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The Emperor's Thumb & Other Miscreants

Hot on the heels of my previous post, you know, the one with the crap genestealer cult, comes this amaaazzing post with regard to paining things up in a timely manner! WARNING! some of the models below have been purchased THIS YEAR and have not sat on my 'to paint' table for nigh on 18 years. I must apologise for this as, no sooner do i rename my blog, I make a complete liar of myself by painting models up quickly. to be fair though, they are not over complex models drowning in their own detail, so that is why.

The Thumb Of The Emperor

Several Halloweens ago I found in the kids costume receptacle a single plastic thumb. This may have been part of a set of ten finger extensions, I don't know, but inspiration struck telling me that it would make a nice piece of scatter terrain for my Inquisimunda games. So I greenstuffed an old base to look like cobbles and this piece of modelling marvellousness is born. 

Bow Down Before The Emperors Digit!
 This piece was quick and easy to make and lends itself to some scenarios for RT or ][munda. A group of chaos cultists want to deface/fornicate over/defacate on 1 the Thumb Of The Emperor. It is up to a small force of Adeptus Sanitorum employees to stop it! Of course as it seems to be made of solid gold various underworld types would want to nick it. The possibilities are almost endless.

Alien Skin Dog

From the Me and my Shadow Kickstarter comes the alien Skin Dog. when I saw the initial campaign I wasn't overly impressed with this model, but after slapping paint on him, I grew quite fond of him. Saggy skin, bulging eyes, one nostril and not much else meant I had to put a bit of detail on him, hence the stripes. Now the fluff for this model is minimal so I assume it's 'thing' is some sort of thermal tracker type beast as it is attuned to the slightest changes in temperature due to it being a sack of bones with an abundance of skin receptors to help it find it's prey. This particular Kickstarter had models in pairs, in this case an alien thug/bouncer type, he is going to be painted imminently, so expect another update next week (making my blog title and even bigger lie).

My as yet unnamed critter.

 Kaero AKA Velma From Scooby Doo

I like this model a lot. A mechanic type with two bionic arms, some sort of holstered gun, various tools in her belt and a massive 'persuader' wrench it is an interesting non com (and even a com) for my games, Slightly askew glasses makes this model seem a bit like a mad scientist or at least an Igor type employee. I often find when I'm painting up a batch of models I oftentimes theme the group with a colour I take a fancy to, in this update that colour is yellow. I wrote a slogan on her T-shirt, an internet pat on the back if you recognise the reference. 

Sharpe Intake of Breath, then "It'll cost yer!".


A Sci-Fi ape. As I'm about Inquisimunda and what not I painted him up as a Jokaero for my games. I has considered sculpting some tech onto him, but in the end left him as is. A very straightforward model to paint. He will be repairing stuff and flinging faeces at enemy models in the near future. 

Little Ginger Buddha

Customs & Excise Guy

The unarmed customs officer for the city of Landfall (the kick-starters setting) is another useful non com. Some sort of calculator handily placed at his neck, that presumably is detachable, either that or he has to take the whole neck collar thing off whilst taxing people, which would look highly unprofessional. I imagine he has a voice similar to Tom Hardy's in the Dark Knight Rises movie, ie. very annoying. One thing I will say for the people of Landfall, they like big clunky boots! He has various bits and bobs on his belt, it's not really apparent what they are though. All in all, I like this model, although I'm considering putting a serial number on his shoulder protector, or whatever that thing is.

"Give me your hard earned earnings prole!"

Sensor Bot

This is the companion model for the customs officer, a sort of all purpose utility droid that can print up parking tickets, provide a force shield and vacuum up the office as well. It may be that the two arm like appendages are actually guns too. Much better than Number 5! 


Robot Chicken (or Duck)

I really like this peculiar model that is the companion of the Mayor (coming soon). A robotic bird that looks like it has two of those electric heating elements front and back, so in all probability, it's a cental heating bot. Another frighteningly quick to paint model, it is almost certainly going to see the table as a bombot, clockwork toy and radiator.


Hans Ono, Noif Herder & Ladies Man

Probably my favourite model in the group. This is Hans Ono the Noif Herder. Don't know what a Noif is, guess we'll have to wait til the next kickstarter. The fluff for him is he's a bit of a Cassanova, the women folk of Landfall must go for the dirty old man look. Supposedly he isn't averse to a little smuggling as well. He's got a long barreled pistol in his holster and presumably has access to the Millennial Fulcrum, a starship than can make the Kessler Run in four parsnips. Also featuring prominently is the Noif defibrillator that is also handy for whacking jealous husbands over the head with.  

Landfall Sex Symbol

Just Another Religious Weirdo

Lastly comes the Priest. Another simple sculpt. Voluminous robes to hide esoteric things like Werthers Originals and a bionic eye that probably has the seeing through parishioners clothes app. Pink and blue reversible robe so he can appeal to both genders, his companion is another Cyber Dag that will probably appear in the next update. This model's pose is ready to pet him animal or a juve that has accidentally entered the temple. 

Reverend Bionical Phelps
So that's all folks, thanks for reading and next some more kickstarter geezers will be painted and my painting total will once again reach over 60 models for the year!

1) It depends on which chaos Power it is really.

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