Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Lookin' For Adventure

Another WIP post this! My hobbying has taken a rather 40Kish turn this last couple of weeks, mainly in the form of Necromunda and it's motorised form Gorkamorka. For those out of the know, Necromunda was a gang warfare in the cramped spaces of an Imperial Hive World whereas Gorkamorka was a Mad Maxesque Orks driving around fighting each other in trukks (patent pending probably) and also devolved humans and mutie raiders. I bought Gorkamorka, assembled the vehicles (ish) played a game then went on to the next flavour of the month. Then I found the rules for Necromunda in the Ash Wastes and started collecting my young son's vehicles whenever they got broken before recycling took it's toll. I think the main reason Gorkamorka (henceforth GM) died on it's arse for me was the lack of variety, Orks, Orks, Grots, Humans and Muties. That was the factions available and two were the same anyway. The game itself was a blast but I just couldn't get invested in it. Fast forward to 2 weeks ago when I saw Mad Max: Fury Road and ready to invest the shit out of a Post Apocalyptic cars running over pedestrians and each other type game.

Fury Roaders

Here are the fruits of my labours. This is pretty much what happens when you watch Mad Max and have lots of toy cars lying about the place and the will and conviction to use a Dremel.

Cheapo Tow Truck

Immediatley below you will find the remains of one of my sons toy trucks that had a serious RTA that resulted in the semi destruction of the cab and presumably the horrible death of it's imaginary driver. I kept the frame and made a new open topped crew compartment for spacious comfort out of some bits of plastic I found lying around. A plastic sprue frame to connect fore and aft, and a big ram at the front, should complete this model and I think it will be the flag ship of my wheeled fleet.

Motorised Murder Machine

The interior of a Motorised Murder Machine

Poncherello and Tubbs

One of my Wartrakks is crewed by a member of C.Hi.P.s and a fat Goliath. Basically two decapitated Orks given some humanity. I also had a blob of green stuff that I moulded into a skull for the front of the bikey bit (stop me if I'm getting too technical).

Fat Goliath & Poncherello

Odin on a Trike

I still have a couple of plastic dwearf heads that I don't have much use for so I decided to house it on another mutilated Ork.

Hells Angle #2 Wartrakk

There's No 'Arm In It

One of my trukks has the torso of a previously chopped up Citadel centaur and a MaxMini Ash Junker head on the other occupant. The centaur has one of those bizarre punk hairdo's that were so popular in 1980's Chaos Warriors circles that to be unspiked, was akin to following the Gods of Law! The aforementioned centaur also had his arm removed (I'm sure it was a good idea at the time) so I intend to attache some wire to a side mounted machine gun to give the impression of a servitor type guy(with punk hairdo).

One Armed Eli & Hydraulic Addict
My other dynamic duo are a human or elf head on the gunner and another Maxmini Ash Junker head as the pilot. Due to the Orkish heads being sunken within the chests of these models some cosmetic surgery around the bosom area is necessary. Straps and chest plates mainly.
Arnie & Pinhead
Below is some inspiration from forge world, some rather expensive vehicles that I'd like but won't ever buy*.
Forge Word's Grot  Mega Tank
Elysian Tauros Venator
Tauros Assault Vehicle

Hairy Ole Jeb & His Spinejuice Moonshiners

As part of my miniatures back story I came up with the smatterings of a world for them to inhabit. My idea is on the as yet undisclosed planet of deserts (not desserts - although I'd like that) there is a contraband substance called Spinejuice. This is a potent narcotic derived from the lumbar fluid of rare individuals on this planet. A tap is fitted to the unfortunate creatures spine which is connected to mini stills attached to the back. These mobile drug refineries are extremely valuable and need to be guarded closely so another criminal gang can't kidnap or kill the unfortunate mutant. So that is the idea behind Hairy Ole Jeb and the converted Skaven that are part of his entourage.

The pictures were taken with my new favourite thing at the moment which is my Samsung Tablet thing, partly because I suspect I will be blogging with it and partly because my proper camera is fupped.

Slave Train

The first two pictures are of my bastardised Warpfire Throwers who will shortly have the dubious honours of being pack slaves in Necromunda games, Spinejuice distilleries in other post apocalyptic games plus human depth charges in other games. Basically, when you have a model bent almost double because of the weight of the baggage being carried, their lives will often be unpleasant. I don't make the rules, I just sometimes go by them.

Two Worthless Members of 41st Millennium society

Another Two
The two models pictured below are where the pack slaves should aspire to. If they work hard, don't make waves within whatever evil organisation they are in, then they too, can be issued guns and shoot good guys whilst at the same time keep other slaves firmly crushed under their metaphorical jackboots.

Two Thugs
Hairy Ole Jeb (AKA nearly Naked Jeb) is either the mastermind of the evil Spincejuice Empire are just a low level cog within it, time and investigative reporting will tell.

Hairy Ole Jeb (or nearly naked Jeb)
The big bad mutie below is another of my long term conversions that is reaching the end of the tunnel of painted stardom. I really like this model, with his puny small right hand and his oversized chain wrapped left, he is just what any good mutant should be - odd.

A big bad mutant
Bessie the sump mule is coming along nicely two heads a demons tail and some baggage. Bessie first gained fame in Slag Valley Bullet #2. I say fame, what would be more accurate is a line in a largely unread Necromunda blog. It is my hope though, that via this blog and the SVB she will become the most famous sump mule of all time!

Bessie the Sump Mule

Other Ideas

I spent a sleepless night** last night thinking of other developments in my post apoc gaming and I got to thinking that my 3 Lizardmen Stegadons would make ideal riding beasts for less technologically advanced barbarians so some modular howdah construction abetted by liberal magnetising will allow me to use one stone to kill two Ptera Squirrels in one go. And with that rather obscure Rogue Trader metaphor I will bid ye all farewell.

Thanks for reading, and until next time stay frosty!

*Unless those six numbers come up.
**Not because of the Stegadons, more-so because I was having a sleepless night and the Stegadons ended up contributing to it.

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