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A Warlike Rogues Big Weekend (Part I)

Inquisimunda Tourism

Greetings. Even though I made a mental promise not to write any more batreps until I have a lot more scenery done, here comes another batrep. In this instance, there are extenuating circumstances. Vinny, once a regular sparring partner in all things gamey moved down to Cork about a year ago effectively ceasing our rivalry. Then a few months back he mentioned coming back up to sunny Cavan for a weekend and then as is my normal modus operandi,  forgot all about it. Two weeks ago I was reminded by Pat and some hasty garage tidying up was done. Vinny arrived and a couple of games were played, here is the story of the first game;

Vinny arrived with some figures from the Dark Vengeance boxed set and started making his gang list. For those interested here is The Family Of The Hidden Path. Against them are Jenna's Jokers the more astute readers will notice I have finally managed to add custom gangs to the Yaktribe Inquisimunda campaign. Vinny also brought some terrain (the red expanded foam pieces mainly). We decided on a simple scenario, Vinny had to try to sabotage either/and the Emperor's Thumb art exhibit with a single Subversion roll during the shooting phase or the communications tower to the right of it (this would take 3 successful rolls to achieve). With hindsight this was probably a bit too tough a task.

The two areas of interest were placed roughly centrally on the table equidistant from each other. The plan for either group was to grab the objectives and thwart their opponents plans. If memory serves Vinny won the first turn (I won the deployment roll and chose the table edge nearest to the gas fire). 

The Battlefield

The communications tower in all it's glory. I say glory, more like in all it's nearly finishedness.

Some shifty cultists look at the Thumb planning to deface it.

More Cultists intent of antisocial behavior!

Spaz and Hellion stand on a walkway surrounded by some toxic looking goo, whilst Clumsey and Tefal make it plainly obvious that they intend to stay on the top of the building and provide cover.

Derric, Jenna, Bangs & Greylocks prepare to open up a can of Whupass on the deluded vandal heretics.

Bangs,Greylocks & Buxom are raring to do their civic duty with fire and sword! And also heavy stubber, autopistol and shock maul.
The game's first turns comprised of some stealthy creeping about in the general vein of Necromunda. Vinny's heavy stubber armed cultist has the Mark Of Tzeentch giving him +1 BS and making life difficult for both Tefal and Clumsey (Clumsey has the in-envious duty of standing closer to the enemy that everyone else due to his reduced stature). Luck was with my rooftop shooters as despite a few hits, Vinny failed to wound at the critical point.

Tefal managed to cast dominate on this cultist, making him turn round and shoot the heavy stubber technician, sadly he did not kill him. A pity, as some colourful written text couldn've explained in painstaking detail the internal struggle and the bemused surprise of the heavy stubberer as he is shot between the eyes, and goes to meet his maker. 

Vinny made the fatal mistake of leading with his Wyrd. Disciple Bangs shows him the error of his ways. The cult leader reached the comms tower ready to unleash subvertive hell upon it! The cultist on overwatch in the pic is waiting for either Hellion or Spaz to come round the corner, into his depraved gunsights.

In this multi faceted picture, the Wyrd cultist writhes in agony, Jenna Pursuivant watches impassively, Bangs  advances using cover and Ad Mech Derric severely burns himself with his overheating plasmagun.

My anti vandalism team led by Spaz and Hellion clear the area of those intent on smearing unpleasant things onto The Thumb Of The Emperor.

Buxom, Greylocks, Bangs and Pursuivant all but clear the eastern side of the board. Only the cult leader remains proving himself to be not very good at damaging the comms tower.

Bangs hits the out of focus ganger, jamming the weapon. 

More furtive maneuvering .
At this stage the cult were four men down and making bottle rolls, for my part,  Clumsey, Spaz and Derric were heading for the sickbay.

The previously dominated cultist attacks and does in Spaz. This is particularly galling as Spaz had T4 and W3. To be honest, in the heat of the battle I had forgotten this so one would assume a lucky blow put the old duffer down. After that, Tefal dominates him once again, but this time he just pins him.

A slightly more bird's eye view of the proceedings.

The Inquisitorial net closes around the cult leader.....

Tefal watches as the horrific daemonhost wanders into the Thumb appreciating enclosure!

With four men down Vinny bottles it. Not a moment too soon either! The daemonhost was ready to start desecrating the Thumb, with it's hideous otherworldly rituals. Hands were shook and it was on the the post game sequence.....

Death Jim, But Not As We Know It

Clumsey, Spaz and Derric all suffered serious injuries, of these only Spaz got a bad one, DEAD!  Vinny was similarly unscathed, but without the DEAD result. Financially my gang took away some  cash. So much so that I added two new recruits to my gang, and Acolyte called Mr Bom (equipped with shotgun, manstopper and hallucinogen grenades) and a scummer called Beavis (armed with two laspistols). Vinny wasn't so lucky as his 'Old Friend'  territory ripped him off good and proper leaving him with, I believe -60 TG.  After the game was played and immediately after that a second, I spent a few minutes idly studying my roster only to find that Spaz had 3 wounds and should not have died in the game at all! Not being one to retro-reincarnate a ganger (however valuable) back into the gang, I decided that Spaz is now out of the gang whereabouts unknown and may form the basis of another scenario in the the future. So with two more batreps to write up it's time to click the publish button and hope there aren't too many melling spistakes in this report.

Spaz you will be avenged! 

Thanks for reading!

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