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A Warlike Rogue's Big Weekend (Part II)

Inquisimunda : The Wrath Of Pat

Following on from my last post; A Warlike Rogue's Big Weekend (Part I) here is the story of the game that followed. Barely had the post game sequence been completed, when I had to ready myself once more for war! Pat arrived from his abode with 3 large containers of terrain and we set up the very picturesque battlefield below to see who was top dog. The gang's involved were Jenna's Jokers my Inquisition Cell, The Family Of The Hidden Path, Vinny's Tzeentchian Chaos Cult and The Greater Profit, Pat's Xenos Rogue Trader warband.

The field of battle

The Mission

As we had a three way gang fight the mission was pretty simple, an Imperial Rhino was being used as a 'bait car' for local criminals and the Inquisition was keeping and eye on it. Two groups of ne'erdowells have decided to rob it and in so doing get nicked by the rozzers! As my gang was the right side of the law then technically I was the rozzers, My job was to stop the other two plundering the Rhino whilst plundering it myself. We did a highest roll picks the deployment zone then who goes first type roll which I lost both of. When we play a 3 player game on my 6' x 4' table the narrow side is probably the safest deployment as  it presents a narrow front whereas the other two players have a much broader danger zone. I lost the who goes first roll, which meant that if I was unlucky I could be down a few warband members before I knew what was happening. The denseness of the terrain might be my only saving grace. As my gang had been sitting on a mound of Throne Geld for a few games I had decided to splash the cash. A call was put in to the Adeptus Emplomentum and two jobseekers arrived, Mr Bom an Acolyte with a shotgun and hallucinogen grenades and Beavis, a scummer with two laspistols.

The Game

As the order of deployment set up my group before Pat, I should have been more cowardly in my deployment. Ever the optimist, I thought I might get the drop on Pat's troops. Then some die were cast.  Pat went first, Vinny next, then I got a bronze in turn having. The first couple of turns were pretty cagey except for me stupidly thinking a -2 modifier to hit would keep Bangs safe whilst at the same time not giving her a buddy to break pinning with.

Part of my initial deployment. Bangs can be seen at the top of the picture blissfully unaware of the shitstorm of attention that she will soon receive.

The rest of it.
The most notable thing for me in the first few turns was the barrage of bullets that Disciple Bangs had to endure. Getting hit a lot (though not wounded) in the first turn  meant as I had neglected to give her moral support she stayed pinned until she was taken out in turn 2 or 3. Ah well. Clumsey was deployed fairly close to the main group of Pat's gunmen to hopefully draw fire away from Bangs (a forlorn hope) and if he was ignored rack up some kills.

Rookie mistake, having a well placed heavy without a rack of beef to protect him from incoming fire.

Bangs readies her heavy stubber ready to cause mayhem.
I sent my more combat orientated fighters towards the Rhino in the hope of some bloodshed over there, whilst sending most of the shooters to cover Pat's shooting threat. I was also away of Vinny having a BS4 heavy stubber (Mark of Tzeentch donchyaknow) so there wasn't much bravely taunting the Chaos Cult as they could do a fair bit of damage. And there lies the problem with 3 player games, attacking aggressively whilst at the same time staying in cover is a lot trickier when you have fighters flanking you from turn one. But then again, you should be pulling the same stunt yourself.

Jenna, Hellion & Buxom weave their way to Chaos Cultists shooting and killing range.
Over on my left (after Bangs went home early) there erupted quite a fun little firefight with xenos getting hit, humans getting hit and the odd abhuman also getting shot. There were quite a few flesh wounds and pinning shots that it felt a bit like an episode of The Walking Dead without the moaning. 

Tefal shows one of the new guys (Mr Bom) the ropes.

From left to right Beavis, Jenna, Deric Tefal and Mr Bom, of these only Beavis and Jenna survived intact with the possible exception of minor psychological damage and splinters.

Clumsey appears in an awkward position for Pat's fighters, do they ignore the little shit or concentrate fire on the sneaky sneakster?

Meanwhile, Pat's other group of fighters (including the one who is a dead ringer for Tefal) advances towards Vinny's group.

At this point it looks like Pat might accomodate Vinny's cultists by getting into close combat on the rooftop. Sadly this was a ruse.

Pat's leader and the guy going for Clumsey lie on the walkway. The ratling sits there with a smug smile on his face (for now at least).

Pat's Tefal lookalike along with various other members of Schaeffer's Last Chancers Tribute Band advance . The large crystal ball that looks a bit like a rabbit dropping denotes overwatch I think.

Following some annoying flesh wounds in the recovery phase a lot of Pat's warband are using Derric on the walkway as target practise. Derric is probably unhappy about this. 

Meanwhile the cultists arrive in a position overlooking the APC. Vinny had deviously left his models unpainted so they could blend in with the terrain.
Tefal creeps around the storage containers hoping to assault enemy fighters with his brain gun!

Despite some fairly accurate shooting, Pat's models keeps getting back up, either with fleshwounds or by the fact that my bullets weren't actually injuring their targets.

Rather insulted, Clumsey McFearsome watches seven enemy fighters ignore him.
Around this time I seem to have neglected to take photos, during this exciting part of the game, Hellion reached the APC but trying to avoid being hit by both Pat and Vinny's gang earned her a fleshwound for her trouble. She then attacked Vinny's daemonhost and got the crap beaten out of her. Two swords is no match for rerollable 5s I think. On a positive note the injury she sustained was impressive scars so whatever the daemonhost did it raised her standing within the warband.

Folowing a short and bloody combat, Hellion (she of the two swords) gets bitch slapped by Vinny's Daemonhost. I should've sent Buxom Hostbane instead. She didn't get the monniker Hostbane by just get her ass handed to her by any Tom, Dick or Hquart'vurrrr'knocklash.
As the next few pictures fail to feature my warband, it is safe to assume I had failed my bottle test at this time. For those rooting for the Imperium you can stop reading now. For general chaos worshipers and xenos enthusiasts keep reading, but mark my words, the Emperor knows you game matey, and will be sending some Adeptus Astartes your way any day now......

The Greater Profit guys look longingly over at the Rhino and the millions of Throne Geld of stuff it probably contains.

I think at this point Jenna's Jokers have made their excuses and left. Round the corner Vinny's inept cultists can't break into the Rhino.

Following a fall from the gantry Vinny's Wyrd goes down, prompting a failed bottle test. Pat's warband wins the day, much to the chagrin of good honest Imperial folk and evil, twisted Chaos worshippers alike.

The Aftermath

That was another fun game. Of the gaggle of wounded I had 3 serious injuries, two old battle wounds and an impressive scars for Hellion. A couple of advances BS for Clumsey, and I for Greylocks. One of Pat's fighters got captured by the Jokers so the games went well in a fashion, best of all we got to play a rescue mission and it was particularly bloody. Some cash was made, but I was unwilling (or too brain frazzled) to buy any rare items - or even common ones. As far as the other two gangs fared, I think there weren't many debilitating injuries or terrible dice rolls except that I seem to remember that Vinny's gang is still in the red, not a very good place to be, but I'm sure it's something to do with the after battle parties and glitter doesn't come cheap in the underhive. Hopefully the guys will update theirs gangs on Yaktribe so the job of writing these batreps get easier. So Vinny sailed away into the sunset (the next morning) to continue his Odyssey to play Malfeaux with another member of the Cavan gamers. But that's another story, one that he might put on his own blog.

Thanks for reading.

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