Friday, 4 October 2013

Wyrding Wells, Magic Circles & Zombie Pens.

As a renowned procrastinator (or at least a not very well known one) it's always a big thing for me to actually finish something. So imagine my surprise when I actually finish 5 separate pieces! So here is my attempt at pretting up my battlefields:

Wyrding Well

I really like how this came out. It is basically one half of a petri dish glued to an old CD with masses of greenstuff shaped around the sides to give it an uneven look. I dismembered then painted up a skink archer in the pool (to represent the healing spa properties) then poured about 4 spoons of Ronseal clear floor varnish. This set (eventually) and has given the pool the impression of depth.

Wyrding Well
 In game terms the Wyrding Well can generate some pretty cool effects (regrowth or unbreakability) but because the last couple of games I had it was represented as a bowl and a crisp packet no one hung around it to avail of the facilities. Of course we probably won't roll it up in the next ten games rendering my efforts worthless, but here's hoping!
Other Side

 Magic Circle

Next up is my magic circle. This is a rather easy piece to make. Find some stones, glue them to an unwanted CD (I find George Michael is best). Add sand. Spray black. Drybrush the shit out of it. Done.

A Magic Circle
In game terms any model within 6" gains Magic Resistance 2 so place your artillery pieces near it to give them lovely cannons a bit more game time. Or anything you think will get spell-humped early in the game. On a side note since I started building this piece, my mind keeps going over the scene in the film This is Spinal Tap where a model of Stone Henge is lowered on stage where a dwarf dances round it, but due to a cock up in scale the dwarf is far larger than the model! With that in mind I placed a dwarf ghost (actually cannon crew) beside it for scale.
Crap Henge


This fences were knocked up in about 2 hours. Cut the bases with tapered ends so it's easy to angle them in erotic ways. Then cut your lumber, I prefer my little box of balsa I got from fleabay but expensive oak would do at a pinch. Make tiny clay mounds, stick your fence posts into them glue your rails across them. Add sand, spray back, drybrush like bejasus. Done.
Getting DeFENCEive
I built 9 of these barriers which I'm hoping will catch the odd cannon ball that seem to be rather prevalent these days in Warhammer. In particular my treemen as they really don't like Khorne's Flaming Magical Daemonic Chariot Cannon of Movable Doom!

 Zombie Pens

After playing a few games of Necromunda I thought I'd make some terrain. These are two Zombie Pens (my scavvys like to keep them handy), they can also be used as Mutant Internment Cells, Ammo Dumps, Chemical Storage Areas or a handy place for holding captives/slaves/hostages/meals. I painted messages on the doors (CD cases cut with my Dremel) one says 'Keep Out' and the other meant to say 'Danger Zombies' but I ran out of room so now it says 'Dang! Zombies'.
Zombie Pen #1

Zombie Pen #2
So that's my offering for this week. I hope the can inspire someone to make a better version of my efforts!

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