Sunday, 10 January 2021

2020 What A Prick of a Year!

 Hi, as I had done one for 2019, here is a summation of what 2020 was in hobbying blog terms. I suppose I will follow the same format as the 2019 review. So here goes;


More cultists.
GSC Cultists
My painted number of models went up by 151 models. A couple of factors helped with this, firstly citadel contrast paints, they are the dog's! Also COVID 19 bit deep into gaming time and as a result more time filling in white bits. I had rather a mixed bag of things painted up, but I did manage quite a lot of troops for my Stealer Cult and Astra Militarum force. Some Aeldari were also completed and a number of civilian non coms and various minor characters for my Krablokistan army.

Ynnead lads.
A buddy of mine painted up the Triumvirate of Ynnead for me, but I based them so it does have some of my work involved in it. 

Some highly dangerous alien lifeforms were finished and I even managed to write some background for the Turdcrabs that could've made it into the Rogue Trader rulebook (possibly). 

Some Colony 87 inhabitants were finished as were some Blind Beggar models, both set's of these will be used to make my own fantasy world a little bit more rounded and dare I say, believable?

 I managed quite a few Catachans for my Astra Militarum, including one of my favourite units Colonel Schaeffer's Last Chancers. On my to do list is to complete some of the models in the Krablokistan motor pool. this includes the sort of finished Chimeras and Leman Russ but also a Valkerie and some Sentenels.


To this!
From this!
I didn't really complete much terrain or conversions except my
Genestealer Cult Sanctus/Vindicare and a few hybrids. I did slap a lot of paint/gubbins and posters onto a lot of terrain but never enough for me to call it finished and put it up on here for viewing. With that in mind there could be a shit-tonne of terrain blog entries for 2021.  


Astra Militarum
Banshees vs Blood Angels
Our gaming collective intended playing a league, and WH40K 9th
edition came out. Unless this entry is being read by some historian sometime after 2378 the reader will know that COVID 19 took a great steaming shit on our plans. Nine games of 40K were played, four won and five were not. Played Killteam once, and Wingspan a few times, Tang Gardens and War of the Ring. the latter three are all board games that I enjoyed. The first month of 2021 sees us in some more hellish lockdown type crap so it is unlikely I will be filling this blog up with batreps any time soon.

The Future

Well I have started up a Crusade force for 40K and there have been murmurings from the group about trying to resurrect the league. So hopefully I can crack on with that. I have an actual theme for my GSC who will be utilising many different models from other ranges to really make it a hybrid force. I really want to get a few games in with my Drukhari force, and as there is supposedly a new codex coming out soon, that might pull my hobby activites in that direction. I've already mentioned that there is a slew of building (both scratchbuilt and purchased) to add the final touches to.  So in short unless we really are in the End Times and some sort of doomsday is imminent, once again I have too much to do with not enough time!

Thanks for reading. Be safe and hobby responsibly.

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2020 What A Prick of a Year!

 Hi, as I had done one for 2019, here is a summation of what 2020 was in hobbying blog terms. I suppose I will follow the same format as the...