Monday, 7 April 2014

Back into Necromunda!

Started playing Necromunda again and we're having a blast! I've also updated The Slag Valley Bullett a periodical from the Slag Valley & Fornication Gulch area of the hive. Also a couple of games in my Goliath Gang The Sons of Slagarchy look like this.

Steroids for the masses!

As there is a pretty fluid group of regulars, I've decided to form up a second gang, this time Scavvys going under the name The Tomb Doggers. This is not the first time a gang with this name appeared, but it is completely new as the last gang roster has disappeared.

We Eat Cannibal!

This leads to me to my last link Yak Tribe Gaming. This is a great Necromunda resource as well as great gang roster recording tool & battle report recorder (I haven't used this bit yet but intend to shortly).

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