Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Triumph & Treachery Report or The Battle of WTF!

We had a game of Triumph & Treachery recently (I'd like to say this week, but the speed at which I write up my battle reports, it could 3 months ago), and it was a chaotic free for all with a great deal of treachery & only a little triumph!

We had 5 players, 1500 points each with the choice of another 300 points of mercenary troops or some cash to spend on 'other things' which I suspected were bribes and such. as I had brought 1500 points of Skaven & 1500 points of Warriors of Chaos, I wasn't really in the mood for lugging even more models over so I took the money and recommended that the WoC player did the same. So the forces were: Skaven (me), Warriors of Chaos (Owen was a last minute sub for Aaron), Daemons of Chaos - Nurgle- with Tzeentchian allies (Stu), Daemons of Chaos - Slaanesh - with Brettonian allies(Phil) and Ogre Kingdoms (Karl) with Skaven allies (the absolute cheek!)

A very complex battlefield

Rather than give a blow by blow game, that is really difficult due to so many things going on at once, I think I will just give some of the more interesting happenings of the game. Tzeentch in his wisdom gave my Skavenslave unit regeneration after he killed half a dozen of them. I wrecked my Doomwheel taking a shortcut through some woods to splat a Sabretusk. A unit of Plaguebearers of Nurgle found themselves labouring under the Treason of Tzeentch for about 4 player turns due to the vagaries of the who's turn is it next random card turn decider thing. A mercenary Pegasus rider totally refused to attack Ogres two turns in a row due to masses of gold being thrown his way (even though Greasus Goldtooth was no where near the battlefield). A see saw combat between a Chimera & the ever present Daemonettes saw lots of toing and froing & the only thing that saved the Chimera from being run down by vengeful ladette daemons was the liberal sowing of gold coins from the hitherto undiscovered monsters pockets, more inexplicable was the Daemonettes stopping to pick it up! There were quite a few instances of of my Plagueclaw catapult not being allowed to fire, by various nefarious schemes. and probably most amazing of all was a unit of Skavenslaves made it through the entire battle!

The Chimera incident

Time ran out before the Beasts could flank charge my Clanrats!

I have come to the conclusion that T & T is a highly enjoyable version of Warhammer that we as a group will return to on a regular basis.

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