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Explosive Ogre Charges & Sidekicking Chaos Horses - Beardhammer!

In my capacity as Warhammeraphile and all round nice guy I have agreed to (been roped into) writing a Battle Report where I didn't get to roll any dice!!! The game was a 1500 point game between Aaron's Warriors of Chaos vs Stuart's Ogre Kingdoms army. It was entertaining and quite and eye opener for me also. This was Aaron's second game of WFB and Stu took a fun Ogre army. The armies are as follows:

Warriors of Chaos

Filthmaster Cheeserank  
Daemon Prince, Chaos Armor, Mark Of Nurgle, Flight, Level 4 (Lore Of Nurgle), Scaley Skin (5+), Soul Feeder, Charmed Shield

Ech Rottenhand 
Aspiring Champion, BSB, Chaos Armor, Shield, Halberd, Mark Of Nurgle

The Maurauders of the Encrusted Beard 
15x Warriors Of Chaos. Shields, Banner, Mark Of Nurgle

The Stank Of Warriors Past 
14x Warriors Of Chaos. Shields, Banner, Mark Of Nurgle

The Courier Service Of Pain 
Chaos Chariot, Mark Of Khorne

The Bonemashers
3x Skullcrushers, ensorcelled weapons, banner, Mark Of Khorne

As you can see it is quite an unpleasant list. Stuart in his infinite widom decided to help Aaron creating the above filth.

Big Papa Mawgo's Congregation

Big Papa Mawgo 
Slaughhtermaster, level 4, lore of the great maw, iron fist, glittering scales, fencers blades

Cheiftan, BSB, great weapon, armor of destiny (?)

8x Ogres, banner, iron fists
6x ogres, banner, iron fists

3x Leadbelchers
3x Leadbelchers

Big Stampy Bill 

Pre Game Set Up & Miscelania

Stuart won the roll for deployment, The DP spells were : Miasma of Pestilence, Blades of Putrification, Curse of The Leper and Rancid Visitation. Stuart's Ogre's spells were : Toothcracker, Bullgorger, Trollguts and Spinemarrow. The swamp that a unit of Ogres were standing in was a Mist wreathed Swamp. Aaron won the roll for who goes first and chose second like a dirty Brettonian would! The Chaos army was, from left to right (even though the picture below is from up to down) Daemon Prince, Chaos Warriors, chariot, chaos Warriors with BSB and Skullcrushers. The Ogres were : Stonehorn, Leadbelchers, Ogres (6), Ogres (8), Leadbelchers.

Set Up

Turn One

The Ogres march forward eager to get away from the scary Fimir in the swamp. A 3 + 3 magic phase sees Toothcracker and Spinemarrow both successfully cast (the DP must have been picking his scabs in the magic phase instead of dispelling), a total of 27 shots from the Leadbelchers manage to kill 1 Chaos Warrior (not like good elven archery). End of Ogre turn.
End of Ogre Turn One
The Skullcrushers fail a long charge on the Leadbelchers but the ensuing stand and shoot (if even there was one) did no harm. The rest of the Chaos army decided on a rather unusual tactic of not advancing to confuse the Ogres despite advice to the contrary. A 6 + 6 magic phase had Miasma cast on Skullcrushers, Blades of Putrification cast on the central Ogre unit and Curse of the Leper was dispelled (presumably Leprosy isn't all that popular with Ogres at the moment. No shooting or combat.

End of Warriors Turn One

Turn Two (or How A Simple Rule Misread Can Result in Karmic Imbalance)

The Stonehorn charges the leftmost Chaos Warriors whilst the 8 ogre unit make a 10"+ charge on the Warriors cowering behind the wall. The magic phase was 2 + 2 which saw Trollguts miscast making the Butcher lose 3 levels and spells, leaving Bullgorger in his now semi vacant head. The Leadbelchers cause a wound on the chariot whilst the other Leadbelchers fail to penetrate Skullcrusher armour. Then we come to the phase that set the Karmic wheel a turnin' instead of the Ogres doing d3 hits for their impact hits d6 were caused, =18 impact hits. a simple mistake anyone could make. No biggie though, 12 out of 14 Chaos Warriors were killed but after their previous efforts couldn't manage an overrun into the grumpy looking Daemon Prince. The Stonehorn only manages to kill 7 Chaos Warriors who don't run.
Ogre charges
The Daemon Prince & the chariot both charged the unit of Ogres mere inches away. The Skullcruchers charged the Leadbelchers on the right flank. A 6 + 4 magic phase came next. Miasma was cast on the Chaos Warriors fighting the Stonehorn, blades of Putrification was cast on Filthmaster Cheeserank (over egging the pudding if you ask me). Big Stampy Bill lives up to his name and beats the Chaos warriors on the left a thunderstomping they won't forget in a hurry, forcing them to flee and get subsequently trampled to death. the chariot and Daemon Prince only manage a measly 3 wounds and the dumb brutes hold due to steadfast. The Skullcrushers do their skullcrushing on the Leadbelchers leaving one Leadbelcher on one wound. Stu rolls a double one and he remains in the fight.

Turn Three (or How Karmic Imbalance Reasserts Itself)

The unengaged Leadbelcher unit decided to get engaged to the Chaos Chariot. The Stonehorn aligned himself to either aid the ogres fighting or avenge them. Bullgorger was cast on everyone. The Juggernaut riders killed the final Leadbelcher then reformed to bring pain to the Ogre general's unit. It was at this point that Stuart remembers that a 10" charge only causes d3 hits instead of d6. After a lengthy discussion about how the previous combats went (my notes weren't copious enough to record the actual dice rolled), it was decided that the game was to continue and the Leadbelchers charging the chariot didn't get impact hits. The upshot of this was the Deamon Prince and Chariot defeat the 2 units of Ogres but not by enough to make them run away. 
End of Ogre movement

Unstoppable force

Crap Daemon Prince

Stuff happening
The Skullcrushers charge into the flank of the Ogre general unit. In the magic phase Filthmaster Cheeserank attempts to cast Miasma on the Butchers unit but wasn't feeling it at the time and failed to cast. The Khornates win combat by a lot but steadfast allows the Ogres to reform. The large ruckus in the Chaos deployment zone ended in a draw. This was probably aided by the Chaos Chariot horses attacking the Leadbelchers to the side when - after checking later - they could only attack to the front.

Skullcrushers charge

Slaughtermaster unit reforms

Turn Four

The Stonehorn charges the Daemon Prince causing 3d3 impact hits. The Slaughtermaster casts Bullgorger (it's all he can remember) and gains a wound. Two Ogres are killed in the combat and the Skullcrushers win again but still they ogres stubbornly stay in the combat. The DP finally gets his kill on and causes enough damage to rout the Stonehorn. The rest of the Ogres remain.

Ogres lack staying power
This turn spelled the doom of the Ogre army. The Skullcrushers destroy the Slaughtermaster unit. The chaos Chariot kills off the Leadbelchers and the last remaining ogre unit takes a bit of a pounding. Stuart gracefully concedes and Aaron gets the win. aaron also gets the last cupcake (pictured below). Who said Chaos armies are all about the skulls?

The Trophy


Well as I was about to play against Aaron next I was a bit unnerved by the display. Fast moving, with some very tasty combat troops meant my lizardmen would be on the defensive from the outset. The game itself was interesting from the point of view that despite some heavy casualties they kept on going. from Stuarts point of view I don't think there was that much he did wrong (except for the impact hits faux pas). In fact the worst thing he did that day was help Aaron create that horrible list. As my next batrep will show, I had plenty of reasons to curse it. 

Until next time.

Thanks for reading!
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