Tuesday, 13 October 2015

In the Grim Darkness of the Far Future - The Are No Chiropodists!

Shenanigans with a Dremel, Some Glue and Green Stuff

iTunes is playing Queens Of The Stone Age for me and I'm going to show you what I'm neglecting my adult duties with this week. A while ago I purchased a bag of assorted chopped up models that I thought I could salvage and make new preciouses with. The first contender for lead favourite of the month is an escapee from that very bag! An old Necromunda beastmaster had been victim of Sharia Law as his left arm had been removed as well as his stub gun. A pretty harmless bearded geezer. I gave him a plasma pistol, a green stuff forearm and an old plastic beaky marine's hand. Hey Presto! A valued member of the underhive once again. Put a bit of paint on him and he can be any one of a dozen not-so-innocent bystanders

The Town Drunk

Ole Hairy Jeb
 Next up is a skaven slave  with a Max Mini Ash Junker head wearing goggles and two clawed hands,a bit like lobster boy in American Horror Story (Freak Show). I would like to think of him as a Delaque gone all mutanty Of course he could be a Delaque so deep undercover that he doesn't know what side is normal anymore. Going to the trouble of purchasing a robotic tail and heavy metal hands just goes to show how committed the house is to getting information.

Sneaky Fecker

Squirty Silas

 Hairy and Very Mean

Not sure if this picture has been up on here before but here's and old Rat Ogre with a head swap, a Goliath shotgun and a necklace of ears. Hopefully he will kicking the shit out of normals in the not too distant future

Gack Facesmasher

The Three Evil Stooges

 The next three models came into being when Games Workshop decided I couldn't have units of Warpfire Throwers anymore (the facists). Apparently 24 teams is a bit excessive, So I decided to lop some heads off  and make them into human/mutie pack slaves. These heads are from the Max Mini evil heads pack which I think are very characterful. I think giving them some guns strapped to their packs can give the impression of gun bearers or fighters in their own right. They can also be used as Savlar Chem Dogs for my Imperial Guard.

Semi Rotten Faced Guy

Smarmy Bloke
Of course the excessive hairiness of the models may be construed as rampant mutantism which will get them a swift edification from local Redemptionists, but then who cares about religious fundamentalists in the 41st millenium?

Weak Necked Greg

Horror Movie Guy

 I once took the head off an Empire Light Acolyte to create Little Nug a diminutive gangster, and now I've decided to add to GS love to the remains. I intend to make him into a Redemptionist with an Exterminator cartridge on the sword and either another sword (with Exterminator) or an axe. The mask I started happily for me has started looking like a mask from Scream (or more likely Scary Movie) so I'll be adding hair to the back of the head soon.

Brother Cheap Laugh

40K Bunions

 Last two are also Skaven models that I though would make good Scavvys or just generic bare footed bad guys. Again Max Mini heads were grafted on to ratmen It's ok, I still have hundreds of Skaven that won't be getting abused in the 41st millenium.

AK47s in the 41st Millenium don't kick
 This is the other member of one of the Warpfire Thrower teams. The gun itself has quite a nice Archeotech look to it so he should fit right in scrabbling around the hive torching/polluting/irradiating the Bejasus out of other gangers
This weapon squits something out!
So these models are intended for use in either Necromunda or some other small scale Imperial skirmish game I'm toying with the idea of using these guys as the start of a new gang from the Ash Wastes, as I have plenty of vehicles to chop up and 40K up. What I didn't get to display (due to a combination of poor photography and can't be arsed going back out into the garage) is Bessie the two headed sump mule (featured in the Slag Valley Bullet #2). The extra head is attached, now she needs some baggage for Purgative Jessop - her owner - to lug around from settlement to settlement. I'm also thinking another order from Max Mini is on the cards to make a unit of Attilan Roughriders into Ash Waste Desperados.

Desert heads

Biohazard Heads

So now that I've whetted appetites expect a 4 month hiatus then some painted up Wood elves or something! No, I'm joking (hopefully). So expect some sort of update within the next couple of weeks (or sooner if I can get a kettle in my garage).

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