Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Scenery W.I.P.

As I'm shortly off to Spain for a week my overiding urge is to finish some scenery I'm working on for my Sci-fi games. I want to put some pics up but due to my rather ill timed pc reformatting urge i may not be able to acheive this. Both of these projects  are based on scenario ideas that might just look good to boot.

Scenario Idea 1!
Imperial Communications Tower. well the idea for this is most campaigns are started in small skirmishes then build up. the idea behind it is if any rebellion has a wish to succeed it must cripple the authorities ability to form a co-ordinated defense. To make things easier for the insurgents I decided to build a conveniently placed communications tower that will cripple defenders attempts to call for reinforcements or any of that  jazz. The tower itself is made of Muller Rice tubs glued together with various gubbins stuck to it to make it communcationsy.
Comms Tower.

Side view.

Scenario Idea 2!
Szylakz Tavern. This is a Bar/Drinking Hole that can be found on many Imperial planets where dodgy deals are done and unsavoury characters congregate. The main reason I wanted to build one was that in the many games of Necromunda I've played it seemed to be one of the more common types of territory and therefore a common place for gangs to be hanging out. The design for this was foamcard cut into shapes with a Necromunda bulkhead all plastered with watered down polyfiller. I didn't give it a compleatly even covering to give it the look of a place that isn't averse to letting drunken punters kick hell out of each other in or just  outside it. I have also put a few boltholes in case the Arbitrators raid the place and it has a seperate guns storage area to stop the place getting shot up Wild West style. I'm even thinking about sculpting an old gunshed guard in a rocking chair called Sleepin' Pete who lazes around with a shotgun on his lap. I'm going to put a few advertising hoardings on the roof to give plenty of cover for patrons and staff alike, with hopefully some amusing adverts on them too.
The Bar.

Aerial view.

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