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More Cyber Dags, Outlanders & An Abusive Rat

So I got my paint on again, and here are the results. My focus is still Inquisimunda, but two models with square bases made it into this update. In an attempt to improve the general content of my models, a rudimentary light box has been created and some terrain to add some interest. So anyway, on with the show;

Female Space Civilian

With such a boring title this model shouldn't be overly interesting but I really like it. She's from Moonraker Miniatures and probably at least a 20 year old sculpt. Jewels in her hair and more creases in her gown than you can shake a stick at meant the painting took longer than originally anticipated, but well within a year so kudos to me. She will be making tabletop appearances soon as a damsel in distress or perhaps a (fairly) pretty femme fatale for my tiny soldiers to fall in love with and possibly betray the Imperium for. The slightly feline features suggest some sort of alien to me as well so there are quite a few possibilities for this bint to hit the table.

She's probably up to something!


Big Alien Thug

This chap is from from Blind Beggar Miniatures and I got it as part of a kickstarter. The model didn't do anything for me in the picture but I really liked a lot of the others so money changed hands. Not sure how many people this has happened to but when I got my greedy little claws on the model I totally changed my mind about it. Maybe I'm tired of overly ornate models or my deteriorating eyesight craves simplicity, but either way I really enjoyed painting this one. Armed with a big metal rod that looks painful to receive a clout from, his alieness can also mean it is some sort of gun.  His job will be to stand menacingly in bar doorways as a bouncer, or as a thug who happens to be in the right place at the right time to whale away on some poor unfortunates.

The Green Booted Bully.

 Mayor Cobblepot

More from Blind Beggar. I liked this model as all he looks like is a civilian. A snooty one at that. He has a pointy nose which I painted up as a Droog type mask. A monocle as well. There is a passing resemblance to a supervillan from some Michael Keaton movie but it is very slight. This model has a companion robo duck from a few posts ago. And an umbrella. Perhaps I painted him up a bit too camp rather than dark and sinister but I tried to go for something different. I'm fairly happy with the result.

More Sardines, anyone?
Of course the best feature of the model is round the back! He has a Peter Griffin butt flap! I think there aren't enough Family Guy references is the grim darkness of the 41st Millenium. Do you?

Check out ma butt flap!

Little Jimmy Shotgun

More from Blind Beggar, I think they should give me free stuff for all the advertising I'm doing! This is the runt of the Outlander litter, but a nice sculpt all the same. Considerable smaller than the rest of the models, this is very obviously a juvenile human. Wearing yellow. what can't be seen in this picture is the trousers are way above the shoes (not boots) so his socks can be seen. Another enjoyable model to paint that looked better close up rather than many miles away in London (or whereever Blind Beggar lives).

"Give me sweeties or I'll shoot!"

Tall Androgynous Human

I like this model, the pose is cool, massive forearms gives him an air of Popeye, armed to the teeth with a nice rifle, this model is multi functional. I'm firstly going to press gang him (I say him, but I'm not 100% certain) into my Inquisitor gang if hunting rifles are allowed.

Orange is the new yellow.

Lady With A Big Gun

Next up is another Outlander Kickstarter that is armed with a very large calibre weapon, probably the sort of thing that can take down small aircraft. She is wearing a nice fur lined item of clothing that I can't exactly remember the name of - a stole? I figure she's a bit of a fashionista so the gun is colour coordinated with her dress. So either she's always wearing orange or various parts of the gun are clip on. Not exactly durable but I bet the cerise bayonet attachment is pretty. I actually think the gun has club like properties that are not to be underestimated.

Dangerous, yet chic.

Mohawk Waving Guy

I don't know my weapons but this machine pistol looks special forces to me. The pose of this model is either hand signaling stop, wait, advance or is a rather energetic hive five. Painted in a buckskin theme this is a generic man of the woods with military training. His trousers are pretty flarey but the hairdo keeps him the right side of hippy.

