Sunday, 9 August 2015

A Short Trip To Gamer Heaven

I recently went on a short trip back to England for a wedding and got to breifly meet up with an old gamer buddy who had been my most ever willing foe in many a game of Warhammer. I didn't have enough time for a game (boo!) but I did get the opportunity to take some pictures of the many, many figures that had been painted over the years. So without further ado, here are some of the painted goodness!

A blurry cabinet shot

Some awesome monsters

More awesome monsters

Most people would be happy with just this many painted models!

High elves and chaos and undead

Dark elves and more chaos


A converted Daemonic BSB

Empire on Parade!

Eat my Cannons!

Gunline Extreme

Yes, five !

Soulgrinder of Tzeentch


Nagash Standing on a bit of the Garden of Morr #irony


This metal Caledor conversion weighs about 50kg!
I'm going back to gaming Shangri-La later on in the year and I hope to get more pictures of this fantastic collection, and more importantly have a game too. So until then you will just have to wait1

Thanks for reading.
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