutations so I have been trying to create some of these with my limited sculpting skills. I also wrote up a few dozen mutations for use in both games and I think some that I came up with were the nuts. Some were impossible (or very nearly) to convert but most mutations affected the appearance of said freaks so were fairly easy to do. So far I have the following in various states of constuction:
Birds Feet
Prehensile Tail
Hideous Appearance
Massive Arm.
There are quite a few other ideas that I'm working on so I would expect  to see more of them come into being, so to speak. I already have a winged mutant and a Horse headed mutant. The main gaming purpose is for a chaos incursion campaign that I've started with Boy. Plus I'm working on an all mutant gang for Necromunda, so between the two I will get plenty of chances to playtest the rules. I'll post some pics up shortly.

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