Grizzly Adams Without The Beard

Big Frog Faced New Age Traveller

The weapon this model carries is at odds with how I painted him up I think. I like this model, but he is pretty fugly. Mick Jaggeresque. Car crash fugly really. Must admit, the frontiersman garb most of the Outlanders wear is pretty sweet. he is also armed with a backpack, grenades and a hunting knife with a luminous green handle, probably bought in the One Throne Geld shop. If ever I play a scenario where a health food shop worker goes postal, then I know where to come, this guy.

"Want Lentils with that hot lead death?"
The headband and shuffling sort of pose makes me think there's a lot of Grecian 2000 in there, making him look marginally under 50. I think a range of middle age men trying too hard would make for an interesting warband for Inquisimunda, whether it would sell is another thing, too much like holding a mirror up to the soul or something. 

A pair of slippers poking out of the backpack would be nice.

Bionic Marlon

This model was described as a veteran, and as he has lost a leg, who am I to argue. Veteran of what, I don't know. Fancied painting him up as a biker type with a tasseled leather jacket (I was getting tired of all that beige). his 'good' leg is pretty skinny so I get the impression he doesn't walk much, and as his only shoe is some sort of plimsoll there is an air of city dweller rather than bumpkin. Still not so removed from the country that he has abandoned his loincloth though. A big floppy cap and a gas mask complete the ensemble. The gas mask does put me in mind of Kenny from South Park so I'm sure he is barely understandable.

Old Man Withers

This was another fun one to paint. Lots of different details on him. A bionic eye, one thing I will say for the Outlanders people - they little to no concept of P.P.E. judging by the amount of eye replacements that are conducted there. Another suggestion for the range is a hugely wealthy bionic eye salesman and corrupt opthalmist. I have one criticism of the model and that is his huge courgette shaped index finger that he is pointing at something with. Maybe this is the cause of his missing eye? Anyway he seems to be leaning on his gun so another theory about his missing eye is he got dirt in the barrel and tried to see what was down there when it went off! See all the fun you can have giving a model a backstory? He has a big bracelet which I'm beginning to think is a robotic safety device that goes off every time he's about to do something hazardous. Anyhow I name him Old Man Withers as I'm sure what he real ambition is to scare people away from the old theme park so he can dig for treasure with the old map he found. He'll probably get away with it, unless there are some pesky juves........

"Scram Dagnabbit!"

More Dags

Two more cyber hounds for the pack. The one on the left is the Priests companion, comes with ice cream van music and balloon dispenser. The one of the right is the Noif Herder's pet. this comes with extra plates to protect it from Noif kicks, butts or slaps (I don't know how a noif defends itself) and the extra long digging paw attachment. They can go into my rather expansive cyber dog pack, so much so that I may have to build a kennels to house them. One model gets painted, another project looms on the horizon...

Bark! Boop! Bark!

A Man In Black

Not sure who makes this model but he is going to join Super Viper Assassination Squad and more likely Jenna's Jokers. Armed with a shotgun and grenades it's a cool all in black type chap who should fit in with various nefarious groups within my part of the 41ST Millenium .

As a little bit of detail on this monocoloured dude I gave his backpack an emblem,  a backpack come grenade dispenser a that puts me in mind of Rogue Trooper from 2000AD.

The Foul Fingered Rat

Back when I played Warhammer 8th Ed regularly I started chopping bits off models to make different models. Back then I had a hankering for my very own skaven BSB,  a skaven slave champion made the ultimate sacrifice and lost his weapon. One brainwave later I decided to make this champion the most badass pawleader in creation.  So a little filing and two green stuff middle fingers give you the abusive skaven below.

Fuck Off Beardlings!

Head Eating Giant Rat

Finally my greenstuff giant rat. The head is from a Warpfire Thrower gunner (the rest of him can be found here) and the remaining model is all my own putty pushing around. Why I would spend so much time on what is essentially a 3 point model is beyond even me. Anyway I like it! Other salient features on this critter is a corroded metal stomach plate, two spikes coming out of its back and a human head chew toy. Just the sort of thing that would make an ideal giant rat champion if such a thing exists. Which it doesn't. 
Gnaw my pretty, gnaw!
So that's all I've finished thus far in November. Hopefully I can get a few more models finished before too long. Thanks for reading.

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