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Colony 87, Aeldari Artillery, Sergeant Bloke and Strangler Arris

Greetings people of Earth! It's been a few months since I put some painted models on here but now I'm back! 2018 was shaping up to be one of my most productive years ever as far as painting models was concerned (well it was back in July), then I got caught up playing games and writing batreps so the production line ceased. I played a few games of Killteam which were great craic but as my Stealers weren't painted up I didn't feel the need to report them here. I may do, but not today.

Aeldari Support

First up are my Aeldari. Two support weapon crewelfs, two Aeldari missile launchers and a Distortion Cannon. They were painted up to slide (oo-er) in to my Moonkillers pirate band/guardians/clandestine agents of Ulthwe. So they weren't painted black. Yellow over-armour, green underwear and assorted extraneousness, blue weapons as Space Elfs don't use metal, they use plastic. As a result their meltaguns and flamers must be one shot weapons. I painted black leather (or is that also plastic?) jackets on these models as a nod to their Craftworld of origin.

Two little space elf Fonzsies.

The floating weapons platforms aren't actually floating! I just modeled a single green stuff thing1. Mainly yellow and green with patches of blue to denote esoteric parts of the artillery that when it was designed probably made more sense that does to me 25 years later.

Three magical floating items.

The whole shebang!

Sergeant Bloke ; Xenos Murderer

During the last few months many of the games I've had were slightly delayed (numerous times) by me having to check exactly what kind of pistol weapon was in which unit. As I generally prefer WYSIWYG plasma pistols were a pleasant extravagance that may or may not have been forgotten in the heat of battle. Sergeant Bloke has now bucked that trend! Armed with a stolen Astartes plasma pistol, a jaunty hat and a squashed alien creature at his feet, I'm certain this guy has a bright future ahead of him.

Sergeant Bloke didn't need to kill the harmless xenos creature, but if the Emperor hadn't wanted him to stamp on it, why had he been issued with especially brutal boot soles?

Colony 87 Chaps With Gardener Servitor

Colony 87 is a Oldhammer inspired series of models that are generally non combative sci fi figures ideal for fluffing out games and generally just enjoyable to paint.  In the first picture is some sort of Imperial flunkey examining his dataslate. he has one of the best faces I've seen in a long time. He looks officious and rather gaunt. Just the sort of petty bureaucrat that many 40K short stories contain, just before they are eaten/flayed alive/burnt at the stake by chaos worshipers/xenos/Imperial agents. He may well make an appearance on the games table as a Master of Ordnance.
"Do you have a permit for that pyre?".
Next him is a botanist, in the grim darkness of the 41st Millenium it is vital that enemies of the Imperium, both animal and vegetable are easily exterminated for the betterment of mankind.   Just behind the botanist is some creature that may or may not be lethal, which was also made by the aforementioned2 tentacle making apparatus. This is an absolutely brilliant model chock a block full of character. I may have to paint a number on him somewhere so he can become an objective marker for 40K games.

In the grim darkness of the far future there is a David Bellamy impersonator.
Next is an old Titan crewman that I made into a garden servitor as an assistant to the botanist. As I had recently purchased a tentacle maker from Greenstuffworld I played about with and managed to make some tentacles that would serve as servitor arms and a long thicker tube that made me think of a hosepipe. Thus a model committing some crime against the Imperium can serve humanity by watering plants and dead heading begonias in planetary governors gardens.  The shoulder pads are failed experiments with the tentacle maker, but as they made it on to the figure maybe they weren't total failures. I painted the end of the hosepipe green to make it look more obvious to what it was supposed to be. Looks septic. Although the first colour I used (orange) was worse and even less indicative of what it was supposed to be.

Yellow is the colour of identured gardening.

Imperial lackeys. I think the two colony 87 dudes have fallen out with the servitor, hence the uncomfortable distance between them.

Blind Beggar Ne'erdowell and Colony 87 Priestess

On the left is another Blind Beggar  chap who was originally armed with an axe but as I felt he'd serve as a grumpy barman in an unsavory part of the Imperium, he got a metal pipe to persuade patrons that it's closing time. Standing next to him is the Colony 87 Priestess. A very nice model that can have a multitude of uses, priestess (obviously), psyker, civic dignitary, cat (or similar) lady. As a big ba;d head doesn't necessarily make for an exciting canvass I painted a circle tattoo with flames radiating off it on her noggin to help bring some interest to her face. These are echoed on the hem of her dress. Also the model has two Matrixesque jack ports in the back of her head for added fluffability.

Walder Frey and the Ancient One
Overtones of the Judge Child anyone?

"Time, gentlemen please!".

Strangler Arris

Below is Strangler Arris, career criminal in the city of Paraquat on the planet of Krablokistan. Following his arrest and subsequent breakout he needed a disguise. An unscrupulous backstreet doctor/veterinarian filled him with alien growth hormones to break his DNA identity markers to effectively erase him from Imperial criminal records. This was achieved, but far more successfully than anyone had imagined. That's the backstory. The model in question is from the Warzone range bought in the 90's. Not sure what it was called or where it might be obtained, but it's a cracking sculpt that sat in disarray on my painting table for far too long. In game terms I think he may be hitting the battlefield as an Ogryn Bodyguard, maybe even Nork Deddog himself!

Strangler Arris

So there you have, a dozen more models to go in to my painted models receptacle. Hopefully they can be seen on the battlefield in the not too distant as well. I hope they provided some mild distraction and even a bit of possible inspiration to your own hobby en devours.

1) Thing can have a lot of different definitions, in this case it is small piece of rock that may or may not aid with the illusion of levitation.
2) Aforementioned as in a few blog entries ago.

Thanks for reading.

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