Sunday, 3 December 2017

Dire Avengers Painted and Some Valhallans Too!

My first Dire Avenger Squad has been completed! This post is merely to display them and allow me to chalk them off my 'to do' list. They have actually seen action against a combined force of Ultramarines and Crimson Fists and acquitted themselves quite well. They are a pretty decent  troop choice for the Eldar as they have a high rate of fire and enhanced overwatch.The models below have had their first coat of varnish (gloss) so they look a bit shiny. Once the second coat of mat varnish goes on they will look better methinks. I'm now waiting for an unseasonably warm spell due to my encounter with Daemonic varnish, that I have no intention to reacquaint myself with.

Valhallans Ho!

As part the ongoing Astra Militarum project, some more brave but essentially expendable guardsmen have been completed. These models were purchased shortly after they were released so I'd imagine 1994. The were put on bases undercoated black and that was pretty much it. Now they've received some brush love and I can honestly say I really enjoyed painting them. So much character. One of the best things about Valhallans is all the baggage they bring with them. Blankets, tin cups, helmets and many pouches they give the impression of excellent looters. They can form my acquisition platoon, dangerous objective grabbing missions. Unlucky lads....

Three large handed Xenos throttlers!
The original Valhallan boxed set came with a couple of duplicates, to be honest I can't remember which models came in the boxed set but the one in the centre is contender for my favourite ever model, at least favourite painted model of 2017 anyway. They were all given a splash of red to tie them in to the rest of the army but I'm not 100% sold on the red helmet. Oh well, I'm not going to redo them now.

Three more worried soldiers some with a bit of Barney Rubble.
The two slightly more detailed models are the sergeant and the flamer trooper. Another pair of excellent models. Only after I started painting them did I discover the sarge has a couple of medals! The flamer trooper has a wicked snarl as well. The sarge also has 15 kill marks on his sword. It must be a family heirloom as very few guardsmen make it over the one hand to hand victory (unless Tau Fire Warriors are involved). Both models have got the now common hazard stripes on their weapons. Sadly Adeptus Administratum legislation makes the display of said hazard markings mandatory following some highly costly court cases.

"Burn & Eviscerate For The Emperor!".


 Some Not So Valhallan

The last few painted models are from Blind Beggar miniatures and were painted as part of my stalled Inquisimunda campaign. The first two are billed as a scout and her (?) stealth cyberhound. Painted her up in the drab olive of my guardsmen so she can join battles and do her bit for the Imperium Mulan style. Her dog is presumably allowed on base as added security and to stop any unwanted Ratling advances as we all know they're randy little buggers who would get up on a cracked plate!

Pseudo Mulan and her Eddie Murphy Cyber Dog
Last is another dog type thing, this one is the Nomad's companion, also from Blind Beggar. Covered in bags and a tarpaulin this critter is going into the army to count as a guardsman or something else in Necromunda type games. It can also be an objective, as the baggage can contain top secret blueprints, a picture of the Fallen Sorritas With The Big Boobies or any of a trillion other things that people fight over in the 41st Millenium.

Bug eyed beastie.
This model has a hoof like appendages at the end of this creatures legs. I painted them to look like metal shoes but I may repaint them as proper horse like hooves. The big dome like eye guards were painted with a technical paint but a little bit more highlighting is probably needed.

The other side.

The entire group. 
So that's what I've completed this week. Brings my yearly total to over 100 so I'm pretty happy about that. My painting table still has plenty on it though so no resting on my laurels (not that I received any). Looking to get some more Catachans finished and some Ratlings before the new year as well.

Thanks for reading!

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