Saturday, 3 September 2011

The Retrieval.

We had another game of Rogue 40Kamunda (which is what I've decided to call the hybrid of games that fall into the catagory of Sci Fi skirmishing) which turned out pretty good fun. There were 4 players, myself, Boy, Arch and Eeee (henceforth refered to as just E!). The forces were Imperial Guard Vs Chaos cultists and general scum. The plot was a routine patrol had been waylaid by bandits and killed . What wasn't known by the bandits was there was a decoder on board that could be of vital importance to anyone wishing to know the patrol plans, troop postions and ammunition guards within a 300km radius. Unable to remove the decoder with the available manpower the bandits go and get reinforcements. Just as they return two hastily deployed Imperial Guard forces arrive to retreive the decoder. The ensuing fight was to determine the fate of that quite bulky piece of equipment.
Boy and E! took 15 guardsmen each, Arch took approximately 15 Redemptionists (with a warzone heavy machine gunner that counted as a heavy stubber) with a couple of underhive low lifes to make the group up to a fun sized raider group. I took about 12 Scavvys plus a beastman with an autogun and Idolatror Jobes an old citadel model that looks quite a lot like Indianna Jones.The forces weren't exactly even but I used the rule that if a model is holding two guns he is assumed to be a gunfighter.I rather foolishly used Scavvy stats so my entire force had a BS of 2, except for the beastman and Idolatror whom I considered to be just an average gang leader (who keeps some very unsavoury companions).We used an 8'x4' table with plenty of scenery and each force deployed in a seperate corner.
The centre of the battlefield.

E! started first and split his forces into 3 groups, one to head off the Redemptionists, one to advance on the objective and the third to keep an eye on the other Imperial Guard force despite the declared alliance.
Arch was next and split his force into two, one to grab the objective and the other to engage E!'s guardsmen.
I similarly split my forces and Boy did likewise.
The first few turns went well for the IG and their lasguns picked off Redemptionists and Scavvys alike, whereas my scabrous raiding party failed to hit anything (damn my stupid keep it fluffy notions) and the intolerant robe wearers were similarly ineffective. At one point in the game my Scavvy heavy stubber (another Warzone figure) spent 5 turns trying to hit two lazy Cadian guardsmen in plain view only to be wasted in the 6th exchange.
Towards the latter stages of the game when close combat occurred both Scavvy's and the dress wearers started to rip through the guardsmen. The result of the game was victory for the forces of non humanity as they picked up the decoder and scarpered. All in all a fun game that we didn't bog down with too many additional rules.
Idolatror Jobes oversees the raid.
I suppose the end result is a win for the bad guys, Idolatror Jobes isn't exactly a full blown chaos cultist, more of a callous and cynical chancer who will do anything for money. Now that the decoder is his, he will sell it to the highest bidder regardless of the consequences.
The next photos I take will be better honest!

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