Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Last Minute Work In Progress Post

In an attempt to get one more post into 2016 I photoed some items I've nearly finished. The tablet was lying around so I took pics on that. It's not the best but it is the easiest for sharing quickly.

Space Ork Wartrack

First up is my Orky Wartrack. The bike was undercoated grey, then some purple and chestnut ink was liberally applied. Picked out some details and voila! A very nearly finished vehicle that post apocalyptic mutated freaks can happily ride along murdering and pillaging for scarce resources like food, fuel and sunblock. The  metal upright stand will be magnetised so I can attach esoteric items like guns and P.A. systems.
A Desert Hog

Space Ork Trukk

Next is my Gorkamorka Trukk, another ink wash rush job. Ive recently put a half crescent bit from a high elf sprue dead centre of the Trukk just behind the front seats. A bit of gem work there and it can be the basis for an Eldar picking up the Soul Stone type scenario. Or even a Chaos Cult robbing the Soul Stone type game. The two recently human occupants of the trukk are undercoated so a New Year unveiling is on the cards.

A Nice Bloody Big Ram.

Imperial Rhino

This is the mode of transport for the Inquisitor Cell known as Jenna's Jokers. For those who don't know, they are my most played Inquisimunda warband and I've decided they need a  ride to get them to and from their shuttle and as Rhinos are economical and reliable, any budding Interrogator would be a fool to pass one up. Especially as this model has the full pimped out interior. to the passing yokel it looks like and average Imperial servants wheels, but inside is the plasma screen video link and stasis restorium chamber, and a fish tank. Anyway it is the business, take my word for it.

Pimp My Tank!
This Rhino even had a scenario where it was the star of the show, it wasn't quite so pretty then, having had one of my typical 45 minute bouts of enthusiasm, only to have it languish in my dust gathering heap.

Bessie The Sump Mule

A while ago, the Slag Valley Bullett had an article featuring a lost Sump Mule called Bessie, much to Purgative Jessop's annoyance Bessie could not be found. That got my chopping up models juices flowing so I created a Sump Mule. The following pictures are what I thought would be a good interpretation of a polluted hive dwelling beast of burden. For those interested, it's an old Empire horse with an additional Cold One head, assorted parts from my Box De Bits and a fair bit of green stuff too. I'm pretty  happy with the result so Bessie will be getting some head shots done in the future to try to further her acting career, until then, here are some less than perfect snaps.

Bessie's Rear End.

A Beaky Marine's helmet, Elf Sword and a Rolled up Blanket are all on this beast of burden.

Also a Bloodbowl Ball, some Binoculars and a couple of bags with tassles.
So this is (probably) my last post of 2016, for anyone who has read any of my prose over the last 12 months or more, many thanks for reading and have a safe, happy and above all model filled 2017!

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