Friday, 3 July 2015


€2.35 well spent

So I was in Spain on holiday and found a packet of plastic dinosaurs in the toy section. After a bit of umming and ahhing I decided my holiday funds could stretch to the €2.35 required. 

Thank you cheap Chinese shop in Spain

So part of my sticking it to the man plan is to proxy at least two of these models with a greenstuff makeover. The green Anklosaurus can be my Bastilodon. The pink Allosaurus (?) can be my Troglodon.

So arriving back to Ireland I measured my models to check the scale.

He's not going to stay pink

First off the Troglodon looks comparable with the old GW Carnosaur.

Neither will this guy stay so green!

The Bastilodon looks pretty close to the old Stegadon so it looks like I'm all set to spend the next few months trying to save myself €100+ ! With the added uncertainty about Age Of Sigmar I think €2.35 vs €100 is a worthwhile gamble.

Of course ability might not equal ambition but we will see.

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