Monday, 22 July 2013

Varnish-the cum of the Devil!

Goddamn Monkey Balls!

Well the War Against My Unpainted Collection Of Figures (or W.A.M.U.C.O.F.) took a rather heavy defeat recently with a unprecedented act of sabotage which left me angrier than a member of Westboro Baptist Church when they find out some children were saved from drowning by a Catholic priest and a Rabbi. I varnished my Screaming Bell with it's customary gloss varnish, then 24 hours later I put matt varnish over it only to discover that it turned into a creamy opaque goo that made the model look like a Vermin Lord has made sweet, sweet love to it and had a happy ending all over the carriage and the poor unfortunate bell ringer! The only saving grace was I noticed this phenomena before I slapped Daemon Jizz all over the Grey Seer. So the problem now is whether I strip the whole model (it took me around 20 years to paint it first time around!) or just try to cover up the Monstrous Daemon Semen, with a very tentative lick of paint!

The rear view of the Bell of Gunk
You can just about see the bell ringers bemused expression!

On a Happier Note.....

My painted Eldar army grew by one as well this week due to one of my started 15 or more years ago but only finished now type projects to the tune of an Eldar Exarch. Funnily enough when I started painting him, Eldar Exarchs were the equivalent of a major hero costing well over a hundred points. Nowadays he is a unit champion and barely worth 20! No wonder this hobby is in a constant state of upgrading, todays 2500 point army is the 1750 skirmish force of tommorow! 
An Space Elf with wings
Mutant Bitty
Bullet Dodger
Stripey Pants
Also in my finished shelf is my mutant bird legged bird and two Orlock juves, not much to say about these other than they're finished! Lead Mountain is smaller by four this week. Only another 3000 to go!


Lasgunpacker said...

I belive that since you first gloss coated, you can either try and remove the matt, or re-gloss to remove the effect.

Either way, sucks, and hope you can recover it.

Chickenbane said...

I tried putting more gloss on to remove the white but it didn't work. looks like I have to strip off the varnish completely. Not happy!